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Nike #SUMMERISSERIOUS Part 2 with Hsuperman_18

Here is Part 2 of my Nike #SUMMERISSERIOUS video. Watch Part 1 HERE. Stay tuned, because I have something awesome planned for later this week and/or next week.

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  1. Man. I can’t believe people now focus their time on providing free advertising in the hopes of winning a contest.
    Here at nike we love dangling tiny carrots for hashtags.

    All summer is serious managed to do last year was provide kicks genius an opportunity to sell the hell out and lose all credibility.
    Established streetballers with large followings will take all the spots this year, as well as reviewers with large youtube followings just like last year.
    Hashtagging your shoes in your driveway just isn’t going to get it done when summer is serious is actually running tryout games at big gyms too.

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