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Nike KD 7 ‘35,000 Degrees’ – Detailed Look & Review

The Nike KD 7 just released in the 35,000 Degree colorway this weekend. They are still available online at most retailers so if you wanted a detailed look & review of the shoe to help you make a decision one way or the other then check out the video below.

  1. Nice colorway and good preview!
    I’m definitely excited for the performance review.
    i love the look of shank plate and strap for sure. 🙂
    I know this is off topic.. but were you in Santa Cruz sometime during spring?
    I thought I saw you but i wasnt sure.. if not it’s cool as well. 🙂

    1. I was thinking the same thing for casual purposes. Who has mango colored anything? Fortunately Nike always release matching themed shirts, shorts, and socks with their big releases for hooping.

      NW is right in saying that the flag color does drop every summer. BHM & ASG are probably the only themed series that isn’t colored restricted.

  2. Cops minds Saturday the are sick traction is crazy on every surface and does not wear outdoors and in very comfortable

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