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Nike #SUMMERISSERIOUS with Hsuperman_18

Here is my first video for this year’s Nike Basketball #SUMMERISSERIOUS. We encourage you to make a video of you showing off your skills as well. Share yours by tagging #WearTesters on Instagram or Twitter.

  1. Is jarron Ramos doing this to he is really quick and fast. He can also finish really good I think it is worth a shot

  2. Great entry and I can see that there’s been a lot of effort put in to your youtube channel recently with this video and the lebron 11 performance test, keep up the good work. However I do feel that you’ve been doing too much self-promoting here on weartesters.

  3. Summer may be serious… but you my friend can’t be serious with this video. Just goes to show practice doesn’t always make perfect, lmao

    1. Why don’t you post on youtube and comment the link here? Show us how it’s done. We’ll be waiting.

      1. My whole comment didn’t post. If I get worthy (meaning not pointless, actual sauce) highlights my next game I got yal

      1. Damn, I really ruffled feathers… sorry not sorry, lol. Yal really gotta learn to take a joke, gotta show my girl this

      1. Talking tough on the internet not cool. Don’t be butt hurt, ball ain’t your thing. You give some good reviews though

      2. Wow, some people who regularly go to this site voluntarily just come for the purpose of disrespecting it…it really annoys as much as it annoys Nightwing, you, and other good folks on this site.

        Hsuperman_18, make sure you don’t let these discouraging fools into your psyche, stay positive and improve on your basketball ability. Most likely, he’s just an internet poser who thinks he can play basketball, but really he’s absolute garbage.

        Nell, has anyone ever taught you any manners? What if I were to look at a video of you playing, and called you the worst basketball player i have ever seen? Hell, do you even play basketball? Think of what you say before actually saying it.

        1. I never take offense to negativity. It used to get to me, but I have developed a thick skin. I actually enjoy some of it. So, don’t worry about me. Thanks for the support!!!

        2. Lolllll, if u said I was the worst you’d be lying to yourself. I got a lil game, I don’t like to brag tho, sike, lol. If u in NJ or NY I’ll come hoop wherever

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