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Nike LeBron 12 Performance Review

And then there were twelve…

Nike LeBron 12 Performance Review 1Traction – Despite my initial first impression… traction was strong with the 12. I mentioned this during the LeBron 11 Performance Review, but I really wish I had rated the 11’s traction lower. The 10’s were the best between the 10-12 while the 11 was the worst… still good traction, but not as good as the 12’s. I’d probably have marked them down to an 8 or 7.5 when all is said and done. Back to the 12 though. Only thing to really watch out for is dust. You’ll need to wipe but you’ll still maintain adequate traction. The rubber is pretty grippy on its own so I think that aids the pattern – which I still find to be their drawback. Had they went with the exterior pattern that looks like shattered glass, well then… these may have topped the 10’s in the traction department.

Nike LeBron 12 Performance Review 2Cushion – I really enjoyed the setup. It was sort of like Nike’s version of PureMotion but with substantial impact protection. You have plenty of flexibility while the cushion maintained contact with the court at all times. Being bottom loaded hurt their responsive feel, but at the same time absorbs more impact upon striking than you’d receive if the Hex units were placed directly under foot. That heel section though… that was darn close to unlocked Zoom… not quite as awesome but pretty darn close. I think these will be enjoyed by all… LeBron’s have had either too much or too stiff cushion… these feel just right.

Nike LeBron 12 Performance Review 3Materials – I loved the materials. I’ve said it before and I stand by it, I officially have a thing for mesh and other woven uppers. Its my sneaker crush… I can’t get enough of it. Mega Fuse is utilized along the mesh upper and I believe this is just a type of glue with TPU strands woven throughout. Hopefully that makes sense, but I really liked it. They were supportive, yet not restrictive. A very well balanced blend between Fuse and Mesh… take the HyperRev and cross them with a Hyperfuse model… you get the LeBron 12.

The Posite material was nice as well. It was there but not noticeable. Well, I mean you could tell it was supporting your foot upon movements, but it wasn’t as if it was bothering you… it was there and doing its job, but remained out of the way. Like a cat… only I have no idea what job a cat would have except for staying out of the way. Meh… next subject…

Nike LeBron 12 Performance Review 4Fit – They fit true to size and feel really nice on-foot. Much like the HyperRev, you just kind of feel cozy when you put your foot in… not the manliest way to describe something, but its the first thing that comes to mind. Lockdown was nice as well. You could tell that there was a small amount of space within the shoe once laced up since you’d see the tongue area of the upper fold or bind, but I never had any slipping internally… not even a little. I think these will accommodate a wider variety of foot shapes, unlike the 11.

The only thing I disliked about the fit was the lacing system. It wasn’t that I disliked the lacing system due to it not working – it works great – but they were so damn hard to lace tightly that I’d hurt my fingers trying to yank the laces through the Mega Fuse eyelets. I wanted to swap the laces out to something a little thinner to relieve some of the stress, but those same Mega Fuse eyelets stopped me from trying as I didn’t want to unlace the shoe and then not be able to get the laces back through.

Nike LeBron 12 Performance Review 5Ventilation – There is mesh, but a lot of it is blocked by something. Whether it be Mega Fuse or layers of nylon along the interior… air flow was a bit restricted. Again, the shoes themselves felt cozy once on so this wasn’t a huge problem for me… but it is technically a problem – albeit small.

Nike LeBron 12 Performance Review 6Support – For a mesh shoe, the support is pretty substantial. As it should… we don’t want a reenactment of what happen to Ginobili here. Despite all of the support features, you never felt restricted… and this is coming from a small guy. We have Mega Fuse, Dynamic Flywire, Posite, a TPU Shank and 3 giant lateral outriggers… hot damn, these things are loaded. Now that I think about it… these have nearly everything the KD 7 has… almost.

