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PEAK signs Kyle Singler, Miles Plumlee, & CJ Miles

PEAK signs Kyle Singler, Miles Plumlee, & CJ Miles

Chinese sneaker brand PEAK has signed Kyle Singler, Miles Plumlee, & CJ Miles, all three of which wore Nike before the deals. Singler plays for Detroit, Plumlee for Phoenix and Miles for Indiana. These three players join a PEAK endorsers in Tony Parker and George Hill (who both have signature sneakers with PEAK in the TP9 and GH3.) The PEAK roster also features players in JaVale McGee, Carl Landry and Anthony Morrow.

While none of these players are big enough to cause headlines, the deals will put a dent in the amount of players wearing Nike sneakers. According to Forbes, 278 players out of roughly 400 players were endorsed by Nike in 2013 (310, if you include Jordan Brand players.)

What do you think of the signings? What do you think PEAK is thinking when signing these three players? Should PEAK have tried to sign another player Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Info via @_NDP

    1. Yeah! PEAK needs to expand its market even more. Would love to see more NBA players rock a pair of Chinese basketball kicks like PEAK. I own 7 pairs of PEAKs, and all I can say is they really are doing a great job!

  1. Yes, I agree with above comment. For Peak to make a nice niche, they need to sign some bigger high profile players. They had a promising start 4 years ago with K Love, JKidd and Metta but seemed to hit a lull the last couple of years. Losing KLove was big, especially to fellow Chinese brand 361. Thank goodness the latest KLove’s look a whole lot better! I talked to one of there reps before and they said they are working on more exposure here in the States! Hopefully being in Slam and Eastbay will help but they need to put more product. I own several pairs just to be anti-Nike since the courts are littered with them and they are quite comfortable. There 3 Cushion is legit and holds up well against Lunarlon and their Foothold provides enough comfort for your feet. I actually prefer over Adiprene tech and some Nike tech but of course everyone’s foot is different. Bring out other models/versions and make them accessible to the public! Just having the two Los Angeles stores just isn’t enough!
    Peak has the potential and seems to spend money worldwide with their FIBA sponserships and EuroTeams but start dropping some Stateside!
    I say be aggressive like Under Armour and go after the likes of a A. Wiggins, John Wall and some of these other young cats in the L! Heck ….even if the deal is just oncourt exclusive…at least the exposure will be there!

  2. They said that about Tony not leaving swoosh and look what he did. Look at D-wade. Look at Rondo – Reebok to Nike to Anta. It’s just the company throwing money at these players. But the main thing is the Technology and the build of the shoe. Under Armor so far IMO has overlapped adidas, but a minimal margin. Adidas acquiring reebok made it lose it’s luster, hence why Reebok is on sale (so far the bid for 2.2 billion). I believe Peak/BrandBlack are really slowly setting the tone.

  3. I think high profile players like Chris Bosh or James Harden would be a great addition to the line of endorsers for Peak IMO

  4. – I hope they have at least 1 NBA endorser per NBA team.
    – The Pacers now have 3 PEAK endorser (and 1 ANTA endorser).
    – PEAK’s GH3 (aka PEAK Attitude) is not really a George Hill’s signature shoes.
    – I hope that PEAK will let other endorsers to use other model (Monster, Challenger, Soaring, Galaxy, Speed Eagle, tc..)
    – I hope that PEAK will let George Hill wear a PEAK non-Attitude model shoes, they should retire that model.

    1. Hi Tani, you seem to know quite a bit about Peak shoes. Do you mind if I ask you some questions?

      What do you think the Peak Attitude? Do you think that’s worth getting? I was looking at getting a pair, but wasn’t sure how good they are performance wise.

      And out of all those other shoes you mentioned, what would you recommend for someone that owns the Peak TP9 Team Lightnings? They’re the only Peak shoes that I have and I really like them.

      I’ve been thinking of trying some of their other models, but they don’t really make size 11.5US, not sure if going up to a size 12 would be too big for me. Hopefully with them starting to sell shoes at online stores like Eastbay, they might start making those half sizes.

      1. Hi, Ice09! 🙂

        PEAK Attitude – It’s like a 90’s bulky basketball shoes, not your typical “lightweight” shoes that are popular today. I don’t have the PEAK Attitude (so far) so I have no idea on it’s performance.

        If you have the Team Lightning, you should try the Team Lightning 2 (I have the George Hill PE.. that’s why I don’t have the George Hill’s Attitude, haha!). Also, you can try the Battier 8.

        So far, I have the following PEAK kicks..
        – Team Lightning 2 (George Hill PE)
        – Team Dynamic (JRich PE)
        – Battier 5 (Year Of The Rabbit)
        – Kidd 3 (Mavs away CW)

        ..and I used to have
        – Relentless (Wolves home CW)
        – Artest 2 (Lakers home CW)

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