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Performance Review: Air Jordan 2011 Q Flight

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Traction 00:52- 9.5/10
Cushion 2:37- 10/10
Material 5:49- 8.5/10
Fit 5:49- 9/10
Ventilation 10:10- 7.5/10
Overview 11:28
Overall score 8.9/10

Pros- The solid rubber outsole was a great improvement from the Air Jordan 2011’s ‘green’ translucent outsole. Providing better grip on the court and remained durable throughout the testing phase. Cushion is great, especially if you are a fan of Zoom Air. Larger players may want to consider the Jordan 2011 A Flight. Materials are top notch. Genuine leather featured on the heel and toe (some models have patent leather or nubuck) while the Jordan Brand specific Fuse tech proved to be much more comfortable than any performance model featuring Fuse. Lock-down was also great, allowing a quick player to stay agile and change directions rapidly and effortlessly. Price, coming in at no more than $120 you get more bang for your buck in the Jordan 2011 Q Flight than other shoes within the same category.

Cons- Ventilation, while improved from the Jordan 2011, still was compromised to a degree due to the inner boot. Heel slip, if not laced to the second eyelet is a possibility. Heel notches would have been a welcomed addition yet the inner sleeve prevented that option to be made available.

These shoes also run true to size.

Thanks for watching!!!!

  1. Forgot to mention this in the youtube channel. Jordan/Nike always seems to ‘try’ to improve on ventilation by adding open mesh spots or go with a lighter mesh tongue, but in the end there’s always a hidden layer that renders those improvements useless due to the placement in the wrong places. For example the fly wades try to add some breathability in the collar and upper area but the thick inner bootie and tongue render those holes useless. This was the same for the lebron 8 PS as well.

    I wish you could have played in the Rose 1.5s, it would have been perfect for a guard who relies on quickness rather than explosion/power. It was the shoe that took the basketball world by storm last year but didn’t really get recognition until he won MVP. Most people were blinded by Nike/Jordans new tech/ smoke and mirrors. Glad to see you doing reviews on underarmour and adidas.

    Looking forward to your next performance review.

    1. It is a bummer but overall it does help a little with heat escaping… Just not as much as they try to say it does.

      I was gonna pickup the rose 1s but then I blew my knee out around that time so I was out for 4 months and thy ended up selling out. That’s one of those times where I regret not grabbing them even though I wouldn’t wear them for a while.

  2. Once again…nice review..these shoes are on discount now too at Nike’s online store and Finishline…. these will be bargain with some additional coupons etc..

    I guess you like these better than the Hyperdunks then..NW2303…

    Can’t wait for you other reviews…pop a beer enjoying this one..almost throw up my beer watching some other guy’s review on Melo M8 and he starts talking about it looks good on his feet and jeans..no idea..the trend has changed with youngsters from checking out boobies to guy’s shoes

    1. Lmao!!!

      If these are already on sale then they def a great buy. Even at full price I felt you got more bang for your buck with these than with other shoes within the same price range.

  3. First off great job on all your performance reviews not just this one, very in depth with lots of detail about the shoes.

    How would you compare the q flights with the lebron soldier iii? They kind of remind me of them, same cushioning set up, similar lacing, shape, and flex, minus the breathabilty, and the straps on the lebrons. I loved playing in the soldier iii I even have another pair for back up.

    1. Thanks, greatly appreciated!

      I love the soldier 3s and I think the only reason I would prefer those over the q flight is bc of the semi-independent toe cap… I loved that feature and thought the q flight should have had one since they had a similar design. Other than that I did prefer the flexibility of the q flight and the cushion was a bit better with the newer phylon midsole.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Nice, I bet a lot of us will be waiting for your review of the drose 2.0. I mean the shoe looks great in my opinion it’s better than the nikes and j’s (except retros) that was released this year. The only question would be the performance. And who’s better to make a review, it’s all you man..

  4. Great review as always! got some questions though…does the q flights have midfoot support? like the kobe v/vi has the carbon fiber shank plate….did you find any issues with midfoot support or lack thereof? TIA!

    1. Thanks! I did point out in the vid, cushion section, that there is a midfoot shank under the footbed. Its not visible but it is in place. No issues at all in that area whatsoever.

  5. Hey nightwing2303, I seen your reviews on the Jordan Super.Fly and Jordan 2011 Q Flight, and was wondering, from a guard POV, which would you prefer? I usually run point on my team, and am constantly moving around the court. My Kobe 6s are done and I got a friend who can hook me up with only one of these two…please lmk your opinion! thanks and keep up the great work!

    1. I dont think they will hold up too great outdoors. While they are not really soft pliable rubber, the shoe employs a fairly thin “groove” or rubber cut-outs so they will burn down faster than those with thick rubber grooves (i.e.: jordan 2010)

    1. compared to present day models like kobe 8 or 9, it is not pliable. compared to the jordan 2010, it is pliable. I think its pliable enough for good traction, but it will wear down quickly outdoors whereas the jordan 2010 will probably last you longer outdoors

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