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Reebok Kamikaze IV ‘Sonics’

A good look at an upcoming colorway for the Reebok Kamikaze IV has surfaced, and they look as if they’d fit right in with the original Kamikaze 1 & 2.

Some colorways have become available overseas, but there is still no U.S. release information at this time. We can see that they reuse the tooling from the Answer 14 while the upper is redesigned to look more Kamikaze-like.

Take a look at these new images below and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Reebok Kamikaze IV 'Sonics' 1

Reebok Kamikaze IV 'Sonics' 2

Reebok Kamikaze IV 'Sonics' 3

Reebok Kamikaze IV 'Sonics' 4

Reebok Kamikaze IV 'Sonics' 5

Reebok Kamikaze IV 'Sonics' 6

Reebok Kamikaze IV 'Sonics' 7


  1. Jesus. at what point do you just concede that you just don’t have the design team to be pulling off new models. At what point do you bite the bullet and realize actual dmx tech was the only reason worth keeping the brand around from a performance standpoint.

  2. Ps…. if i ever see top man from hudsons bay I’m finna kick his ass for that t skirt. Ole skinny ambiguous attitude kid

  3. Damn, am I the only one who thinks Reebok could add some Hexalite on these? or maybe combine DMX foam and Hexalite? Even if it doesnt improve the cushion and perfomance too much, at least the nostalgic ones, like myself, who really loved how the kamikaze’s looked back in the 90s, would appreciate having Hexalite back. If DMX foam sucks that much, why not combine it with some old fashion tech?
    P.S. Geat website, keep up with the good work. Greetings from a Mexico fan.

    1. Any idea how much Hexalite is actually used on Reebok shoes that have it? A friend of mine said he had a friend back in the day and once his Reebok Basketball shoes were worn out, he saw that the amount of Hexalite used wasn’t much more than you can see in that little window/opening that shoes it exposed.

      I’m not sure if that was a cheap model he had or what, but a small amount like that doesn’t seem like it’d make much difference. I thought they used it in the entire heal and forefoot area? or would the amount of Hexalite used differ from model to model? I wonder if Long 7 has done a deconstruction or a pair of Reebok Retros?

  4. i like these new designs with these and the answers. I really hope Reebok is trying to improve on comfort or are they so into crossfit that everything else has to suffer

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