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Performance Teaser: Jordan Fly Wade 2

So far so good for the Jordan Fly Wade 2. While I loved the Jordan Fly Wade, the Wade 2 is a giant leap in the right direction.

The shoe looks and feels durable… and it is. With the Fuse upper, we can rest assure that our sneakers won’t fall apart this time around. In addition to the material being upgraded, a TPU toe ‘bumper’ has been put in place and as you can see… I needed it.

The shoe does start off a bit on the stiff side due to the materials but once you run around in them a few times they really start to fit rather comfortably. As I said above, so far so good… how good exactly… very good.

        1. Oh i gotcha. Its most likely thinner but the composition is something im unsure of. Lunar Foam was inserted into the midsole while these are supposed to be a mixture of phylon and lunar so i dont know if the entire midsole is lunarlon or if its just an insert.

    1. I have come to find that i enjoy foam based cushions far more reliable and less straining on your body than other types of cushion. I dont know if it will last as long but its better for your joints IMO.

  1. Can you compare the new Lunarlon with the UAs MicroG? I just want to buy my 1st pair of UA cause I red a lot positive about the MicroG. Or should I stay with Nike, Wade2/Lunar HyperGamer?

  2. I need a good pair of outdoor basketball shoes with foam.Im considering the crazy 8s,the Nike lunar hypergamer,or the adipower Howard.Please help

    1. Phylon is basic and resilient foam. Lunar is soft and conforming, has a lot more air pockets within the foam which tend to break down or bottom out. Cushlon is a form of phylon which isnt as dense but not as soft as lunar. Lunarlon is a mixture of lunar and phylon giving you the cushion with less breakdown.

  3. The reviews you gave on this shoe was very helpful. It was easier for me to decide to get these pairs. Although the ones I got were the White-Varsity Red color since that was the only pair left at the store. Would you have any suggestions on what cleaning agents I could use without damaging the material?

  4. Nightwing, I really enjoy your reviews. Your reviews are thorough and very informative. Keep’em comin bruh!!

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