Nike LeBron 12 ‘Instinct’ – On-Feet Look

By now, you’ve probably seen plenty of looks at the LeBron 12 on including an articles on the Nike LeBron 12 ‘Instinct’ HERE. With that said, we finally get a decent look of the silhouette on-feet, as you can see below. Something that’s eye-catching is the fact that the heel zoom unit protrudes a lot compared to the forefoot units. Comparably, some of the Jordan products including the XX8 have a forefoot zoom unit that sticks out.

Let us know your thoughts on the images you see by commenting below. Also, are you more of a forefoot runner or do you plant first with your heel?

Nike LeBron 12 'Instinct' - On-Feet Look Nike LeBron 12 'Instinct' - On-Feet Look2 Nike LeBron 12 'Instinct' - On-Feet Look3 Nike LeBron 12 'Instinct' - On-Feet Look4 Nike LeBron 12 'Instinct' - On-Feet Look5



  1. I wonder what is that #6 on the sole stands for? Knowing he already said he’s gonna be back with the #23 with the cavs….

        1. I’m pretty sure companies have the next model already in the works a lot of the time before the previous model even comes out. I think they would have started working on these before the 11s came out.

          That doesn’t mean they’re outdated, that’s just how they do it. I assume it takes a lot of time with R&D and wear testing to make and release signature model shoes like this.

  2. That air unit in the heel looks way to far out from the rest of the shoe it’s like a extreme reverse of the Jordan 28s forefoot unit, but farther out? Idk seems like a easy way to tweak your ankle?

  3. the toebox looks really roomy compared to the 11s. I actually like the outsoles more than the upper.

  4. he could be using a ‘below the ankle’ socks….like the ones i wear when I rock my shoes with shorts because it helps emphasize the silhouette of the shoes more.

  5. I am curious to see how these feel on and yeah its more like a Mercedes emblem plus dude could be wearing no show socks I do so u have nothing t asking away from the shoe it self. (Crazy socks)

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