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Nike LeBron 16 MPLS | Detailed Look and Review

The Nike LeBron 16 pays tribute to the Lakers “MPLS” days.

Nike LeBron 16 Performance Review

At $185, the Nike LeBron 16 is not a shoe I was willing to buy multiple pairs of. However, I did want to buy a colorway of the shoe that I loved since I enjoyed the shoe on-court so much.

While I nearly bought the ‘Buzz Lightyear‘ edition, I’m glad I held out as the ‘MPLS’ makeup is one of my favorites from Nike’s Kobe line, and seeing it on a LeBron sneaker is pretty cool. I understand that some Laker fans don’t feel as if LeBron is a true Laker, but I love the colorway and the shoe, so that’s enough for me to warrant grabbing a pair.

Revisiting the shoe in this colorway has been awesome as I forgot just how good the shoe is on-court. Traction and cushion are great while the materials and fit just work well with my feet. Stability was addressed with the LBJ16, an issue I had with the LBJ15, so the LeBron 16 is an all-around solid performance model. I just wish they were lower in price.

We hope you enjoyed the detailed look and review on the Nike LeBron 16 ‘MPLS’ and if you were interested in grabbing a pair for yourself, they’re available now at all Nike Basketball retailers including NikeStore.com.

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