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San Antonio Spurs Win 2014 NBA Championship, Kawhi Leonard Named Finals MVP

Who says old can’t be good? The Spurs turned back the clock to win the 2014 NBA Championship in dominating fashion against the 2-time defending champs Miami Heat. The team that everybody doubts can even walk to the court ran and passed their way around the Heat. One exception to the “old” Spurs is 22 year old Kawhi Leonard, who was named Finals MVP after turning is impressive performances, all while defending LeBron James. One of the youngest and quietest Spurs, also represents Jordan Brand on court. He wore the Air Jordan XX8 SE in a black and white colorways throughout the playoffs. Leonard proved he deserved to wear Jordans. Congratulations Kawhi Leonard and the San Antonio Spurs!


Images via @jumpman23 and @nba

    1. Think you’re a fan of the moment. They are up there, but you’d still have to put the Bulls ahead of them. You talking 15 years together and 5 rings. What did Phil do in Chicago… six in ten or twelve. I’m not saying Boston, because this isn’t the old 8 teams in the league days. I’d have to even toss LA ahead of them. Top four no doubt, but best ever. Sleep on that for the summer.

    1. I don’t mean one-season squad because there are plenty of better ones but to maintain such high level of play for 15 years straight is unique league-wide won’t you agree?

    2. Not even close. Celtics carry that mantle with the Lakers close behind. Currently the Spurs franchise looks great on paper with the same nucleus of Hall of Famers and Coach for 5 championships in 15 years.

        1. Yeah expansion on expansion, but the Celtic franchise still has the most championships of any other NBA team. Even the Bulls when Jordan played and won 6 titles doesn’t have even half the number of championships as the Celtics.

    1. i think jordan agreed with westbrook that he would be the only one to wear the xx9, don’t know why, but since he (westbrook) was the cover athlete for the shoe, maybe that’s why JB didn’t gave them to kawhi

    2. I don’t see Kwahi on the updated JB team roster, but Westbrook is the forefront JB sig athlete and he did debut them throughout the playoffs.

  1. that was some legendary basketball, thank you San Antonio and Miami! This past season was one of the best in years man, and ive been watching since 93!

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