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Nike LeBron X P.S. Elite Performance Review

Out of all three Nike Elite Series 2.0 models, these actually performed the best when directly comparing them to their original counterparts.


Traction – Traction was solid on the LeBron X and its the same here. Nothing has changed at all as these perform nicely under most court conditions. The pattern itself is multidirectional so no matter what you are doing, you’ll be covered.


Cushion – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… this Max Zoom (360 Degree Visible Zoom) is incredible. Impact absorbent and responsive. Its really the best of both worlds when it comes to both of Nike’s most widely used Air cushion systems. This particular unit felt a bit more firm and to be honest, it worked in its favor. I did not run onto same issue I had with the regular LeBron X’s where the outrigger section of the Air unit collapsed under pressure. This made my ride much more balanced and stable so from a Guards perspective… this was a much better experience. I personally really enjoyed playing in these compared to the other two Elite models and when directly comparing it to the original LeBron X.


Material – Layers have been removed for weight but what it really offers is a better flexing upper. This version was less restrictive than the original… the regular LeBron X wasn’t crazy restrictive as it is but in comparison this was nicer. Fuse is still in place so durability isn’t an issue and there are Carbon Fiber panels in strategic areas as well for support. Overall, this was a better setup than the original but the original works perfectly fine so I still think charging an additional $80 over the regular retail price is crazy.


Fit – They fit true to size but they are on the snug side. Wide footers might want to go up 1/2 size. Lockdown is perfect. Literally flawless. The originals offered great lockdown from heel to forefoot and these lock your foot in even better with the Carbon Fiber plates in place.


Ventilation – The overall ventilation took a small hit when directly comparing them to the original model but the fit and security of lockdown really makes this a non issue in my eyes. If for some reason you feel that you need ventilation then this might not be the best option for you but if you never notice this attribute then skip it altogether.


Support – The support is increased. As stated before, the Air unit feels as if there is more air inside so the cushion is more stable this time around. In addition to that, the Carbon Fiber plates really do their job well while still allowing range of motion so your movements aren’t restricted too much.


Overall – I will admit, this is slightly better than the original model. Are the improvements worth an additional $80… not in my eyes but maybe it is for someone else. My advice, wait until these go on sale. $200 or less and these would be a great performance pickup.


  1. hi about the sizing
    i wear 11 in the original lebron X Black/Red
    but it feels a little bit lose
    but when i tried 10.5 it feel to small as well especially length wise.
    so what size should i get in the X elite ?
    is the sizing exactly the same as the orignal X ?

    and also is that true that the Nike ID version usually runs bigger ?
    thank you.

  2. Thanks for review of all the Elite Series 2.0.

    Yeah it is a good idea to wait for the series to drop in prices. Last year’s Elite Series were still on display at Nike Town in the Summer.

    It would have made more sense for the Elites Series be a minor price increase than the original signatures with all of the Elite 2.0 having Carbon Fiber instead of “Max Air” increase in prices.

    I’m interesting how Air Jordan XX8 Lites would perform when they release and its retail price for them since Air Jordan XX8s price is a lot.

    1. I really hope that the Jordan XX8 Lites have the exact same midsole, cushion, flight plate set up. That is pretty much the shoe that I am waiting for.

  3. Not sure if you mentioned this already NW but can you speak upon the heel to transition of the lebron elites? With more PSI in the Max zoom was the transition more or less restrictive? Thanks

  4. I think the top 10 list would be a lot more accurate if ventilation was weighed less when calculating the final score. Obviously some people require ventilation, but for the top 10 list I don’t think it really accurately shows which shoe is the top performer. I think the Jordan XX8 should be number 2 or 3 and it seems like the kobe 8 is better than the elite considering the lunarlon cushion is way better than the elites cushioning.

    1. If you don’t include ventilation the top 10 list would have a tie between the M9 and Lebrons for top shoe and then XX8s would be 3rd. Although I think I’d rather have a top guard shoe than a top forward shoe just because of the way I play.

        1. If you knew Nightwing in real life, you’d never say something like that. He’s the nicest guy you’ll ever meet. Do yourself a favor and stop comment trolling. I hope he’s blocks you from ever commenting again.

