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Nike HyperRev 2016 Performance Review

The Nike HyperRev 2016 Performance Review is finally complete. To see what WearTesters thinks of the latest model from the HyperRev line then check our review below.


HyperRev Traction

Traction – Some of the best traction currently available on shelves right now comes attached to a shoe that retails for $110. You do not need to spend a lot of money to have a shoe that performs well. There is not much else to say about the HyperRev 2016’s traction. It just works. Period.


HyperRev Cushion

Cushion – How this shoe retails for $110 and features heel and forefoot Zoom Air while a signature retails for $125 and has no forefoot cushion at all is beyond my level of comprehension. It’s literally mind boggling. While the forefoot isn’t felt the way I prefer my Zoom Air to feel, it’s still there and provides protection upon impact while providing plenty of court feel. The reason for not feeling it is due to it being bottom loaded versus sitting directly under foot. Again, on a personal level I’d have preferred to have it directly under foot, but this isn’t a deal breaker as it’s an ideal Guard setup.

The heel on the other hand feels awesome. Almost feels as if it’s unlocked – even though it isn’t – and reminded me a bit of the LeBron 12’s heel setup. If you strike with your heel and want to ensure your knees and lower back get a little extra cushion while you’re push’n… these do just that.


HyperRev Materials

Materials – I love the use of materials on the HyperRev 2016. Neoprene is used throughout the shoe while Fuse is used in strategically placed sections. These sections of Fuse provide you with durability and support. Adding structure where it’s needed whilst never offering you a feeling as if you’re wearing a plastic sneaker.

The only downside to this setup is the fact that they’re a pain in the ass to get on. Yes, the collar does stretch a bit which makes them easier to get on. But they’re still the hardest HyperRev model to get on-foot.


HyperRev Fit

Fit – Glove-like fit is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about their fit. The shoes are quite literally socks with Fuse layers. Going true to size is recommended, failing to do so will compromise their fit thus negatively affecting support.

Lockdown is one of their best features – other than their traction – however, the strap wasn’t implemented well. My right strap would never stay secure which did not ruin the shoes lockdown, surprisingly, but it was annoying to have a piece of material flapping around while you’re trying to play. Talk about a distraction.


HyperRev Support

Support – While the fit and lockdown are solid features, this is still a minimalist setup. If you’re expecting phenomenal support then you’ll be a bit disappointed. Again, this is a sock with a sole and some plastic overlays – very minimalist just like the rest of the HyperRev line. Support on the lateral side of the shoe is greater due to the overlays of Fuse, while the medial side is very free. If you’re looking for a shoe that will allow you to have absolute free range of motion then this would be a perfect match.

Nike HyperRev 2016 Overall

HyperRev Overall

Overall – Traction, cushion, and fit are their highlights – all while coming in at a mere $110. Keep in mind that support is minimal, but if you enjoyed the previous HyperRev models then you already know what to expect – and you won’t be disappointed. Nike’s team line has been getting better with each passing year, and should be considered before any of their signature offerings. If you’re serious about performance and less about a name then you’ll be more than happy with what they’ve got going on right now. If anything, you’ll be confused as to why the shoes are priced so ‘low’ with the amount of tech they have in them.

If you needed another shoe to compare them to that offers similar performance then think of the HyperRev 2016 as Nike’s version of the Curry 2. They have similar attributes and both come in at a reasonable price.

Nike HyperRev 2016 Performance Revew Score
  1. Great review. What would be some recommendations for shoes with firmer setups? The only one I can remember from your recent reviews is the Kyrie 2, but I think that might be a bit too bare-bones for me. Any recommendations? Slightly older models would be okay too. Is the hyperrev 2016, lebron soldier 9, peak tp1 on the firmer side?

    1. These are like a guard version of the Soldier 9. With the Soldier having a lot more support and a bit more cushioning but similar DNA which is a good thing. Peak is on the TP3 coming up but having the TP1, it a definitely more of a guard shoe with a nice dual foam setup. I personally like the HyperRev more because it has better impact protection. Wear testers has a great TP1 review if you wanted to look it up.

