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Six Upcoming Colorways of the Reebok Answer 14

reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-black-red-gold-01Today we got a look at six upcoming colorways of the Reebok Answer 14! What we know so far is it has Question branding, Answer 14 tagging, and Philadelphia 76ers center Nerlens Noel has been spotted rocking the model in the Summer League. More importantly, it’s getting at least six different colorways. It seems this shoe will have a bit more of a premium feel, with many of the models featuring mostly leather or suede uppers instead of cheap fuses. However, there is fuse and mesh on the side panel of Iverson’s new sig for added breathability. It’ll be interesting to see if this is a shoe with leather that is breathable. The Answer 14 will have DMX Foam cushioning and a contoured rubber outsole that features herringbone traction.

Pricing and release dates are not available as of right now, but we’ll keep you in the know as soon as they are. The range of colorways suggests there will be something for everyone so let us know which one you’re feeling most in the comments below. I’m really feeling the red colorway with rope laces and I love how different each colorway is.reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-black-red-gold-03 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-black-red-gold-02 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-black-red-gold-04(2) reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-black-red-gold-05 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-black-red-gold-06(1) reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-grey-teal-neon-01 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-grey-teal-neon-03 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-grey-teal-neon-02 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-grey-teal-neon-04 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-grey-teal-neon-05 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-grey-teal-neon-06 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-red-white-01 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-red-white-03 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-red-white-02 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-red-white-04 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-red-white-05 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-red-white-06 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-south-beach-01 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-south-beach-03 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-south-beach-02 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-south-beach-04 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-south-beach-05 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-south-beach-06reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-black-navy-pink-01 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-black-navy-pink-03 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-black-navy-pink-02 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-black-navy-pink-04 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-black-navy-pink-05 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-black-navy-pink-06reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-green-blue-01 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-green-blue-03 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-green-blue-02 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-green-blue-04 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-green-blue-05 reebok-answer-question-xiv-14-green-blue-06

  1. Wow, answer 14’s! Dream come true, I had no idea Reebok would restore the answer line. Q96 was a nice update, but answer 14 looks amazing!

  2. I’m a huge fan of the Iverson series from Q – IV… and even the VI… but why do they continue to makes shoes without a visible heel cup baffles me. Is it me or does reebok’s shoes look “old” (I’m not talking about retros).

    ie the Q96 and the pump shoe that released with it, just didn’t have a “modern look/feel.” It’s sad, because I loved some of the old reeboks, I just feel like they’re stuck in the 90’s. I guess limited innovation/design can be expected from a company that was close to closing its basketball operations…

    For example, Nike has successfully modernized a few of their old collections: See barkley posite, lil penny, penny V. They also had very bland looking “retro feel shoes” (Shox VC IV).

    1. ur right reebok is livin off retros for there basketball stuff at least i kinda like these questions but they do lack a feel of ‘new’ theres little flair maybe they will adopt nikes elite series and give it more life later

  3. I’m a huge A.I fan but who in their right mind would buy these? Just horrible in every way. The design is terrible, the colorways are terrible- I’m not sure how they expect to sell more than 10 pairs of these total. Reebok do yourself a favor and just scrap them. Come back when you a serious Answer 14, not this.

  4. These should be question 4. If its answer 14, why is there a question logo but not a iverson logo??

  5. Volt and speckled gray ones look dope. Wasn’t a huge fan of the earlier answers loved the questions but these look dope

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