Nike LeBron 12 Performance Review 7Overall – I guess if we were to compare the two (KD7 & LBJ12)… you’re extra $50 dollars will get you more coverage with cushion and a much more durable upper. Other than that, they’re pretty similar. Now I wonder if the Kobe 10 will be similar in any way… I guess we have something to look forward to… other than an official release date for the LeBron 12. Overall, I really like the 12, I’d have continued to play in them if I didn’t have more shoes to test and review. But I can’t be mad… I’ve been enjoying them off-court as well.

Update: This review was written and recorded prior to the LeBron 12 getting an official release date (again). They will be available starting Oct. 30th for $200 at Finish Line. You can click HERE to head straight to their landing page.

Nike LeBron 12 Performance Review 8

  1. Great review. Is this cushioning setup better than the Lebron 10 with the Max Zoom? I’m looking for that really springy feel but want flexibility. Will I get it with these 12s?

    1. Being bottom loaded, the foam will eliminate most of that springy feeling. The impact protection is still there and you can feel it when you push off, but it doesn’t have the same spring

  2. i’m somebody who actually really likes the lebron 11, i still play in mine all the time, and i’m somebody who has hated pretty much every lebron shoe since….i don’t even know, if i was strict i would ignore my slight fondness for the 2 and say i haven’t liked a lebron shoe since the AZG….only problem, of course, is that as good as the lebron 11 is it still doesn’t give me the flexibility and freedom of wearing a pair of low tops…these look like they are going to be the most flexible, low to the ground, free feeling lebrons yet, i’ll have to give them a try….

    1. How could you “hate every lebron shoe since [the 11s]”??? if this and maybe the soldier 8s were te only LeBron shoes to come out since the 11s??

  3. Chris my man…lol..you are getting so freakin good with your reviews my friend, excellent editing, choice of words, information, everything bro..GR8 JOB! this is the colorway ive been waiting for DEF COP!
    keep up the good work buddy!

    FYI…Also the release date on these bad boyz is this Thursday 10-30-14
    …and you can “ID” these Lebron 12s on Nike.com as of right now!

  4. Seems Nike is trying to defy the contradiction between cushion and flexibility. They tried with the 11s And seems bike They finally succeeded with the 12s. I’m also glad they were able to strengthen mesh by adding a top layer. I can’t wait to try out a pair, seems like my dream shoe. Thank you for the review!

        1. Use Bobby pins to change the laces. It will keep the eyeldts from recessing. No you can’t fit two laces through at the same time,i tried..

  5. Thanks for the review Nightwing. I am pretty much a Lobron’s guy having played most of them. Happy those are that good.
    Now, please get the Rose 5 review out quickly!!!!!! I need it to pick my next shoe!!!! Choosing between those and the Rose is going to be tough!!!

  6. funniest written review I’ve seen on your site! hahaha!! tho my expectations for this shoe’s performance were slightly higher than the reality. won’t be copping these, too damn expensive

  7. NW this isn’t performance related, but how in the world do you always seem to keep your white shoes so clean? Those wings look untouched! I get abrasions and scuff marks on every white shoe I hoop in. I want these “Heart of a Lion” colors over the other announced releases.

    Also do you feel that the translucency of the rubber had any effect on the traction? I noticed that on NIKE ID there isn’t even an XDR option.

    1. You just can’t see it. Light bounces off white pretty brightly in-video. Plus these posite wings were white as well so when I’d hit my heels together its just rub but not leave a mark like I had with the KD 7.

  8. I understand when a new shoe arrives, you want to change your rating of an older shoe because the new one might be better than the previous models but are both, for example, a 9 on the traction department because of how you viewed the older shoe before.
    Would having a standard 10 and using it as a basis of your reviews be better? Like you said maybe (for traction) the XX8 will be your 10 and review shoes relative to it, some sort of comparison judgment.
    It can work, but can be tricky on the material department because of all the different materials used on shoes now.

        1. Or just read/watch the review and make your own judgment? People should learn to think for themselves and stop depending on others to think for them. Reviews already gives you all the information needed.