          1. Sounds Like Nightwings justice jumpers are gonna embarass you and ban you from this site.

        1. don’t be sorry … NW doesn’t comprehend the dynamic that allows the performance review/ratings to be legit while making the overall rankings out of whack … AT THE SAME DAMN TIME lol … he will also probably take this as generational unforgivable disrespect …

          1. Why do you frequently visit my site if you dislike me so much? To assume you know what i think & who i am as a person is the most moronic thing Ive ever encountered and it only comes from faceless pricks on the internet. Ventilation is an attribute, companies focus on it for a reason. Ive removed the ventilation category and re-ranked the list before and guess what, not much changes at all. Wrap your brain around that. The fact that you cannot use the score card for their intended purpose – to easily see their graded attributes for comparison purposes – yet I’m the one with a lack of comprehension? Right.

      1. Well done Nightwing, I’m glad that you brought it back. For every diss, there are hundreds of props for what you have done over the years.

    1. love your site, love the reviews – just not the rankings (i’m not the only one) … it seems that taking any sort of criticism is anathema to you. It also seems like you sir are the internet badass. I’ve never said anything disrespectful to you … you on the other hand seem to have a quick “net temper” that wouldn’t serve you well in a real life exchange.

      1. You are mistaken. You disagree with the rankings because of an attribute you dont like. What if a minimalist says that cushion isnt needed and that it goes against what the body naturally requires – this is what they say actually – so the cushion rating needs to be removed to ‘please’ those people who dont think cushion is accurate. I then explain why its there – why its there on my site and my score card for my reviews – and people like you begin to tell me that Im an asshole and this that and the other. We were discussing shoes, reviews and rankings then you guys take it to a personal level with me when not one of you knows me personally. It is you – I use the word you collectively here not personally toward you specifically – that begin to go at me personally in the first place and I have never been the type to sit back and take it. I still will not tolerate it when all we were doing in the first place is having a discussion that someone goes and takes way to far with me and its ridiculous.

        You dislike the rankings, too bad. End of story. The rankings were put into place to help ppl that wanted to see a quick list of top overall performance models. Thats it. Just like with any review, if you wish to look at their scores appropriately to suit your needs then that is how to look at them. There are consumer reviews of all kinds of products and not every piece reviewed and ranked suits every person. You look at things from YOUR standpoint instead of a collective standpoint which is how i made these reviews to be. It is intentional as that is how I wish to do it.

        Like I said last time. I removed the ventilation to re-rank the shoes to see what would happen – because according to you it throws off the list in an inaccurate way – and the list was almost entirely the same. Every shoe was placed in the same exact slot except for three models and they all still had the SAME OVERALL SCORE. Also, dont take the caps thing as if Im yelling, Im not a child… I just dont have a way to underline the text which is why I use caps… only to emphasize that one section, word or phrase.

        I appreciate everyone who tunes into the site, reviews and all of that. If I did not then I would not do this. However, if you feel that you can talk trash to me, tell me that I am something Im not, tell me that I think act or feel a certain way when I do not then you are taking things away from the sites main focus and putting to focus on me as a person. That is not acceptable. Tell me that if I were to argue this same way with you in person is not only insulting but childish. You do not know where I come from, how I was raised or how I speak to others. I would appreciate it if people like you would stop reading things in ways that they were never intended. I say this all the time, you as the reader put any and all of the emotion into text. If you choose to read something I say negatively or positively is up to you. Unless you hear my emotion come straight out of my mouth then you have no right to assume that I say anything in any type of way yet instead you automatically jump to “he’s being a dick”. So… with that type of attitude and logic behind things… why is it that Im the dick when all Im trying to do here is HELP people make the right decision for themselves?

        1. NW has had it, he’s now verbally raping the youngens….someone give that boy some ky.
          Just like Ware would say…OH SNAP!

          1. I cant speak my mind without it being a temper tantrum now, huh? You are a piece of work. You can sit here and piss and moan but when someone else does exactly what you do then there is a problem… contradicting to say the least. Look, I get it. You dont like me. You keep taking jabs at me personally and I thought that I had went over this already but apparently there are just some people in this world that are literally just too stupid to understand when someone is tired of being talked down to. Stop coming to my site. You have nothing productive to offer other that a bunch of BS. Its sad bc you are an adult that acts like a child. Truly pathetic.

