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Randy Booker: Warming Up and Dynamic Stretching

Randy Booker is the newest member of the Kicks On Court family and he will be taking care of all of your training needs.

In Randy’s first video he shows you proper warm up techniques & dynamic stretching, something that all players should know and do prior to a workout or game. These are similar to what you’d see a trainer help professional athletes with during their pre-game warm up… only better.

Hit the jump to view the full video and be sure to take notes. Subscribe to Randy’s Channel as well as he will be bringing us many more tips to help us work on our game.

  1. Love how kicks on court is expanding their family. Im sure randy will give as great advice on the game as the rest gives on gear. The way these guys cover all different aspects of the game and everything for free, just out of love for basketball, I just have to express my highest respect. Im glad this site is continuously growing. Keep it up!

  2. I’m loving how your site and network is growing every day. I hope this expands even more and you turn into the official performance reviewer of every brand hahaha! Keep it up man!

  3. This is great – Learnt a couple of things, will definitely give this a go before my game this week! Can’t wait for more training advice!

  4. This is actually pretty dope. Always looking to add something new and mix up my workouts in the gym/on the court.

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