  9. The main problem I can see with these shoes is the laces.

    What happens if your laces break and you need to change them out. It seems like they’d be a real bitch to change. Those that have tried, is it hard to push a lace through the Megafuse eyelets?

  10. Love the review; however, I love playing in a lite shoes b/c I’m an athletic 2guard… Do these feel heavy on your feet?

    1. The 12’s are so so comfortable and have great cusioning and better features than the 11’s so i’d go with them

  11. Hey NW,

    How is the durability of the outsole on the 12’s? Is the rubber compound used durable outdoors or the usual rate of wear compared to other shoes?

  12. How’s the stability with the pronounced zoom pods? Not to compare, but I’ve found the XX8 and M10 more stable for me compared to the XX9 (both fantastic performance shoes), and the Kobe 9 the most stable for me.

    1. Its not unstable at all. Thats what I was trying to explain when I said my thoughts for me not feeling them, they’re so evenly placed that its just flexible bottom loaded Zoom, not pods like they were meant.

          1. If it’s a single zoom, you would have the surrounding foam compress more than the zoom unit, which would allow you to feel the zoom. However, with multiple zoom units surrounding each other, it would eliminate the sinking of the foam and therefore the feel of the room’s bounciness. That’s how I think of it at least.

  13. Hey Chris, hoping you see this comment and respond (I am the guy who brought up when champs used to display the Jordan’s ahead of release, bringing back fond memories for the two of us) under your Air Jordan 13 video. Anyway, here is my question, in reference to the lacing system- I love having my shoes really tight, and you mentioned, like another guy who does reviews for nicekicks, they they are difficult to lace up tight. Were you actually able to lace them up tight after all said and done, or did you give up because it killed your fingers? That would be enough to sway me away from getting them.

    1. Just picked up my pair from HoH. They definitely take a little work to get laced up tight, but I go through the same thing with my Kobe 9 Elite highs.

      One thing of note just from trying ’em on so far, my custom orthotics felt awful with these, but they feel fantastic w/ the default ortho insole. I had a similar problem with the XX9 as well, but the XX8 and M10 for comparison supported my custom orthotics perfectly.

    2. Just picked up my pair earlier today as well. While they’re definitely not easy to lace up, it’s not impossible to get that tight fit. I too like to hoop with my shoes laced super tight, so I made it a real point of emphasis to see if I could get these up to my liking when I tried them on. It’s worth the work. They’re super comfortable. Hope this helps you some.

      1. Played a couple games in ’em tonight. I feel like once you get the forefoot lacing setup, you really only have to adjust the ankle lacing in the first 2-3 eyelets to get a nice secure fit. I’ll have to see after I put more time in these.

        Really fun shoes to play in so far, and they have pretty good court feel and flexibility for a Lebron which is very un-Lebron like haha. Kobe 9s are still my favorites, but these are really fun to play in so far, and I’m looking forward to putting more time into ’em.

  14. How is the weight on these? I bought a pair today online and right now I have a pair of CP3 VII and I would like to know what the weight on these will be compared to the CP3 VII

    1. The weight is always on the scorecard. I believe that’s in either a size 8 or 9 as NW does the wear testing.

  15. Nightwing, love what you do. Quick question: would going down .5 size on LeBron 12s allow for a tighter fit & maybe fixing the lacing problem and not having to lace them so darn tight to get that snug feel we all want?

    1. just asking about going .5 size down because On kobe 9’s you had mentioned deadspace so I went .5 size down on those and loved the fit…no dead space whatsoever and with the LeBron 12s you mentioned a bit of space in the shoe, just wondering if these compare to kobe 9s fit?

  16. I have heard with guys I played with on the weekend that they are very slippery and that with any dust the traction is gone? can anyone comment?

    1. I haven’t slipped yet, but I’m definitely making a habit of wiping when playing in them. Makes a difference even on the slightly dusty courts I play on.

