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Nike LeBron 13 Low Performance Review

I’ve wear-tested some really great shoes over the years, and some really bad ones. These. These might be one of the worst.

I’m not trying to over exaggerate at all, but the Nike LeBron 13 Low is a terrible basketball shoe. There are pieces of the shoe that are great. Traction, while sketchy around dust, is fairly solid. The cushion isn’t bad. Materials are awesome. The fit and support though. If you want to ruin your ankles, wear these. No kidding. Wear these, get ankle insurance… then be prepared to spend your deductible within 48 hours. On a more serious note, I forgot to mention that they fit true to size in the video review. Not that it matters.

If you have played in the Nike LeBron 13 Low, please let us know your experience in them.

Nike LeBron 13 Low Score 2

  1. Whoa… This is the first time I’ve seen Nightwing pissed off over a shoe. Thanks for the heads up though. Really appreciate it.

  2. I mean despite how it’s marketed, most people can usually expect the LJ lows to be more of casual pairs if they tried them before. Tooling and cut seems cobbled together (and I believe re-used at least once) more than reinvented. I remember the 10 Low felt stupid loose as well.

    However, I’m surprised 13 Low is less comfortable than the original with that Air unit. I know LeBron makes Nike good money already, but investing into the lows could’ve had worthwhile potential. I guess they just have to keep some kind of a gap from the Kobe and whatever other low lines (HyperDunk?).

  3. Has any players worn these on court? JR Smith wore the 12 lows last year. JR Smith is crazy.

    1. JR Smith rocks these. I guess after getting a ankle taping, it helps with the horrible fit of the shoe.

  4. Wow. Very surprising. I was looking at these as a casual pair, but I don’t think I am even going to get them on that note. Thanks for being very honest in your review. Pretty amazing how they could have made such a bad shoe.

    1. Well, he most assuredly gets his ankles tapes by a professional (most NBA players do), which provides some support.. but still, he’s a Nike athlete and could wear any shoe he wants.

    2. that and he’s a spot up shooter. He’s not doing too much on offense other than waiting for an open look.

  5. For Whatever reason I can take all of my low top shoes off without unlacing then. And I lace then really tight.

  6. I was thinking about buying the Grey colorway and now you made me not want to buy it. Thanks tho

  7. Total bummer as I’ve been searching for a performance review on these. Already bought the cool grey pair simply because I am a huge fan of Lebron 12 lows. Hadnt rocked the 13 lows yet or tried them on, so that’s casually what I’ll do today hesitantly. I appreciate the review & relate to the anger as I had very high hopes for this shoe. Won’t lie that when I first saw the price was cheaper than 12 lows it came across as, “what’s missing” as with as crazy the shoe market is — no way does Nike & LBJ drop the price for the common man. Something was done cheaper and the whole overall shoe being viewed as lesser value was my fear — from your video it appears to be one that’s now realized. Thanks again for video & the rant as it’s saved me from buying another pair.

    1. Those are an old 90’s basketball shoe that Nike re-released in Retro form. If you’re going to compare these to another Sportswear release then they can’t be an old hoop shoe that was once considered top of the line performance since the design of that shoe hasn’t changed much from the original.

  8. Do you believe that the support and the fit would be better if you wear ankle guards, i play in ankle guards and they can be bulky on some shoes that I’ve played in… do you recon that would make a difference or would they still be trash you think??

  9. I thought the black and red color way looked amazing, I was gonna get them as a casual shoe. Do you reccomend them just to walk around in?

    1. Yeah 180 max in the heel and forefoot zoom is more than good for casual/walking around in. Especially after breaking it in. Just dont pay retail for these “Performance” shoe. SneakerPolitics had a BTS sale and this CW sold out under $80. I am looking for a pair of the Black/Red for under $90.

  10. Well I think its a good looking casual shoe. They aren’t as comfortable as the 12’s though, but still looks good, they have a great looking silhouette. But they are crazy floppy playing wise, thats why adidas made the D lillard 2 (for those whom are fans of lows).

  11. I 100% agree they don’t lock your foot in properly however you can play all day (4-5 hours) and not feel any pain in your ankles the next day. The air max tech takes all the impact. I rate these shoes highly for those of you who have flat feet and dont really get ankle rolls

  12. There are a pair of shoes like these. They’re Nike air max infuriate low and you have to do a review on them. Please!!!
    They’re $140 on Nike.com, but $80 everywhere else.

  13. Yea I bought these because they were on sale. I really wish I saw this review before hand. These shoes are without a doubt the worst hoop shoes I’ve ever worn. They hurt my toes soooo bad after playing a good number of bball games. My toe nails become so painful and some nails actually turn black after playing. Nike & LBJ are so wrong for this awful design.

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