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Nike LeBron 9 Performance Review

Here is my review on the LeBron 9.

Traction — 8/10
Cushion — 8.5/10
Material — 8/10
Fit — 7/10 (Runs Small, go up ½ sz)
Ventilation — 6.5/10 (Low Ventilation needed in my opinion for the Pro-Combat Material)

Overall — 7.6/10

Value — Priced at $170, there are far better options available for most player types and positions. If you enjoyed playing in the LeBron 8 P.S. then you will enjoy these as well. In my opinion, these are better suited for larger caliber players with explosive power or smaller players who may not be as quick and a bit on the heavy side as far as muscle build is concerned. Overall decent shoe… just not made for everyone, they were specifically made for one person, LeBron James. If you compare yourself either playing style or built wise, this is a good option for you.

  1. Man you look exhausted. Get some sleep. lol
    The reason you feel that the $170 is unjustified is that all the other hyperfuse based models are much cheaper and last year’s premium leather/suede was only $160. Nike’s gotta stop pushing the envelope on the prices. Good review on these boots…I mean sneakers.

    1. Haha, i am pretty tired but i gotta work.

      The materials were fine but stiff… I dont feel a shoe thats built for one specific person or shape should cost that much at all and the added layers took away its flexibility where regular Fuse isnt anywhere near as stiff.

  2. I am 5’11 158 lbs and the traction does work better for me….also I went to foot locker and bought a thinner insole and i can feel the zoom better. but i do agree, the forefoot construction is disappointing.

  3. awsome review as always! i had the same problem with the “knot” at the base of the tongue and it was digging into my ankle bone. i actually used plier to squeeze out the “knot” and it actually flattened out and its fine now. give it a try

  4. as always, great work! agree with most of the stuff you said, but i personally found the toebox to be a better fit for me compared to the 8ps. also found them to be flexible enough. also, did the logo on the insole peel off on your pair? we play different positions but i’m glad you recommend this shoe to forwards like myself. thanks bro! eagerly awaiting the fly wade 2 review! i’m really interested in that shoe and looking to switch up my rotation for ball shoes. more power!

  5. Hi

    Great review! Although I was so into buying this model but your words through me off. Are they that bad for just lifestyle use? I mean, i’m 5.6 and weight 150. Are they gonna look bad on me for that? And also are they uncomfortable or difficult to walk with? Thanks in advance

    1. This review is all about on court use for basketball. The inside of the LeBron 9 is a little rough around the ankles for casual wear but underfoot it’s fine for casual wear.

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