      2. hey man i think NW does a great job on the rankings. i personally hate criticism too, it just means that i have a higher self esteem and trust me if i put this much work in testing these shoes and ranking them in great detail, i wouldnt be happy about what you said if i were NW either. i read some of your comments and would like to point out that ventilation does matter but it doesnt have to for you, and if it doesnt matter to you, why complain? this isnt your rankings, therefore gives you no right to complain. you say hes throwing a temper tantrum, but 1. it sounds like to me you have no idea what a temper tantrum is 2. you’re either exaggerating or being completely serious about him throwing a temper tantrum but you would be wrong because he sounds perfectly calm as far as reading texting goes 3. you would have no idea if hes having a temper tantrum because emotions cannot be perfectly interpreted though text 4. learn respect 5. shut up because he would probably 21-zip you in one-on-one. other than that, NW keep up the great job i personally really like your videos and rankings. today is the my first time to your site and ive found it really helpful as far as “which pair of shoes should i get next.”

  5. When you say “this particular pair” do you think you jist got lucky with the more stable cushioning or do you think all elites have that more stable feel ?

    1. I’ve got the LeBron X Elites and the Max Zoom Air bag is definitely stiffer. It feels like Nike recalibrated the amount of air inside to make it more responsive. I’m guessing this was purposefully done to give LeBron a more responsive ride for the playoffs.

  6. Truth be told, I like the top 10 list, it’s a great way to compare shoes, save time and money. Please keep it coming and keep up the good work!

    If people have a problem with the list or the way you do it, they should go to another site, or create their own.

  7. Way to keep up the good work NW. Very interested in the cushioning change. I’ve seen it posted a few places that the elites have a slightly lower profile zoom bag to save weight and increase stability. Never seen anything official from Nike though. You mention the bag is more stable and chalk it up to increased pressure in the bag. Did you notice if the shoes have a slightly thinner zoom bag and thus closer to the floor?

  8. This is NightWing’s site, hence his opinions, if you don’t agree, make your own site.

    Simple right?

  9. Too hear that the resiliency of the zoom may have increased in the elite version definitely grabs my attention. I loved the overall ride on the original X’s but felt apprehensive on hard cuts and slightly bogged down during post moves due to the amount of give in the zoom. Might warrant a purchase if they drop to $180 somehow.

  10. Hey! Ive said it before but I cant contain myself
    THANK YOU for what u do, even when im not buying a shoe I love coming here and knowing how it is, or when im buying one, I apreciate SO MUCH this info to waste my money properly on what I need/want.
    Greetings from Spain and sorry again for the bad english!!!!!!
    keep it up NW!!!!!!

  11. I think the problem Nike are having with this “Elite” concept is that the shoes they make for the post season, need to be pretty damn near perfect already: firstly to cater a superstar player over 82 games and second, for the more discerning consumer who forks out money for a signature shoe.

    With Elites, unless you have a majorly flawed shoe like the Lebron 9, there isn’t really all that much room for improvement, apart from using “sexy” materials like carbon fibre and dynamic flywire to justify those price hikes.

    Thanks for keeping Nike honest with these reviews man – especially for those of your followers who might only buy one pair of shoes per season.

    1. Who helps decide on what needs to be changed on the Elite series? What I mean by that is, is there feedback from the player only? Or do Nike listen to feedback from all their customers who bought the original shoes too?

      I assume it is the player only that has a say in it since it is their signature shoe?

  12. SMFH… I have been following this site for a year and for the whole purpose of knowing what basketball shoes currently out there have to offer, and me personally wouldn’t have the time to do this with my full-time job reviewing shoes to help and provide valuable info on buying what sneaker, heck I don’t even post here but this is an exception. Plenty of morons that don’t even provide anything financially on this site for the cost of shoes time reviewing them etc. Actually have the balls to fu$$$ng tell the person and how the ranking should be. If u don’t like what see, then get the fu$$ out of here!!! Your like that little bi$ch that has to ruin it for everyone.
    NW you do what you need to do. Haters always hate. Hope you bring the top ten back.

  13. Why can we have nice things 🙁 like Nightwing said you have to look at the scores appropriately to suit your needs. You have to decide which of these factors are most important to you because they are all top performing shoes. The Lebron x and Lebron x elite have similar scores but they doesn’t mean they should be looked at equally, because they are factors you must consider like materials used, ventilation, and support. Also there is the difference in price which is something that is not included in the ranking and you must look elsewhere to find, like in the actual review. Thank you Nightwing for the great review and keep up the great work and don’t waste you time explaining things that are obviously common sense to the average reader.

