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Size? x Puma R698 + XS850 “Wilderness Pack”

size-x-PUMA-R698-XS850-Wilderness-Pack-00The Size? x Puma R698 + XS850 “Wilderness Pack” has a release date! Dropping on Saturday, June 12, at both the size? shop and online store, these retro Trinomic models each get the “wilderness” treatment. The beige R698 “Sahara” colorway features suede on most of the shoe with tan leather on the forefoot. Blue accents and a couple green hits give the shoe some pop and embody Africa and the Sahara with it’s vast skies and wilderness. The black pair, dubbed the XS850 “Inner City,” gets a mostly black leather upper with a dotted print on the toebox and side panels. This shoe is supposed to express the different textures of the inner city wilderness. The “Inner City” iteration of the “Wilderness Pack” resembles a nighttime light map of a big city with it’s yellow inner lining. The “Inner city” colorway also gets a cool lace lock at the base of the tongue. What’re your thoughts on the upcoming Size? x Puma R698 + XS850 “Wilderness Pack?” Will you be picking either of these colorways up? Let us know in the comments below.size-x-PUMA-R698-XS850-Wilderness-Pack-04-570x379 size-x-PUMA-R698-XS850-Wilderness-Pack-01-570x570 size-x-PUMA-R698-XS850-Wilderness-Pack-02-570x379 size-x-PUMA-R698-XS850-Wilderness-Pack-03-570x570 size-x-PUMA-R698-XS850-Wilderness-Pack-08-570x379 size-x-PUMA-R698-XS850-Wilderness-Pack-05-570x570 size-x-PUMA-R698-XS850-Wilderness-Pack-06-570x379 size-x-PUMA-R698-XS850-Wilderness-Pack-07-570x570Via freshness.


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