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Shock Doctor Velocity Shockskin Basketball Arm Sleeve & Core Compression Sleeve Review

If you were interested in the performance of either the Shock Doctor Velocity ShockSkin Basketball Arm Sleeve or the Core Compression Sleeve then this review might help you decide which is best for you.

Hit the jump to view the video along with a list of Pros & Cons.



Velocity ShockSkin Basketball Arm Sleeve

– Moderate Compression
– Flex joints promote natural motion/ movement
– Well ventilated
– No-Slip Silicon keeps sleeve in place
– Impact protection padding

– Limited range of motion with the impact protection padding in place – it’s still good but it’s limited a bit for someone like me that needs full range of motion for shooting.


Core Compression Sleeve

– Perfect Fit
– Compression Support was top notch
– Moisture wicking capabilities were great
– No-Slip Silicon keeps sleeve in place

– None at all – this was the best compression sleeve I’ve ever worn


You can purchase Shock Doctor gear at ShockDoctor.com.

  1. That’s interesting. What would you say is the greatest benefit to wearing a compression sleeve while playing ball? Thanks in advance and I appreciate the work.

    1. When playing D, sleeves can prevent or reduce the amount of sweat you get on yourself from other people’s arms/body lol. I’m serious. And sometimes, when people play tough defense on you, they sometimes scratch your arms. Helps reduce chafing.

      1. I second this! Playing in the post on D against a “MAKE IT RAIN” guy, sleeves can definitely make a difference hahaha

  2. Padded Sleeves are nice if you are a frequent driver and take shots on the elbow, or if you are getting knocked down and whatnot. I personally don’t wear a shooting sleeve anymore, but the padded sleeves for your knees are a lifesaver. Nightwing, do you know where to purchase the Nike kind?? I only have found McDavid ones, which are excellent, but i prefer Nike’s padding, its a little thicker. Also, will you ever review knee/leg sleeves??

    1. Even then, I still would rather have full range of motion that protection when it comes to padded arm sleeves as a Guard. The Knee ones with padding as you said, those are great. Same with the other gear that I have been using from Shock Doctor – the under layer padded compression top and bottom – as those give you padding where it counts but without being restrictive at all. I think you can get the Nike Pro Combat stuff on the Nike site. I may review that sometime just to get to know the products better.

      1. Yeah I agree, losing range of motion for sake of a little protection is a deal breaker, that is why i stopped using them, as i felt restricted in shooting. But i do love the padded knees, I do not like to play without them whatsoever. Do you prefer the Shock Doctor over Nike/Adidas/McDavid?? I have the tops/bottoms of those brands, and they all pretty much feel the same, McDavid does make a nice dual density pad that is extra thick. But I am wondering how the Shock Top Compares, it looks like they may over stronger protection?? Also, I have called Nike because they weren’t on their website previously, and they said you needed a team code to get the knee pads, so I don’t know if that has changed, but that may be the only way to get them, by being on a high school/collegiate sponsored team.

  3. Great Review! Yes the padding needs a flex joint in it. … like Nike Hyperstong. The material is better than the Nike on both the regular and compression. Their regualar compression is the best in the biz.

  4. The sleeves are like wearing a hat or watch. Its better than a placebo. They do get u warm and kerp u warm…sometimes too much (sweat, overheat and etc) Feels like your suiting up for battle in the sleeve…then shorts and tank. Gives u a sense of confidence and security/spring for your arm. Tough to explain. Mind over matter 🙂

  5. hey Nightwing, this might be jumped the gun, but do you thing those padded tank top works well on taking impact on your ribs?? Just need a quick answer, tonight I just re-injured my rib again..and it’s suck. I have a big urge to buy one regardless which brand now….

    1. I would definitely pick up a padded tank top, or a padded shirt. Its surprising how much it reduces the impact. Unless you take a violent elbow to your ribs, for the most part you wont even feel contact. That goes for the padded shorts also. Even take a knee into your thighs is dramatically reduced. They also give you the mindset that you are protected, and you wont be afraid of taking contact, specially if playing with an injury.

        1. For sure, besides good performing shoes, those mite be the best basketball purchase you can make. definitely wont regret it

  6. Can’t wait for you to review the mouth guard, NW. I still remember you saying your mum forced you to wear one when you were young. Please make sure you show us how it looks like by wearing it in the video! Peace! 😀

  7. Great review bro! And as always, congrats on your success! Not sure if someone has mentioned it already, but those strips are silicon. At least that’s what is used on other products (ie. Adidas compression gear and some Nike Elite shorts).

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