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Peak TP9-3 Performance Review

Curious to see how the TP9-3 from Peak holds up on court? Well, they’re just about average in every category and will be better suited for certain playing styles – especially those who play like Tony Parker himself. For more details of the shoe, check out the performance review below, presented by WearTesters.com.


TP 3 - Traction

The traction on the TP9-3 is a wavy herringbone pattern with translucent rubber in the forefoot and solid rubber in the heel. Having a similar pattern to the adidas Rose 5, I had very high expectations for the performance of the outsole. Unfortunately, those expectations were not met. The shoe is simply a dust magnet and constant wiping is required. I don’t think the issue with the traction is the pattern itself, rather the rubber compound and final coat that Peak used to top off the outsole.

Fresh out of the box, the outsole felt sticky, so when I took them to the hardwood, dust was an immediate issue. Sure, you will be covered on clean courts, but with a few tweaks to the rubber compound and top coat, these could be phenomenal.


TP 3 - Cushion

The TP9-3 features Peak’s GRADIENTdual in the forefoot and Cushion-3 in the heel. Cushion-3 is a cored-out foam setup that offers a plush ride while giving adequate impact protection for those who strike often in that area. As for the forefoot, GRADIENTdual is a three-layer foam setup and is something that we have seen previously in the TP9 series.

This is the exact layout that I would expect to see in Tony Parker’s shoe. GRADIENTdual offers a low-profile ride with plenty of court feel. It will not provide a plush or squishy feel, but it offers a fairly responsive and firm ride. Those who play grounded will likely enjoy this setup, but those who are high-flyers or have any knee issues might want to look in another direction.


TP 3 - Materials

The materials on the shoe are what Peak is calling their COOLfree technology. COOLfree is a synthetic leather upper with perforations in the toe box and mesh vents along the midfoot area. This isn’t my favorite setup. Synthetics typically require break in time and this shoe is no different. After about four hours of play, the shoe will be completely broken in. Of course most people would prefer a mesh or knit based upper, but after all, the Peak TP9-3 is a budget model, so complaining too much would be unreasonable. One thing is for sure, the synthetic leather will certainly last a while.


TP 3 - Fit

The fit on the TP9-3 is a little bit tricky. I normally wear a US size 11 but was sent a size 12. There is the slightest bit of wiggle room in the toe box, so an 11.5 would have been perfect. Go up a half size from your normal US size. Even though the shoe is slightly too big, I found the fit to be the best aspect of the shoe — now that’s impressive.

Tightening the laces in the midfoot area allows the upper to perfectly form around your foot. At the rear of the shoe, Peak utilizes an external heel counter which prevents any heel slippage and contains you laterally when making quick changes in direction. There is also a lot of padding in the collar area which is extremely comfortable.


TP 3 - Support

The support is another strong aspect of the TP9-3. Numerous factors play into the support of the shoe: a synthetic upper, an exposed heel counter, and Peak’s FOOTHOLD technology. More support will come from stronger materials like the synthetic leather used on the shoe. As I stated in the fit section, the exposed heel counter keeps you contained laterally. FOOTHOLD also does a great job, aiding the player with arch and torsional support. Whether a big man or a guard, support will not be an issue.

Peak TP9-3 Overall

TP 3 - Overall

The Peak TP9-3 is not a bad shoe in any category but it isn’t amazing either. It’s nothing overwhelming, just an average shoe all around. Some players will enjoy them more than others. Like all shoes, it’s about your style of play. I would definitely check these out if you’re a grounded player — similar to Tony Parker himself — and are ballin’ on a budget. (We don’t know pricing in the U.S. yet but we will let you all know once we do.) Just beware of the lack of traction on dusty courts.

PEAK TP 3 - Score card
  1. Sucks that the traction and materials wasn’t that good. I thought they’d be better. Another great performance review by Zak.

  2. Thanks for this review man. I have similar opinions of the cushion from the past Parker models. It’s great for ground oriented players or those who don’t come down hard or have any kind of leg/knee issues. However, if you do then you quickly find that the trade off is rough. Great, well thought out analysis. Keep it up.

  3. 90s Reebok! Can’t really hate.. buuuut if you’re really on a budget, just get a discounted Nike. Team and non-halo shoes frequently start below this estimated $130, and are heavily discounted quickly, especially with 20% off clearance sales. You can get a great shoe for $70-90. I grabbed a Soldier 9 for $63 and a Super fly 4 for just over $70 a month and a half ago straight from Nike.

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