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Nike Kobe Venomenon 6 Deconstructed

The latest in Nike’s Kobe Venomenon line, the Venomenon 6, has been deconstructed. If you were wondering what the tech specs were within the shoe then this is for you.

Once an Asia exclusive, the Venomenon line was originally intended to be an outdoor budget-friendly model for countries that primarily play on outdoor courts.

The Venomenon 4 was the first in the line to makes its way Stateside and was a really nice hoop shoe that offered solid cushion within an affordable and durable sneaker. Since then, the line has changed a bit. No longer do the Venomenons seem like outdoor specific shoes; rather, they’re just another option featuring the Kobe signature moniker without anything special or specific about the shoe.

The Venomenon 6 only further proves that theory.

Zoom Air is the cushion of choice for most Kobe models and the Venomenon 6 is no different. Bottom loaded Zoom Air is in the forefoot while a very large volume 13mm Zoom Air unit in the heel.

The interior features a bootie construction for comfort and to line the interior to avoid chaffing or hot spots.

The main upper construction looks to be a jacquard knit with a very tight knit pattern that is durable but tends to lack some ventilation. Certain areas are reinforced with thin sheets of TPU for protection of the materials and some added strength in high-wear areas.

While the heel Zoom Air unit is 13mm thick, its shape is disappointing. We’re not sure why you’d opt for a rectangle unit that was once used primarily in the forefoot to allow for some additional flexibility versus the standard “U” shaped unit that adequately covers the heel portion of the footbed. Maybe there is a performance reason or maybe it was to reduce costs while still having something of substance within the heel.

Hopefully you enjoyed the deconstruction by FastPass.cn and if you wanted to see even more details of the deconstruction you can head over there. Feel free to discuss what was found along with your thoughts on the Nike Kobe Venomenon 6 deconstruction below.


Source: FastPass.cn

  1. That’s an awkwardly narrow heel bag. Maybe it can translate with more direct feel against the contact hot spot of the wearer’s heel, but eh.

  2. Maybe its keeping forefoot strikers in mind. Since they only come down hard to warrant heel cushion when going going up for rebounding/layup etc.

  3. There is no cushion on forefoot that you can feel. Both of feet had blisters on forefoot even of I am wearing jordan elite socks that has extra forefoot support for cushion. After three times of use there is no more cushion at the forefoot area. Using it on a wooden court what more if used on concrete floor. If you intend to use the shoe for actual game n’t buy this one.

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