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Performance Teaser: Air Jordan XII (12) Retro Pt. 2

Figured I’d do something a little different this time and just use the League Game Highlights for the Teaser.

However, in case you are wondering… the Air Jordan XII Retro just continues to get better each time you wear them. Best Air Jordan to hoop in besides the Air Jordan VIII, in my opinion.

  1. Better than the XIII’s? Or you’ll figure that out once you get to them? Hahaha. Now I’m really gonna get those Playoff XII’s.

    Do you recommend getting the new XII’s in a half size down for balling? I sort of have wide feet but and wear 10.5 for casual shoes but I wear size 11 for all my ball shoes, including my Lebron 9’s and HD 2012 and they fit snug but just fine. Keep up the great work!

    1. I have the XII retros in an 11. (Weird actually putting them back in the box as I type this) Im like a 10 3/4 usually. ..so between the 2. Slightly wide foot. So…the 11s are perfect with like a nike elite or a lebron sock…a plusher/thicker sock. The NBA official socks (not the greatest and tear easily) and some of the newer Jordan brand socks are thinner. I prefer playing in some shoes..like the Kobe VIIIs in a thinner sock. Most old school ballers use 2 socks when they play but, some of the newer $15 socks are thick enough and use miister wicking and anti-microbrial tech. So in short my XIIIs are 10.5 and a little snug but my XIIs are just right in an 11.

      1. I’ve been playing in my XX3s again lately. They have such a good cushioning setup. They also remind me of a slimmed down LeBron X. I haven’t played in the XIIs in years. How does the cushioning compare to the XX3s?

        1. Only retro I hav not played in yet are my XX3s. I have been itching to play in them for a long time. That will complete playing in all of them up to XX8. My favorites design…well maybe I like the XII and XIIIs better. Playing in the XIII OGs this month from 1997. Yes..in the black with white. Glue holding up well so far 🙂

  2. I’ve played in these for 3 months .. probably about 20 times for 3 hours a time. Best shoe I’ve worn…minus the horrid breathability and the ultra stiff midsole and shank. (Which needed half the time for my torn plantar fascia) The feeling of support and comfort is amazing! Felt better cushion than the Hyperdunks 2012s I was carrying as a switch off backup pair.

  3. Nice passing skills! A do love the way you use to do it last time but if this will only be for retroes, it might be decent since your teasers will say the same thing on the performance review but still, GREAT JOB! 🙂

  4. A few weeks ago I was looking for the XII review but only just now finding it, wierd. Anyways, I like the highlights and seeing them on the court!

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