This Primeknit Edition of the adidas D Rose 7 is Available Now

The Primeknit edition of the adidas D Rose 7 is the one I personally favor over the stiff engineered mesh version. Unfortunately, there were only two brightly colored versions of the PK model to initially release, but that’s all changed.

Not only is there a slick Black/ Red D Rose 7 PK, but now this awesome White/ Black/ Blue pair as well. Has a little Nightwing flavor to them that I’m definitely feeling. Oh, and solid rubber outsoles too. Even though adidas’ translucent outsoles have never given me issues on-court the same way Nike and Jordan translucent outsoles have — wonder what rubber compound they use to make the Three Stripes clear rubber better than the rest.

If you like what you see and wanted to give the D Rose 7 Primeknit a try on-court then you can grab this colorway now at



  1. I just bought an all black PK pair from last night. I hadn’t heard anything about it just happened to check. Thought you might like to know.

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