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On Cloudmonster 2 Performance Review

On Cloudmonster 2

The On Cloudmonster 2 is the first Cloudmonster I’ve had the pleasure of testing. Last year’s original version got mixed reviews. And the reviews were all over the place. I heard it was “too squishy”, “too unstable”, “still too firm” but also “the best On shoe yet” and “finally a true max cushion shoe from On”.

Amanda at Run to the Finish provided my favorite Cloudmonster review because it accurately captured the confounding nature of the original.

When the second iteration of the Cloudmonster showed up at my door, I had no idea what type of experience was coming my way. I’ve run in plenty of On shoes but this one piqued my interest because it was so polarizing.

So sit back, grab a beverage, and find out what I thought of my experience with On’s favorite monster.

On Cloudmonster 2

Release Date: February 22, 2024

Price: $180

Weight: Men’s 10.4 oz., Women’s 8.1 oz.

Drop: 6mm

Sizing: True to size

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  • Rundown: The On Cloudmonster 2 is a max cushioned shoe that provides a more responsive feel under foot than On’s other max cushion shoe, the squishier Cloudeclipse.
On Cloudmonster 2 lateral view

What Changed?

In the year since On released the Cloudmonster, it released a new, high stack, max cushion daily trainer called the On Cloudeclipse. Also priced at $180, the Cloudeclipse utilizes CloudTec Phase to create a squishy, but not too squishy, combo of daily running shoe and fresh fun casual shoe that can handle lots of easy miles.

The On Cloudmonster 2 waltzes into a world where it’s not the most cushioned On, but the second best. In order to make it more appealing in this new world, the On design team used a dual density cushion setup which is easily visible via color differentiation on the midsole. It’s also obvious to the touch.

The green section in the top layer of the forefoot on my colorway is a firmer, more responsive foam while the grey section above the Clouds in the heel is soft and pliable. The Clouds themselves feel more or less the same throughout the shoe.

While the foams feel different, the On Cloudmonster 2 feels very balanced on foot. It’s not squishy, but not firm either and feels equally cushioned in the forefoot and heel. It finds that goldilocks zone and will likely be the perfect option for people who don’t love the current race to max squishiness. 

This midsole setup also makes the Cloudmonster 2 a smooth ride. It’s right at home cruising the streets but can pick up the pace slightly if needed (think fartlek type tempo work).

The On Cloudmonster 2 also feels less bottom heavy than the Cloudeclipse and moves more naturally for casual wear or walking. That makes it an ideal choice for those with jobs that require them to stand all day. I expect the On Cloudmonster 2 will be extremely popular among doctors and nurses, continuing On’s dominance in that space (at least if my doctor’s visits are any indication).

There is a three-fourths length Speedboard in the On Cloudmonster 2 but it’s closer to the layer of Clouds than the foot. It adds stiffness to the shoe without any hardness underfoot and maintains flexibility at the toes. That setup helps the Cloudmonster 2 maintain it’s smooth feel without the problems in earlier On Speedboards.

On Cloudmonster 2 outsole


  • Slightly squishy but not firm
  • Stable
  • Smooth ride
  • Great aesthetics
  • High quality On craftsmanship
  • Comfortable, accommodating upper
  • Perfect for standing all day or lots of walking
  • No slippage in wet conditions
On Cloudmonster 2 cushion


  • Price
  • Firmer than current running shoe trends
  • Can collect nice sized rocks with the outsole setup
On Cloudmonster 2 upper

Is the On Cloudmonster 2 wide foot friendly?

The On Cloudmonster 2 fits true to size lengthwise and the upper is incredibly accommodating. The toebox has plenty of room and is perfect for longer, foot-swelling runs.

And narrow footers needn’t worry, On’s made it so that cinching the laces doesn’t deform the On Cloudmonster 2 beyond recognition. Your feet can be narrow and still look great in this shoe.

On Cloudmonster 2 both shoes

Is the On Cloudmonster 2 worth $180?

As I’ve said before, you’re either willing to pay the On premium or you aren’t. Other daily trainers that match up well with the On Cloudmonster 2 are priced in the $140-$160 range. Every On shoe is about $20 above the price band typical for its use case.

But On’s quality is best in class. Every stitch is clean and thread is in order. The fabrics used are top notch and that pays dividends in the overall comfort. The mesh used in the upper is 100% recycled polyester. The marketing around On Swiss engineering prowess is correct.

Is that Swiss engineering worth extra cash? That’s debatable and we won’t settle on an answer here. If you value the workmanship and aesthetics of On, you’ll likely be willing to pay the slight premium.

On Cloudmonster 2 on foot

On Cloudmonster 2 Summary

The On Cloudmonster 2 is a slam dunk of a shoe for daily miles, walking, and standing. It’s just soft enough without going overboard. A large swath of the population will really enjoy the underfoot feel.

Is the Cloudmonster 2 perfect? No. Is it expensive? Yes. But it delivers a lot of comfort, a quality build, good looks, and a great fit. If that sounds right up your alley and you value all the attributes I just mentioned, you’ll enjoy the heck out of the Cloudmonster 2.

How does the Author Run?

Drew Whitcomb (age 42, 6’6″ 195lbs): Runs daily with a once a week rest day. Runs a lot of miles due to testing needs and a growing affinity for long-distance races. Regularly competes in marathons, half-marathons, 10k, and 5k races.


While On did send a pair of the Cloudmonster 2 to facilitate this review, they had no involvement in this review, didn’t receive an advance look at it, and have not attempted to influence it.

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