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Nike Risk Your Sole Digital Sneaker Tournament Recap

Nike-Risk-Your-Sole-Tournament-Event-Recap-1The Nike Risk Your Sole Nike Risk Your Sole Digital Sneaker Tournament was quite the success on the other side of the pond. I certainly voted online for the shops that I was rooting for, did you? SneakersNStuff won it all in the final round against size? and brought home quite a collection of kicks. The live event was a four on four soccer match between staff of SneakersNStuff London and staff of size? shop in which each player risked one of their most prized kicks. Check out the photos below from the Risk Your Sole live event and let us know what you think in the comments below.Nike-Risk-Your-Sole-Tournament-Event-Recap-8 Nike-Risk-Your-Sole-Tournament-Event-Recap-7 Nike-Risk-Your-Sole-Tournament-Event-Recap-4 Nike-Risk-Your-Sole-Tournament-Event-Recap-5 Nike-Risk-Your-Sole-Tournament-Event-Recap-6 Nike-Risk-Your-Sole-Tournament-Event-Recap-2 Nike-Risk-Your-Sole-Tournament-Event-Recap-3



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