  2. anyone looking to get these based on NW’s review should know that the red color is already 69.98 on finishline

    1. I won’t be grabbing those but always appreciate when people give others the heads up on deals. Just thought I’d say thanks for even posting that.

  3. I’m generally dismissive of this HyperRev bootie setup. Cool concept, but I just don’t understand the point of a needlessly difficult shoe to put on. That tooling could’ve been used elsewhere with a more practical upper. I have the OG’s half-size up (leftover sample), and it’s still a pain to put on/remove.

    With the 2016 version, the collar could’ve arguably been cut to help with ease of accessibility. That, and a stiffer heel counter (since it’s not challenging mobility) just seem like smarter tweaks that could’ve made the shoe pan out better.

  4. Hello Nightwing,
    I just noticed that you switched to the image-based review, too (I think Jahron started it), but I really don’t like it.
    The edges of the font get very rough and blurred, which makes it uncomfortable to read. I also get the feeling, that you usually write more text. I hope you return to the old format with pics and written text seperated.

    1. I don’t usually write more or less, I write however much needs to be written in order to get my thoughts out. If you’d prefer to read the regular text then click over to the second page and it’s all there for you.

      1. @nightwing Ah nice I didn’t notice that! Thx
        @john there’s a difference between printed and displayed media. Keywords are skaling, contrast and sharpness

  5. These vs the Lillard 2 for the best bang per buck. The apples comparison was hilarious. Good performance review by NW.

        1. We have 3 ratings and one additional for shoes that exceed expectations. Bad, Good, and Great. Additional being Phenomenal. This rating system we’ve created is super easy to use and is literally fool proof in terms of getting confused.

          1. “We have 3 ratings and one additional for shoes that exceed expectations. Bad, Good, and Great. Additional being Phenomenal.”

            So in essence: Bad, Good, Great, Exceptional. Going off of the reviews on this site, only a small fraction (guessing approx 10%) of basketball shoes receive a rating of Bad with respect to cushioning. So you’re basically saying 90% of bball shoes have either good, great, or exceptional cushioning. Not very helpful, IMHO.

  6. Hey Chris I really need an answer to that.
    Which traction you think would last more outdoors,the lillard 2 or hyperrev 16?

    1. The Lillard 2 uses Continental Rubber so it should last longer than the HyperRev 2016 in any condition. Actual traction on court is better on the HyperRev though. As far as how good the traction on either is for outdoor, Nightwing will have to answer that. I hope that helps.

  7. I played in these the other day and they were amazing too bad I didn’t play as well as the shoes did. I went true to size (sz 9 s well) agree that the shoe was hard to put on but once on you were good. Traction, cushioning, support and comfort all good. You can find the red pair at finishline for 70 or other colorways on ebay for 90. Good bang for your buck shoe. Probably the best nike shoe on the market today.

  8. I agree with everything in the review. I had a credit that I had to use at Nike and almost bought them after trying all of the other current options because they do fit and feel great. Seriously, I tried on the current Kobes, KDs, Kyries (and line extensions) and the other team options and I like these the best. Ultimately, I didn’t buy them due to mostly superficial reasons: the annoying bootie, the strap, and how fugly they are (IMO). They may look cool on Aaron Gordon (when they aren’t falling apart) but I couldn’t imagine wearing them at my gym. That bulbous extended heel cup is awful. Without ever playing in them, I foresaw how the strap would be an annoyance when it inevitably came loose (I am not a fan of straps in general, but have seen other models where they were executed better–I think they need to fold over on themselves to be game-worthy, and not just adhere to the other surface via a patch of velcro). I am eagerly awaiting the next version of these because I would get them if the design comes back to earth a bit.

  9. I have been playing in these for just over 6 months and prefer them to the Last two lbj releases in terms of traction and cushion as well as the kds ( I have had and played in almost every Lebron to this point) and as a large PF/C the hypers take the cake in every way- (other than the Velcro strap…total pita)
    I also have large feet and don’t find them hard to put on
    If you are looking for a value breathable responsive shoe with epic traction and support you can do no wrong
    Looking forward to the crazy explosives for the same reasons

  10. Not sure if people are still buying this shoe, but i just got it in blk/white/gold for $35 at nike outlet store.
    Great review btw.

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