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Performance Deals: Air Jordan XX8 SE & Melo M10

Our comment section is always ripe with deals including the Air Jordan XX8 SE for less than $68 shipped at Eastbay! This find is courtesy of WearTesters readers JMD & MNballer101, and is just one of many deals that can be had on the site. For instance, the Melo M10 can also be had for $68! The Perfect Score promotion ends on October 22nd, so check out all the deals HERE.

The XX8 SE is available HERE, while the Melo M10 is available HERE.

Make sure to use the code URLEB4CC at checkout to get the $68 price tag (the code itself is 15% off orders that are more than $75.) Let us know what other deals you found at Eastbay in the comments below.

Performance Deals- Air Jordan XX8 SE & Melo M10 1 Performance Deals- Air Jordan XX8 SE & Melo M10 2 Performance Deals- Air Jordan XX8 SE & Melo M10 3 Performance Deals- Air Jordan XX8 SE & Melo M10 4 Performance Deals- Air Jordan XX8 SE & Melo M10 5 Performance Deals- Air Jordan XX8 SE & Melo M10 6

  1. Total impulse buy for me. But I had a feeling this was a deal too good to pass up. You can get these for less than a pair of Visi Pro’s. MNballer101 actually was the one who brought them being on sale to my attention though. Now I just need to join a gym so I can play in them since they’re indoor only.

    1. Almost mad about this lol. I just bought my melo m10’s when they were $100 with a 20% off coupon, but $10 is nothing to blow a fuse over

      1. lol Josh I’m with you,i just ordered my pair of M10s for $90 shipped. which still isn’t bad, but this is just my luck that this comes out 2 days after i order mine. oh well

        1. If you haven’t worn them you should be able to return them. Most major retailers offer free returns if its within 30 days and the product is in new condition. Then you could just buy them again for less. I did this once on a pair of Zoom Flight 98 gloves. Bought them on footlocker’s website then saw footaction allowed discounts and they would be cheaper. So I returned my footlocker pair to a physical footlocker store, ordered from footaction and saved about $30+.

  2. I just snagged a pair of jordan 14.5’s for 79 at eastbay and free shipping. Got the shoe for almost half the price and it looks like a performance beast!

    1. I found a performance review for this shoe at another site; I was hoping weartesters would do one but I guess NW is so backed up with other shoes to test and review.

    1. “Description Total Price
      Jordan AJ XX8 SE – Men’s
      Product #: 16345011 | Size: 10.0 | Pure Platinum/White/Black | Width – D – Medium
      Product Total: $79.99
      Tax: $6.12
      Shipping & Handling: Free
      Subtotal $86.11
      Discounts: -$12.00
      Total: $74.11

      Thanks nightwing.
      I got the aj 28 se

    1. Yeah, some melo 1.5’s and cp3.vii’s for $55 to $70…pretty awesome. Here are the current coupons codes for eastbay if anyone is interested:
      20% OFF $200
      Expires: 10/31/2014
      Code: URLEB4CE

      18% OFF $120
      Expires: 10/31/2014
      Code: URLEB4CD

      15% OFF $75
      Expires: 10/31/2014
      Code: URLEB4CC

      10% OFF OF $60
      Expires: 10/31/2014
      Code: URLEB4CB

      Expires: 10/31/2014
      Code: URLEB4CA

  3. i want to buy another pair of 28SE but worry that the production date will be almost 2 years old… if the zoom bags pop, I’m out of luck with getting a Nike voucher.

    1. How long is the return period to Eastbay? I think you have one year where you can return them to Eastbay from date of purchase? I’m pretty sure that is how it works? Someone correct me if I am wrong.

      How does it work with returning them directly to Nike? I thought I read it was two years? Do they go off of the date of production for those two years? If you have a receipt, could they use the date of purchase?

    2. That is something to considered for sure.
      Unless you set on getting SEs because of the discount, look for alternatives, as well.

      1. I think all of us here that don’t already have the shoes want to try them because of them being one of the best performance shoes released, but so far we’ve stayed away because of the zoom air bag issues.

        With these current prices though, I think most of us that don’t have a pair are now willing to take a chance on them. I don’t think we’re looking for an alternative, rather, we just want to try one of the best performance shoes made.

    3. I talked with Eastbay customer service and they told me that you could return defective items for up to 1 year from order date. I am in Germany btw and I am going back and forth if I should get these or buy the LeBron 11 Summit League Hornet Edition. They are on heavy sale here and around the same cost like the xx8’s (including shipping cost). Decisions…

      1. Pick based on personal needs/preferences. Me personally, I’d go with the Lebron 11 because #1: even if the XX8 performs better IMO, it’s still a pretty good shoe. and #2: the 11 doesn’t have those potential durability issues.

      2. From a costs perspective, it might seem a bargain when you live in the States. But when you’re in Europe, like I am, you might have to cough up some additional taxes. *Correct me when I’m wrong.

        Two years ago I bought the AJ Q Flights when they dropped to 90 Usd. Back then shipping/handling was 35 Usd. Total 125 Usd. But when Mr. UPS arrived at the door, I had to pay almost another 30 euro’s. No bargain anymore…

        If you really want these, I’d suggest to search the European shops like A Few (store) or Kickz.com. And be patient if they didn’t drop the prices yet.

        1. Yes, you’re right. As a sidenote. I found the LeBron 11 in another colorway which I like even more for just 80 Euros at Footlocker Europe 🙂 So, I’ll go with the LeBron. After watching some reviews by NW and Kickgenius I always wanted to experience them myself. Plus, I already have the SuperFly’s which are almost the same like the xx8.

        2. This doesn’t make sense. Why did you have to pay extra? Who did you pay that extra to?

          I’m in Australia and I’ve used Eastbay a few times, and I’ve never had to pay any extra. All I’ve paid is whatever the USD amount (minus discounts) was in my shopping cart.

          Of course there is also an import tax which I think is 1K, but as long as I keep anything I buy under $1000, you don’t have to pay any extra.

          1. We have to pay a import sales tax in Germany (it is 19% from the value of goods) and some customs duties….

            you will not regret it, greetings from the Karlsruhe area 😉

  4. Saw this post and checked out eBay. Got the m10 YOTH for $85 with shipping brand new with box. Eastbay wanted $179.99 Lucked out. Still a good deal with both kicks.

      1. eBay. Hit it up everyday and you’ll find some ridiculous deals. Some guy bought them and didn’t like them so he just wanted something in return.

  5. My xx8 SE’s just arrived today. Eastbay shipped them in a cheap ass bag (the same that footlocker and footaction use). The shoebox is totally destroyed but the shoes themselves look fine accept for slight smudges/scratches on the carbon fiber sides. The shoes are marked 12/11/13 so it looks like I will have some time in case the bags pop. I got the Pure Platinum colorway.

    1. You can’t predict wheb the bag will pop.

      I have a pair of M10’s that popped after a week, another pair that I’ve had for months still going and I have 2 x XX8’s that have yet to pop and I got them on release.

      Its just unlucky.

      1. Understood. I know its not a ticking time bomb. Some will pop. Some wont. Some will pop almost immediately. Some will last for a long time. I’m just glad that I have about a year to see what mine will do.

    2. Not what I wanted to read! I have my 2 first purchases from Eastbay ever on the way Monday; Rose 5 and Melo 10s. I got them for cheap with the helpful coupon codes floating around here and that’s the only reason. I think I have a shot because my Kobe 9 EXTs came from Footlocker in one of those bags and the box survived. I know it’s funny to be hung up on the box, but everything counts when you like to keep your stuff organized in a fresh manner.

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