    1. I want to talk about the prices of the Elite shoes.

      Firstly, if there are hardly any changes, why do Nike jack the prices up so high?

      Let’s use the Lebron X as an example – NIGHTWING, looking at the changes made from the original to the Elite here, what price do you think that Nike should be pricing the Lebron X Elite at? IMO it should be no more than $50 max, and depending on the changes, possibly less, if not much was changed on the shoe, why should people have to pay premium prices? IMO, if not much has changed and the shoe hasn’t been improved significantly, then the price increase should be minimal. I think they should factor that in when coming up with the prices of the Elite series.

      I think the price should have been about $169 for the LeBron X and something like $209 for the Elites.

      I really like that you are hammering home the point about Nike’s pricing and giving your opinion on whether or not you think it is worth it. Factoring that in, along with the changes, on whether or not to buy the shoe is a great.

      I actually watched a Youtube video a few months ago, and even someone like J.R. Smith said the pricing on the LeBrons is ridiculous (I think he was talking about the LeBron 9 Elites, don’t quote me on that). This is someone who is in the NBA and he also understands that kids can’t afford these shoes, he was able to look at it from that perspective and call out Nike on it.

      What do you guys think?

  14. IMO, the elites are definitely superior then the regular 10s. The lockdown, support and cushioning is amazing (10/10). The regular 10s to be honest felt a little sloppy and you had to tie them really tight together to get a proper lockdown fit. The elites with the upgraded tongue and enhanced fit was such a stable ride to play in. I think the better cushioning on the elites might have to do with more foam in the midsole because it doesn’t have the plastic piece at the side. The 360 unit should be the exact same, I can’t see why else the elites feel better in the cushioning department. Ankle support is ridiculous, I feel like I can never roll my ankle in these, the support is that good.

    Besides the price, the Elites are better then the regular version in every way except only the traction is the same. Everything else from fit, support, cushioning is better. I can’t even see myself going back to playing in the regular 10s when I have the elites now. Also they definitely run small, even smaller then the regular 10s so I would def go .5 size up, I have very narrow feet and I still went .5 up, true to size is just too tight, might get a toe jam at the front.

    This is just my opinion since playing in them ever since I bought them on release day. I know the Kick Genius guys say these perform the exact same but I highly disagree. Everyone has their own opinion though, best thing to do is just try the shoe on yourself and right away you will notice a difference between these Elites and regular 10s. On court, the difference is even more noticeable

  15. Anyone experience lateral carbon fiber support digging into malleous bone? Great shoe except the sore ankle bone.

    1. Hey man, I know what you mean. My left foot is fine, but it’s almost unbearable to walk with my right foot. The ball of my ankle is extremely sore with the LB X Elite. I’m figuring out why my left foot’s ball (ankle) is okay and my right is extremely sore. The shoes are the same size though and they look like they’re in pristine shape with no deformities whatsoever.

      1. Are you a left handed player and mostly push/take off and jump with your right foot? If so, that seems normal to a certain extent since that foot is doing more work then the left one

      2. I’m having the same exact issue. I was so psyched to wear my Lebron X Elite Crimson’s last night, but after about 45 minutes I couldn’t take the pain anymore! On my left foot only, the outside ankle bone was SO sore due to the carbon fiber plate rubbing against it. I had to switch back to my Lebron X Canarys. My ankle is sore today and was sore to the touch all night…I couldn’t even sleep on it.

    2. Hi. Did you get around sore of ankle bone? I have the same problem. But my both ankle are hurt. I’ve played 3 times in my Lebron X Elite and the pain is the same everytime. Are your Lebron X Elite’s tailored with your foot? I hope for answer 🙂

  16. I think I’m buying a pair of the super hero Elites once they hit a steep discount. Shoes look better than the regular Xs and I like that the cushioning is improved.

  17. To be honest, I dont look on that top ten list anymore, I just wait for NW personal choice of shoes which he usually release last part of the year.

    2011- wade 3
    2012- CP3 6 for guards and kd5 for any positions.

