Nike Marks LeBron James’s Most Valuable Player Title with Nike LeBron X Shoe

LeBron James has grabbed his 4th MVP title within the last 5 years.

What do you do for the man that has almost everything in order to celebrate? A crazy version of his signature sneaker and call it the ‘MVP’.

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Nike is celebrating LeBron James’s fourth MVP award with a special edition LEBRON X MVP shoe and a new “Witness History” campaign.

James becomes only the second player to win four MVP titles in five years, joining the select group of four-time MVPs in the award’s 58-year history.

To mark the historic honor, James is wearing a special edition LEBRON X MVP shoe specifically designed by Nike Basketball to commemorate this achievement.

The vibrant LEBRON X MVP shoe fuses the unique colorways and designs of each style in the LEBRON X series, which James debuted in August 2012. The design details, including MVP on the shoe tongue, weave the story of James’s incredible journey over the past year. It’s a path that has seen him striving for excellence by perfecting his shooting efficiency, assists and rebounds to cut through defense effectively as an individual and as a team. Along the way, James has traveled from the courts of London to the hardwood arena of Miami, achieving victory in an extraordinary 27-game winning streak.

With the release of the LEBRON X MVP shoe, Nike pays tribute to a player who has earned his place in basketball history through his unwavering dedication to the pursuit of greatness.

The LEBRON X MVP shoe will be available in limited quantities at select retailers in North America and China soon.
















  1. My buddy wanted a pair of shoes that looked like something a clown would wear. Ill have to introduce him to these ASAP.

  2. Yeah I was watching him rock those in the first half of tonight’s game. Definitely a collector’s shoe because I can’t imagine anyone other than LeBron hooping on the court with these.

    They look like a mash up of every colorway of the LeBron Xs to date.

    1. thts because it is…
      these were going to be this year’s “what the lebron” until they changed it last minute to build around the hype of Lebron’s MVP award

  3. Those are sick they have a little of every lebron out there i see a little bit of the allstars

  4. Ugly shoes that look like a cat threw up crayons for $279.99??? Yeah right!

  5. LBJ couldnt wait to take these off. took them off during a timeout in 1st half

  6. these should be dubbed the “Moredore Jester’s” – the LBX is a sick kick and i would floss the Jester’s any day

  7. sometimes loud color shoes are okay…but this one!? it looks like team nike found a dead clown on the side of the road wearing this ugly shoes and then robbed the poor deceased chap and gave it to lebron to wear!!

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