  17. I got my pair in and tried them on. I almost debated on going half a size up, the thing is so tight, but not in the Lebron 11 kind of way. I think it’ll eventually break in and feel great. That fit though, hands down the best attribute of the shoe along with the cushion. Fits like a glove. I also thought the cushion was responsive, I guess I was expecting something like the Lebron 11 which was nowhere near as responsive as this shoe. I can’t wait to ball in these.

    1. The lebron 11 is nowhere near as responsive as this shoe? The 11 is probably the most pronouncedly cushioned shoe I have ever put on my feet, apart from the 10

      1. The lunarlon on the 11 was so thick that I don’t think I’ve ever gotten far enough to bottom it out to feel the full length zoom. But yeah, nothing beats the 10s on responsiveness.

        1. damn, man, you can’t feel the zoom? what are you, like 70 pounds? i can feel the zoom just pressing my forefoot on the floor while sitting down (i’m wearing 11s as we speak)….
          no offense meant, i just find that bizarre

  18. Hey Nightwing,

    I was wondering out of the 2014 shoes, which shoe do you think provides the best cushioning, where you can feel the springy-ness/ bounce the best?

    Thank you!

  19. Nightwing just wondering which is better these or the 10s. I am still balling in my 10s and it was the best recommendation from you ever. So before dropping 200 bucks I’d love to find out your take on them. I am a heavy set baller so the cushion system on the 10s worked perfectly would the cushion on these work the same lr better than the 10s? Thanks again bro.

    1. Being heavier, you might be able to feel the Hex Zoom units more than I did. The heel you’ll enjoy for sure though. These are much more flexible than the 10 and the material is awesome IMO. If you end up grabbing a pair, let me know what you think.

  20. So I balled in these today. The traction was pretty awful for me. I really do hope they break in and grip the floor better, but I didn’t have confidence in making quick turns and stops. My feet was sliding forward when I made quick stops, which made me jam my toe a couple of times. Noted to myself to wear thicker socks. The posite wing on my right foot also hurt the side of my feet. When I took off the shoes and walked away, I couldn’t walk on my right foot because it was so painful. I’m hoping the posite molds to my feet and expands out a little so it no longer hurts my feet.

    Overall I enjoyed the cushion, the upper, and the flexibility. I’m hoping traction and the hyperposite breaks in to eliminate the factors that makes me want to stop wearing these. I really want to keep playing in these as I really enjoyed the combination of cushion and flexibility. Not to mention I WANT to enjoy a shoe that cost me 2 bills.

      1. I wish I could, but not sure I can after balling in these. Shoe got better after another day of gaming, but not sure if I’ll fully enjoy them.

        1. Nike claims voucher maybe? Worst case scenario they say no, and mail you the shoes back, but you still pay for shipping. 🙁

          1. Figured out the 30 day return policy to NDC. On one hand I feel bad about returning a used shoe. On the other hand I can’t force myself to like these. I got better shoes in my rotation and I just got the steph curry PE away clutchfit drives for hundred bucks. Heard nothing but good things about the clutchfit drives so I’m really looking forward to them.

    1. I have to agree with you with regards to the foamposite wing digging and pinching the side of my foot. It happened to both sides when I first balled in them and i am truly hoping that they mold really fast to my foot coz the pain is kinda unbearable. But for the most part the cushioning is different and pretty awesome

  21. I finally moved the LeBron 12 into my front rotation after a month long injury recovery and ran 3 and 1/2 hours in them tonight for the first time. NW you were spot on about the traction at 8.5. We were balling at the end of night right before the cleaning lady shows up and I kept having to wipe. I wasn’t wiping because the traction was bad, I was wiping because the traction is really good without dust and I wanted to maintain that the whole night. The cushion was legit for my knees too. Moments when I hoop in shoes after your reviews allow me to see and agree with your perspective.

