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Nike Zoom Run the One Performance Review

Minor changes made, some good some not so much…

I’m not going to go over things the way I would normally due to the fact that these are nearly identical to the Nike Zoom Crusader so I’m just going to note the minor changes.

The midsole on the Run the One is a bit firmer than the Crusader so you can’t feel the Zoom Air as much as you could previously. I remember praising the Crusader because it was one of the few Zoom based models currently available where you could finally feel the Zoom… not sure why they changed it, but I wasn’t pleased with it. However, the fit feels nicer and a bit more secure due to the changes made within the upper’s construction. Instead of the inner bootie or sleeve, they decided to go with a one-piece build that hugs the foot perfectly. With the Crusader, I felt as if the interior and the exterior of the shoe where going in two different directions when you were in motion… these are solid throughout and felt much better overall.

Ventilation is a minor upgrade, great for those that prefer some air flow and nothing special for those that don’t care about that attribute.

Overall, I’d go with the Zoom Run the One between the two based on the fit. I never felt 100% secure in the Crusader and initially thought it might’ve been due to the extremely low cut. These proved that the cut wasn’t the culprit, but the build. Not a bad model for the price and if you wanted more detailed information then head over to the Zoom Crusader Performance Review to compare notes/ score cards.

Nike Zoom Run the One Performance Review 8

  1. Hey Nightwing,

    sorry for commenting on the shoe directly but I just wanted to tell you that I am following your site for a week or two and I’ve read so many beneficial articles/reviews (about Basketball shoes) that I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you. I’m from Germany and I was looking for some new kicks. I never really cared too much about shoes. I just took what was on sale lol.

    I basically inhaled so many of you performance reviews and ended up not only getting a much better understanding about the details/mechanisms of Basketball shoes but also buying myself the Jordan Super.Fly 2 PO and I absolutely love them. I never had such awesome shoes as these. I will also try to get some shoes with foam cushioning in the nearer future, like the Under Armour with Micro G just because you like them so much and I am curious how they will work for me.

    Once again thanks so much and keep up the good work man.

      1. Hi nightwing, I want to thank you aswell for your amazing and helpful reviews.

        Regarding the SF 2 PO, could you please tell me which one would you recommend between that one, and the CP VII AE?? Nike Spain are selling them for 100 ud each one and I think it’s a great deal, but I can’t decide. From your reviews I guess that maybe the SF is a better shoe, though the CP could be a good choice because I play as a sg/sf. Thank u again and sorry for my english.

        1. the standard CP3 VII is better than the AE model. Either go for that or the SF 2 PO, forget the CP3 VII AE

  2. The crusader was probably top 3 all time for me as far as fit, so this is a must cop. Good looks on the review.

    1. There is heel Zoom, I can see it and feel it under the insole. I don’t make assumptions about tech, if I do then I will say I assume or that I think and I’m not 100%.

      1. Nike’s website only says forefoot zoom, but if you feel it, then that’s even more bang for your buck.

      1. Seems you guys did the deconstruction and no heel zoom, but a brick of foam!

        You felt something – just not zoom!!

  3. Sad to hear about the cushion decline. I tried on a pair of crusaders awhile ago and was seriously tempted to buy them just for casual walking shoes because the zoom air felt so good.

    The Black/Metallic Silver colorway is on sale at Finishline for $79.98. Several of the colorways are on sale now on Nike’s website for $84.97.

  4. Almost forgot. Thanks for the review. If I remember correctly there was a time when you weren’t going to review these.

  5. Mark: hey Tinker…did you read nightwing’s review of the Zoom Crusader

    Tinker: No…why..

    Mark: Why…WHY????????!!!!!!!!!! Tinker…he can feel the zoom

    Tinker: WHAT?!

    Mark: That’s right…he can FEEL THE ZOOM! NOBODY FEELS ZOOM AIR FOR LESS THAN $150…NOBODY!!!!! You get down there and tell your designers this shall NEVER happen again EVER!!!!! Redesign the shoe now! The power of zoom must be confined to high price points. The days of giving consumers bang for their buck ended long ago here at Nike. We must correct this travesty immediately!


  6. I went to Finishline today and saw the new Hyperfuse there. I tried them on not expecting much but man was I surprised. They feel nothing like any of the old Hyperfuse. These felt more like a re-tooled Hyperrev. I had a coupon so I picked them up for $105.00, which seems pretty good as far as bang for your buck. Just thought I’d share.

  7. Thanks for this review! I wasn’t expecting you to give these ones a run (heh).

    The Crusader was an ok outdoor shoe for me but I never got a good fit out of it. It was always either too tight or too loose and my heel would slip.

  8. Where can I find the deconstruction vid for these? It caught me by suprise when i heard there was zoom in the heel just cause i was coming from a KickGenius review and they were going off nikes website.

  9. i ordered mine right after you reviewed it,then i saw the kickgenius video too and i was like damn i made the best choice to invest my money lol im 15 im 5’10” i dont know my weight in lbs’s haha but i think the midsoles starting to soften up and its even more comfortable and i love it that it gets responsive because of the zoom bags and i feel it in the heel too,love it when i land after dunks. thank you for the review

  10. i don’t know why but my feet hurts while wearing these..i go true to size but when i tried to achieve snug fit it makes my toe becoming numb..but when i tied a little loose, i felt insecure..my left shoe also dig into my ankle every single time..even i wear for simple layup drills my feet hurts..

    1. You might be cutting off circulation from tightening the shoe too tight. Try tightening the bottom closest to your toes as tight as you normally like, then tighten the top of the foot (where your nerves usually are located) just to where the laces are taught, but not ‘tight’. Then tighten the ankle as you normally would. This usually does the trick for me.

  11. Any thought on performance testing those catapault shoes? I’d be interested in the differences in a pair of Nike’s and some k mart beaters from a pro wear tester. Ppl been talking about them…

  12. Hello there,

    Im from the Philippines. I would like to know if buying an 8 size would be okay for a 7.5 like me for this pair of shoes? I was wondering if I buy an 8 and wear a relatively thick pair of socks would cause my feet to tightened and consequently affect my game.

    Thank you very much and kudos to your continuous reviews! You’ve been a great help to many people! 😀

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