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Nike Zoom GP Retro Release Date Pushed Back

Gary Payton’s Nike Zoom GP Retro release has been pushed back.

Fans of Gary Payton and his first official Signature shoe, the Nike Zoom GP, may be disappointed to hear that the release date for the 2019 Retro has been pushed back.

We were supposed to see the Retro release tomorrow, April 20, for a retail price of $160. However, the shoe has disappeared from retailer release calendars. WearTesters asked around and were told that the shoe will release but not until June 15.

Let us know if this disappoints you or if you’re happy to hear you have another month or so to save up after the upcoming Air Jordan 4 Black/Cement Retro.

Images via US11/Nike

  1. Damn, I ordered mine from Sneakers and Stuff earlier today. They confirmed my order too. I hope they ship out.

    1. Just got them in! Apparently, the pair I got was an European release because the USD tag wasn’t on there. They are nice! Leather is nice too. To top it off, it had 3m piping. Not sure if that was in the og, but I like it.

  2. Is it just me or are the official pictures inconsistent? From looking at the lateral side of the shoe, it looks like the ankles would be exposed much like a low. But from pictures of the medial side, it looks like the cut of the shie should be asymmetrical with the medial side higher than the lateral, much like the cut of the Jordan 13.

  3. with lots of sick kicks coming out this spring, the GPs would be a hard sell and more likely end up in the bargain bin if they are released this spring time. not saying it’s a bad shoe but there are really a lot of amazing new options. the shoe would still end up in the bargain bin I believe but that would be later than expected.

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