    1. I agree that dusty courts really screws up the traction but with a bit of wipe the traction returns to being awesome…… I also have the problem of not weighing enough to engage the Zoom units in the forefoot… (I weigh 170 for a shoe for someone who is 6’8 240) I feel a sense of cushioning but minimal court feel and responsiveness on it, but not a bounce feedback compression like a Podulite or Unlocked Zoom…..Have a great Thanksgiving btw

  22. I haven’t had a chance to ball in these yet. I have been wearing them all day around the house since they arrived. IMO the Lebron 11’s felt much more comfortable to wear, and I am attributing that to the Lunarlon. I sent the 11’s back, because the posite material began to pinch my pinkie toe to the point of an open wound. I don’t have any pinching with these, but the midsole does put a good amount of pressue on the outside of my foot. The 12’s feel about as snug as the 10’s. Also, I need to wear two pairs of socks to keep my heel from a slight slippage, but everything is fine after that.

    Hopefully I can give the Lebron 12’s a try on court this weekend and fall in love. I grabbed a pair of Clutchfit Drives and KD 7’s to try out, but both will get returned. They need to come out with a heel adapter or something for the KD 7’s, because lock-down is a problem. The Clutchfits Drives feel great, but they aren’t much of an improvement over my KD 5’s to warrant the $100 I spent.

  23. is the lebron 11 cushion more “mushier” (as nightwing says it) than compared to the lebron 12 cushion? unlike nightwing, i do like the cushioning to be very prevalent. Note: loved the lebron Xs, best cushioning by far in my opinion

    1. Absolutely. I am hard-pressed to think of a less “mushy” LeBron. The V wasn’t mushy but you could feel the cushioning, they responded to your every move. These are not nearly as responsive and they are much less soft than literally any other Bron, certainly less so than the VII, VIII, IX, X and XI, which all had either Air Max 360 or double-stacked Zoom. Strangely these are not even nearly as soft as the Hypercross, which is the same tech but in a running shoe.

  24. hi i just bought this lebron XII instinc to strictly ballin.
    my current rotation is my good ol trusty Lebron X elite ID.
    i never really like how the XI plays.
    so i skipped that and stocked on X Elites.
    however now its time for a change so i bought the XII instinc.

    just hit a gym earlier today,
    after several hours of casual games, this is my conclusions.

    size wise , i wear US 11 on my X elite
    and this XII also size US 11.

    fit is plush and nice though i feel a little bit restricted or tight at the top of my feet whre the 1st or 2nd eyelet are.
    maybe after some times it will break in a little.

    cushioning, i still preffer the X elite
    this XII feel firmer, and less responsive.
    but this XII feel and plays more flexible than the X elite.
    it maight be good or bad depending on your prefferences.
    for me , i like the “stifness” of the X elite more.

    some how i feel less stable on the XII compared to the X elite.

    but the XII definately feel much lighter and plays much lighter than the X elite

    support, i feel the X elite give more support than theese.
    i can’t really feel the foamposite on the sides suporting my ankle during movement.

    im on the heavy side for your information.
    i weigh around 200lbs.

    the cushioning on the front is just mediocre for me ,
    but the heel zoom unit is superb.

    as i mostly plays on my toes kinda of guy rather than on my heel.
    i preffer the X elite fore foot cushioning.

    but this is only my 1st time hitting the gym in the XII

    will update later on and hopefully it will be much better after several wears.

    one thing to note,
    those of you who want to buy this for balling,
    tightening up the laces is really pain in the ass!
    my fingers ended up sores after trying to lace as tight as possible on this XII.
    and somehow i really didnt managed to get it as tight as i want it to be.

  25. I’m a relatively big guy (PF 6’8″ 250lbs). Outside of the traction and fit of a shoe, cushioning is the number 1 factor I look for in a basketball shoe (I need that impact protection). I already have the LeBron X’s, 3 pairs to be exact, and the cushioning is outstanding. They’re starting to get old and I’m looking to get some new kicks.

    I wanted the XI’s but the set-up of the shoe doesn’t allow you to use custom orthotics (I think that’s the same reason LeBron didn’t wear them much last season).

