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Puma Disc Blaze and Blaze of Glory Samples

puma-disc-blaze-sample-2Again @sneakergaga gives the Interwebs something to drool over. He got his hands on two Puma Disc Blaze and two Blaze of Glory samples that are all stellar. These could be upcoming collabs, but they don’t feature any boutique or shop branding at this point. However, ll four pairs seem to be premium quality. The burgundy suede and leather on the pair below looks beautiful. Complimented nicely by a green neoprene lining and black Disc tech, this would be a great shoe to hit retail. They all would be! The white, grey, and red Disc Blaze is pretty dope as the “arrows” aiming up toward the Disc tech really stand out (once you see it you can’t un-see it).

The Blaze of Glory samples are also killer; the black and purple pair have an insane outsole and the shade of purple chosen is super vibrant. The white and blue pair seems to have some great tumbled leather on the tongue. The grey on the toebox could be 3M, who knows…

Quality on all these samples looks excellent. Often you see samples that have threads sticking out, panels that aren’t 100% correctly place, so seeing these makes me think that Puma has some good stuff in the works.

Share your thoughts on these awesome Puma Disc Blaze and Blaze of Glory samples in the comments below and let us know which pair you like most!

puma-disc-blaze-sample-3 puma-disc-blaze-sample-1 puma-disc-blaze-sample-6 puma-disc-blaze-sample-5 puma-disc-blaze-sample-4 puma-blaze-of-glory-sample-6 puma-blaze-of-glory-sample-5 puma-blaze-of-glory-sample-4 puma-blaze-of-glory-sample-3 puma-blaze-of-glory-sample-2 puma-blaze-of-glory-sample-1Via


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