Oliver Cabell Unveils Premium Chelsea Boots Made in Spain

Fresh off a collaboration with AESTHETNIK, transparent luxury shoemaker Oliver Cabell has unveiled its first footwear style outside of sneakers: the classic Chelsea boot.

Considered by many fashion icons and stylists as an essential piece of a man’s wardrobe, this Chelsea boot has been given the premium build Oliver Cabell is known for. The boots are constructed with an upper of 3oz Tuscan suede leather with a supple vegetable tanned leather lining from a small tannery in Spain.

In material costs alone, the uppers of these Chelsea boots cost Oliver Cabell over $30. Add in the outsoles ($14.52), insoles ($1.80), cutting/manufacturing/quality control ($32.81), packaging ($5.23), transit ($42.49), duties ($7.39), shipping ($13.50) and the total cost comes to $148.75.

According to Oliver Cabell, the brand worked with an Italian crepe supplier for over a year to create a custom natural rubber for the outsoles of the upcoming Chelsea boot. Made from 100% pure virgin Hevea milk, the raw rubber is hand poured into sheets and imported to Spain where an outsole manufacturer makes custom crepe outsoles that are a bit chunkier than what’s usually used on a Chelsea boot. Then, each pair of shoes is hand stitched to its outsoles and lasted in Albacete, Spain.

The Oliver Cabell Chelsea boot will retail for $228 and release on May 22 in three colorways: Lion, Cappuccino, and Truffle. The brand’s last two collaborations sold out instantly, so expect a quick sell out when these boots drop.

Spring is here and wedding season is upon us so it might be time to pick up a pair of shoes that isn’t sneakers. Let us know what you think about these Chelsea boots in the comments below.

Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot 1

Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot 2

Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot

Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot 3

Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot 6

Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot 5

Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot 8

Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot 7

Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot 12

Oliver Cabell Chelsea Boot 4

premium chelsea boot oliver cabell


Source: Oliver Cabell

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