    Comparing these LeBron XII’s to the Jordan XX9’s or even the XX8’s, which in your opinion has the most cushioning when aligned with the LeBron X’s?

  26. Shit started hooping in these this weekend. These shoes are f***ing legit… Responsive, nicely cushioned, and just a beast on the court.

    I play as a guard and cutting in these and driving down the lane is a breeze.

  27. After hooping in these for a good while now, I have to say that I really enjoy the outrigger on this shoe. Love the stability and support it and the shoe provides overall.

  28. I dont get access to a very clean court. I can only play in a mild dusty court.. Just below average but not that dusty, is this can get the job done without some major slips, i know i have to wipe the bottom in dusty court but do i have to wipe more often compare to the kd 6 as nightwing said at his review of kd 6, “i had to wipe my shoes every deadball”… Can that happen to me?? Sorry for the long post but help me man… I want to buy this shoes.. Help me nightwing T_T

  29. Did anyone get any pinching in these? Particularly in the part near the pinky toe. Also, I can’t wear my orthotics in these and whenever I run around after few minutes, my arches feel pained and numb.

    Anyone have these same problems? Appreciate the feedback.

    1. No pinching, and yeah these feel awful with orthotics for me as well, but great without them. I’m feeling like orthotics are big hit or misses with performance sneakers these days. Case and point the Lebron 12. The arch is already pronounced, so they work well for me out of the box and the foam breaks in niceley to give you somewhat of a molded fit. Where as with the XX8 and M10, custom orthotics work perfectly almost to the point where it feels like they were designed to support them. In the XX9 however, I feel like my orthotics push me too high off the ground and I feel a little clumsy as a result.

  30. Has your Lebron 12’s seen any ripping as of far? Mine has and I’ve only played with them for about 3 hours.

  31. I have 2 pairs of twelves. My left foot above pinky knuckle hurts so bad from where the laces hole is. I sent the sneaker back and got new 1s thinking it was a defect in that set but the new ones are killing me same place, only left side. Anyone else have this issue?

    1. Yes, that is a structural issue in the shoe. Oddly I found it was more pronounced on the white/red and Dunkman pairs, both of which I had to return. I got the crimson and black/teal/pink versions on the cheap and both were a little less restrictive, especially after a couple wears. I don’t get why these and the XI Elites both have rigid, almost sharp components in such a sensitive area of the foot. Very half a-ed on Nike’s part.

  32. Can i just ask if the wing side are durable? Ate they going to torn easily? I’m wide footed so im asking thank please reply

    1. As a fellow wide-footer, I would not recommend these. The last is wide enough, as is the toe box, but the Foam portions are structured in a way that makes them feel a little narrow, as is the lacing system. I thought the XI was a much better shoe for a wide foot.

  33. To me, these have been a huge disappointment. Like you I found the XI to be slippery on some surfaces but otherwise I loved the feel and fit of the shoe and I was a huge fan of the X Elite as well.

    Going as far back as the VII, I think Nike has acclimated LeBron fans to a shoe with soft, long-lasting cushioning. In the past two years, they have improved the responsiveness. This shoe offers neither. I thought the system would be like a low-profile version of the DMX 10 or, like you, a cushier take on the AdiPure system. It is neither. It’s somewhat like a low-pro DMX on the Hypercross, but the hoops version of the bottom-loaded Zoom is stiffer and offers very little in the way of a pronounced transfer of cushioning, softness or palpable responsiveness. Overall it just felt like a stiff midsole with razor-thin Zoom to me. I was really underwhelmed.

    The structure of the upper was perhaps the biggest disappointment. For a mesh shoe, it has firm structure and fits well throughout the midfoot. However around the laces and at the lateral side below the toe box, wow, these are rigid and restrictive. I found the same issue with the XI Elite at the lateral side, and while these aren’t as bad, they are bad enough. The top of my feet hurt consistently when playing in them also.

