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The Nike LeBron 15 ‘Ashes’ is Available Now

nike lebron 15 ashes 6

Rise above the ashes with the latest Nike LeBron 15 in black and white.

This colorway plays off that idiom, with LeBron overcoming the adversity he faced earlier in his career to become the athlete he is today.

The shoe takes familiar technologies and upgrades them; this includes the Battle Knit upper, a beefier version of Flyknit with thicker portions of the upper being placed in high wear areas.

The tooling features full-length, articulated Zoom Air with Air Max pillars providing a bit more support. This is a similar setup as the one seen on the LeBron 10, although the articulation allows for more flexibility.

You can pick up the Nike LeBron 15 ‘Ashes’ for $185 in men’s sizes below alongside other sizes:

Men’s | Grade School | Preschool | Toddler

nike lebron 15 ashes 10 nike lebron 15 ashes 11 nike lebron 15 ashes 13 nike lebron 15 ashes 14 nike lebron 15 ashes 15

Images via SNKRS

  1. got these on impulse buy. initially my feelings on them were mixed when I saw and tried them personally. but then, finally gave in and gave the go signal to pack them.

    the cushion for me was somehow strange but probably because it was my first time wearing a cushion like that. it felt like the KDs but it wasn’t, quite a bit high off the ground and could be a concern for tomorrow’s game. I’m shelving my 32s for now in place of these and hopefully they would do well as much as the 32s on pristine court but probably feel different. on the otherhand, the materials felt and looked premium, like a top quality knit but also different than the 32s knit overlay which is also great. love the colorway and looked nice for casuals. really wanted the Tar Heel 32s but these would do.

    also, I find it interesting that both the LBJ XV and J32s supply are quite high and massively available. demand seems low though from what I’m seeing. interesting…

    1. and most importantly, a one booty upper construct shoe that I can finally get my foot in. it took awhile for Nike to realize that their previous non-elastic upper for their previous Lebron lines were damn difficult to wear.

    1. The cushion felt like you were running up on clouds. I didn’t felt tired nor have knee or foot pain. Really great stuff. Traction grab enough on pristine court, not super sticky but good enough stickiness. Upper felt like wearing the typical fly knit but felt more comfortable and durable so far. Again, these are cushion paradise and rivals boost Imo.

  2. Saw’em in person, NOPE! Not supportive enough for me, and I do not want sweaters on my feet. Cute shoe, really cute, but not for me. Bought a pair of Air Max 97’s instead.

  3. A really nice shoe, only thing worrying me is the stability. These are high off the ground, lebron had an injured ankle in the beginning of the season and kind of rolled it again in one of the last games, hope this won’t be an issue.

    1. just played on these. so far, the stability is not really a concern (thank goodness). on the otherhand, ankle lockdown would depend on the situation, like stepping on someone’s foot could be a risk but it would help to tighten up the laces really well. so far no accidents or my ankles buckling in, they were secured as was doing a figure 8 taping on my ankles (advice, really tighten up your laces firmly). traction, well they were good but felt the 32s were better on pristine court, so I’m a bit worried once I take the 15 on the dusty courts this weekend.

      Cushion? AAA+++ !!! no need to say more. the 15s are a worthy buy with this category alone.

      on the otherhand, I felt the 32s were a bit more speedier, closer to the ground and fast reacting. also, more supportive.

      but I must say that I’m leaning on buying a 2nd pair of 15s over a second pair of 32s.

      are my feet sweaty? Nope.

  4. As a big man, these shoes are appealing. Hefty price tag, and I do have a hard time believing they will surpass my favorite all time shoe, the Soldier 9. Will give them a try tomorrow and report back.

    My initial concerns before playing-
    Fit: A little more toe box room than usual. Rare for me. (size 16)
    Support: The Battleknit is pretty sweet, but the shoe is a bit heavy. If the Battleknit can’t give lateral support, wearing an ankle brace would make these feel like bricks.

    1. It depends on how bad and high up your ankles are. I wouldn’t really recommend and shoe this type or magnitude if you are wearing thick braces as it defeats the purpose and downright weird. The best option would be either to tape your ankles or wear those thinner ankle support products then laces tightly.

      1. I should clarify the braces: I have worn ankle braces with only 1 pair of shoes of the 10 I own: the KD9 Elites. My ankles do pretty well for a big, but that KD9 really felt unstable to me. I missed the 30 day return window, so bought the braces to give a bit more stability, see if I could salvage the value of the shoe for me.

        Current shoes – (most used for hoop —> least used)
        Soldier 9 (2 pair)
        2016 Crazy Explosive
        DRose 7
        LeBron 13
        Kyrie 2 (2 pair – started my shoe addiction)
        KD9 Elite
        Kobe 11 EM
        CP3 (2016s – my everyday casual shoe)

    2. Day 1 play:

      I was gassed this morning (kids up in the night), but got some good ideas how this shoe will wear.


      Though not feeling locked down as with Soldier 9, the flywire and battleknit does a pretty solid job. Had a similar feel to the 2016 Crazy Explosive, where the support is sufficient, not outstanding. The Battleknit did an impressive job of not allowing my foot to slip off of the shoe’ s platform, an issue others including myself have experiences in the KD9 Elite flyknit. Very pleased to not feel the need for an ankle brace.

      – Fit –

      I wore 2 pairs of socks to compensate for the extra space in the toe box area. That proved to resolve any issues I had with fit.

      With those 2 concerns mostly resolved, tomorrow I will update with more thoughts. Generally speaking, I am pretty happy with these, and they have a chance to be a favorite for me.

  5. Glad to see the info being shared by the other commenters. I may have to grab a pair when the price comes down a bit. 185 is a bit more steep than I’m willing to go nowadays.

    1. You might wish to go down half a size for these. I copped these and was really surprised at the extra toe room when going with my true size of 10.5.

      1. Thanks for the heads up. I usually wear a 10.5 in Nike and 10 in Adidas most times. I’d definitely go with a size 10 in these when the time comes thanks to the input I’ve received and what I’ve read so far. Appreciate it.

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