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Nike x Kevin Durant Deal Worth $350 million

When Under Armour offered Kevin Durant $265-$285 million, we thought that was a ton of money. Turns out, Nike will reportedly be paying Durant $300 million over 10 years with an additional $50 million retirement package. This means, he will definitely live up to his nickname “Easy Money.”

So, with KD off the table, who should Under Armour pursue as a UA signature athlete? Share your thoughts and opinions below, and stay tuned to WearTesters.com for all your performance needs.

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  1. Seems like Nike really stepped up here. If they offered him more money than UA did, then that is fair enough for KD to stay with Nike. Pretty good gesture on their part. They looked after him.

    Hopefully they don’t take it all out on their customers though ;).

    1. “Hopefully they don’t take it all out on their customers though ;).”

      C’mon Ice, you know that they will. Lol!

    2. Actually if you do the math the under armour deal is worth more money. $285 million, with 10% stake of a company that made over $1 billion last year, and a community center in honor of his mother

  2. Nike should play this smart and keep the “lower-than-other-signature-nike-models” price concept for KD. It works, the numbers prove it! If they start raising the prices with the VIII, the IX,… people will start to go to team models because they are as good as signatures, but cheaper. And secondly, “affordable” shoes has always been Durant’s phylosophy, they should stay with that. It’s part of the identity of the KD line.

  3. With Kobe retiring in two years i think this is a good strategic move for nike. Yes the Kobe line may continue but i think Kd will have his own Nike legacy on the next generation. his appeal to the Gen Y is much like Kobe to the Millenials and Gen X market segments.

    With that being said i wouldnt even buy the kd’s at retail prices ($190 here), so here’s impossibly hpoing hey keep the current prices like adidas did with the boost

  4. Does a ‘retirement package’ basically mean they will continue to make KD signature shoes even after he retires? Or is it basically like a social security?

    1. Currently I think LeBron is already getting around give or take 20 million a year from the swoosh. Imagine if shoe free agency hit him within the next 2 yrs.

  5. UA will probably try to make a signature shoe for Steph Curry, he’s already endorsed by them, so there’s no need to go hunting for another player, unless they’re trying to do that, but Curry is a star player, and if they put his name on a shoe, probably an instant seller

  6. It’s all about signing a guy with an exciting play style, y’know? Demar DeRozen would be a good pickup.

    Guys from 2014 Draft to sign: Zach Levine, Elfrid Payton, Doug McDermott, Russ Smith.

  7. 350 million over 10 years is a drop in the bucket for nike when you consider they are doing 27 Billion in sales this yr and it increases every year

    1. if durant the only athlete they sponsor but unfortunately not, they are losing money on durant for so many years even with 175 mill sales last year.

      Only jordan brand saving nike basketball atm.

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