    Overall I have to say that this is, for me, the worst-performing LeBron since the bulky VI, and ranks in the bottom three overall in the line to date (the VI and IV were both bad, the IV being absolutely awful). I will give the Elites a try eventually to see if maybe they patch up some of the issues; I thought the IX Elite was a big improvement over the standard IX, for example. But to this point I really don’t care for these. They don’t have much in the way of redeeming qualities either. Ventilation is OK but leaves some things to be desired, the shoe is still pretty heavy overall and positive things about the fit (lockdown, midfoot, etc) are outweighed by the aforementioned deal-breakers. I thought the lateral support was solid, ankle support was also decent. Still, I don’t see these justifying their price point and that is why they are dropping like stones. Almost every colorway is $150 and under, even some that were just released. I would not pay over $100 and for me personally they are not worth a purchase at any price, really.

  34. Is the cushion in these like soft or plush? I don’t mind firm cushion but just wanted to ask because it makes a difference for my joints. And if/can these fit a slightly wide foot? Maybe that deadspace will be perfect for my foot. Hope someone who has tried the 12’s respond.
    Thanks in advance……… Great review BTW and are you going to update the shoe finder with the new scoring system?

    1. I’ve played regularly in the 12s. The cushion and fit is great. I’d say they’re more plush than soft, but not to the point where they’re mushy and unstable. NW covers the cushioning perfectly in his review. I didn’t really experience any dead space with them either. I’m an 11, but my Nike size is 11.5 if that helps any. I’d recommend trying them on in a store if you have one available to you with them in stock. There are tons of online deals for them WAY below retail as well.

      What the shoe kinda lacks is the lacing setup they used for ’em. It’s a pain to get them laced up, but once you break ’em in a little you don’t have to adjust them as much. I found it easier to adjust the forefoot lacing with the shoes off rather than on. By far the most flexible and lightest Lebrons I’ve played in to date, but I’m sure that’ll change come the 13s, and future generation Brons, hah!

      1. Just got the NSRL and court vision color ways. Just a heads up. I bought them in my normal size which is 9 but I didn’t bother to try on the 8.5 or 9.5. When I got home and walked around in them, I strongly felt it was a tad too big for me. The width was ok on the 9’s. But the length was like over an inch dead space. It was like two thumbs length long. So I went back and tried on those 8.5’s. Perfect fit. If you got narrow to medium width feet I’d recommend going a half size down.

  35. Hey NW, I would like a shoe with really good cushion like unlocked zoom or something like the XX9, I also need good ventilation as well, my foot gets hot easily. Im 5’6 and 120 pounds. Im considering these or the SF3, any suggestions? Thx.

  36. I purchased the 12 data’s. My initial experience at the Nike store was great. Cushioning was excellent and they fit snug. I wore them in the car I am attempt to break them in while my brother drove as we returned from a short weekend stay out of state. I started to feel extreme discomfort on the outside of my foot. I thought the outer foamposit plate would form to my foot but it didn’t. I ended up returning these in my home state at a Nike factory store without and issues. My foot is a D size in width which is very wide but my forefoot is wider than normal.

    This is an excellent shoe but be careful if they are too tight they will not form to your foot! I exchanges them for the Jordan CP3’s which suite my foot better.

  37. I feel like you never give a truly negative review, especially not of a Nike product. There is no mention here of the stiff feel of the fit around the top of the foot and lateral side approaching the toe box. The bulkiness barely gets lip service. If you want a strong example, you’re talking about how weak the traction was on the 11s (which it was) and you’re considering going back and “only” giving it an 8 out of 10. 8 out of 10 is a good score. How bad does a shoe have to be to get a bad review? It seems like every shoe gets an A or a B.

  38. Inside unpadded posite lace hole crushes my ankle. Also the outer top of the heel cup is gnawing on my heels. If only Nike spent more time focusing on the function and not where to put logos. If they’d retro the melo m9 with a max zoom cushion….

  39. If you took an air cast a flip flop, a pair of socks and duct tapped them together it would be a better basketball shoe than the 12.

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