    I dont rely on the numbers anymore, I would rather go with the personal experience of NW on these shoes…. Numbers can lie, but not personal experiences… Thanks NW for all the hardships and time you devoted just to give us onhand experiences with these shoes. May GOD bless you and your family… Good thing we are of the same age bracket, feeling also those pain and tiredness already after each game. Bad thing for the younger generation, hope you’ll find a NW of your own to help you decide for your shoes in the future…. Till the last step and the last jump, we are supporting you NW…

  18. WOOOW i left this site for about a year, and never ever did i see any hating, and now i come back to this…. smh why do yall come if your going to be like that…

  19. These joints are AMAZING! But Nike is killing people with prices. Do you think its because of materials they use, or because they are such a big named brand, they take advantage of that

  20. hey nightwing , I’d like to offer a solution to possibly take some of the undeserved heat off your top ten rankings. I personally appreciate it as is and can weigh the important criteria (in my opinion ) for myself , but that leads to my solution . I was thinking about how cool it would be to have a weighted and dynamic system in which the rankings would change based on questions added below the ranks . example: ( what is your least important criteria ….) if someone choses ventilation maybe it would prompt a formula where it would take the least important criteria and multiply it by 0 or maybe .5. The opposite could of corse be done as well … maybe it would multiply the most important criteria by 1.5 or even 2. Just an idea and like I said I have no issues with the current system and do appreciate your reviews .

    1. I appreciate it but the Top Ten list is a list comprised of the top overall performance models during the year based on all categories which is why its the top overall performance models. For these reviews and any other review, the consumer should have the sense enough to only go after the information they require.

  21. All lists will have flaws, I think what people are complaining about is because let’s say they enjoyed playing in the KD V Elite or Jordan XX8 and then they see a top 10 list with M9s ahead of XX8s and Ektio ahead of Elite 5s. People tend to think, no way in hell are the Ektio’s better then the Elites. Attributes are attributes but a shoes OVERALL performance is the most important aspect for a consumer to buy a shoe

    So in a way yes it is misleading because when consumers buy a product, they are looking for the OVERALL package not at attributes. There is no solution to fix this and this is his site so he can choose how he wants to score and rank shoes.

    Everyone is so use to seeing a top 10 list with the best performing shoes out there at the top as opposed to adding attributes up and then ranking it that way. It’s almost like ppl are rooting for the shoes they believe is the best and then are disappointed to see such low-mediocre scores but honestly ppl, it’s not that serious. When you create a site, you can have ur own opinions, do ur own little rankings etc until then I respect all of NW’s work and time put forth.

    1. By combining all the attributes you achieve an overall score. There is no way around it. If an attribute os removed then its not an overall bc something was ignored.

      The Ektio is a better shoe than the KD Elite and their scores reflect that. The flaw is that ppl are biased and they want what they want. It is what it is though. Nothing misleading about it. Its all there for everyone to see.

    1. This sounds ridiculous, but eBay! It is insane how many newer shoes you can get there for cheaper than retail! I know it isnt known for a shoe buying site, you can get the LBJ 10’s for as low as 150… worth a look! A cheaper way to freshen up your style bro, hope I could help you and anyone reading! BTW Great Job NW

  22. Hey man thanks for the review I love the new elite to me it’s a grEat performing shoe thanks I can make cuts better with theses and drive more than I could with the others thank night wing your helping me out a lot I have gotten a lot better because of you and kick genius thanks for doing the things y’all do!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MAN!!!!

  23. hey nightwing2303 I just wanted to say thank you for posting videos they are very helpful and encouraging , sneakers has always been my I guess you can say hobby that helps me get my mind off things . just wanted to show some love to a real sneaker enthusiast.
    and again big thanks man very inspiring stuff u got going on

  24. I have a question about a shoe i just purchased and played in but first off don’t listen to all these people with all their negativity, you do a great job here and I hope you will continue to keep up the amazing work! But I was able to grab a pair of Lebron X volts and just played in them this morning. I was curious about the break in time. So, first the traction seemed to hold up but if I did a sharp move such as a step back the traction would hold then all of a sudden of give out and slip, will this Continue to happen? Or will it break in? (the have the colored translucent bottom) and also the side of the shoe where there is the plastic plate pinched my foot and im not sure if it was the fly-wire or the actual plastic plate…do you think that will break in?

