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Performance Teaser: LeBron 9 Pt. 2


At this point I wouldn’t recommend the LeBron 9 for a Guard, at least a small Guard, but there are some things on the shoe that I really like… even as a small Guard.

The stability wing is fairly basic with its woven construction yet it does its job and does it extremely well. Being a Guard, when I first felt it & tried it on I was concerned it would be too stiff for someone who plays at my position. That is not the case… far from it actually.

The lateral wing has three support pieces. From heel to midfoot, this area is stable and supportive while the area that extends up to the ankle collar is where I was a bit concerned. Turns out the point where the three pieces meet offers great flexibility. On the medial side, the wing is broken down to where it will still offer some strength while offering an even greater range of motion than on the lateral side. This is great for any player, especially a Guard. Since LeBron is pretty darn big and plays fast like a Guard, this is perfect for his style of play and anyone who compares their style to his.

Pro Combat has been very surprising. When you look into the shoe, the actual Pro Combat pad is very thin and directly behind it is your basic Grey foam lining the collar area. The material covering the Pro Combat pad is very coarse, high socks are needed for this shoe. However, after roughly 20 hours of play time the Pro Combat ends up conforming to your ankle. It was difficult to take a photo showing just how much the material has contoured to the shape of my ankles but if you look closely you can see indentations.

These features on the shoe are great and end up giving the wearer a custom like fit… much like a Foamposite based shoe would. Now, if Nike could only figure out how to truly make a shoe that could fit the forefoot perfectly for all foot shapes then they’d be onto something.

    1. Im pretty sure i said in the write up that i wouldn’t recommend them for a G position. If you’re a slower moving G, think John Stockton style, they could work perfectly fine. If you are someone more like Iverson, sharp moves and low to the grown crossovers, they wouldn’t cut it for you.

  1. Yeh your right, the toe box is huge on these vert wise but then Nike makes the shoe shorter so I ended up going up half a size thinking I’d be fine and they still mash my toes.

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