  25. These shoes are a hit to the savings account, but awesome all the way around. I recommend going a half size up regardless of your foot width. I picked up a size 12 and usually wear 11.5. In fact, I’d rather have a size 11 in my Kobe 8 than the 11.5 I picked up. Wish Nike could consistently size their shoes (especially for the price of them).

    Someone above mentioned right ankle problems. I’m not sure if it is the same thing, but I usually go with no show socks and my right ankle has been rubbed raw in these things. I’m right handed and push off my left foot typically. This is the only flaw I see in these shoes.

    Long time reader, first time commenter. Keep the great work coming NW and THANK YOU.

    1. One last comment – unfortunately, the price on these puppies is never coming down. Most stores and sites are already sold out of the 9-13 size range. However, the regular Xs, which are also excellent, can be had in certain stores in Phoenix and on eBay for 150 or less. The Canary’s are on sale for 139.99 at Shiek.

  26. I found a lebron X PS elite for 76 dollars and it doesn’t say fake and has free refunds…what do u think

    P.s. it caught my eye that they were from China does that mean they r fake

    1. Id suggest you get a pair from a more reputable site,, youd be better of buyingnthese for retail price on a bigger site, or get a different paor of basketball shpes oin the 70-90 dollar raange

  27. Hey NW I think if you change the name of the top ten list to best overall of 2013 that might keep people from saying that the ventilation is hindering it from being the best or etcetera

  28. Man this is sooooooooooooo cool what nightwing is doing with this shoe blog and everything I wish I could do something like this.wow I’ve commented on every new update

  29. Got these about a month ago for a bargain price. Just an amazing upgrade from my KD V’s. Fit and support seem to suit my foot better. Cushion is amazingly bouncy compared to my KD’s and Micro-G’s. Very happy with them.

  30. Hi NW, I’m looking to pick up a pair of Xs…. Although I can’t figure out what size to get. I’m currently balling in a pair of hyperdunk 2012s sz 9.5, and on your Lebron X review you said they fit the same. That being said, I’d like to ball in my orthotics. Which I can’t fit into my hyperdunks, and that’s over the insole ( I can’t seem to get em out). Anyways I was just wondering if the Lebron Xs insole is removable? And if they are, would I be able to get the same size (9.5) & just swap em out? Or would it be recommended to go up a full or half size and put them on top? My orthotics are about 0.5 cm or a quarter inch thick. I’m also curious if removing the insole would affect performance in any way? Looking at the XIs, I know an insole swaps out of the question. I’m asking all these questions because I haven’t been able to get my hands on a pair.

    Finally, are the elites a different story in terms of sizing?

    Thanks in advance, you input would come much appreciated.

  31. Nice review man! Seriously thinking about getting em. But are they better than the 773 II? Hit me up man!

    P.S. Trolls will be trolls. Appreciate your work!

  32. Found a pair for 150. UNBELIEVABLE shoe. Hands down the best I have ever worn. The cushion is amazing. I prefer these over the Jordan 28 and melo m10. I’m really tempted to double or triple up on these.

    1. I would at least double up if I found a good deal and colorways that I liked. You seem to feel strongly about these over the flight plate shoes, so I don’t even know why getting more for less is a question. What colorways did you see left anyways?

      1. I have an imposed quota on how many shoes i can have. So i try to spread it out to try different things. May have to sell off my 28 bamboos, which would let me cop another pair.

        My local footaction had all 3 elite colorways available in my size. Got the superhero, may double up on the teal one.

  33. I remember this post and things getting out of hand. That top 10 list was helpful as a scorecard reference, not what really was the “best” shoe.

  34. You guys in the U.S are really lucky.Lebron x elite for 150 bucks really?Here in Greece it’s extremely tough even to find the shoe.Only 2-3 shops in Athens ( capital city ).Even official nike stores never got the shoe.Additionally the shoe costs from 250-300 euros ( for you consideration 1€=1,35 USD) .To sum up not only the shoe does not exist we have to pay double the amount of money you spend .P.S send some pairs over here size 10

  35. Just wanted to say thanks to NW first
    And 2nd remind people to not complain about an accurate service provided to us for free. I don’t have the money or time to test different bball shoes and this site has helped me greatly.

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