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Nike Irving 1

Here is a nice look the first Kyrie Irving signature model dubbed the Nike Irving 1.

Starting off with what caught my eye immediately, the traction. Utilizing full length herringbone that contorts in the forefoot to be somewhat multi-directional and even wraps up on the lateral forefoot, the traction is no game, just straight performance.

The upper looks like a very intense Hyperfuse that is pretty simple, but the heel uses a geometric design that offers a unique look. The Irving 1 gets its aesthetic pop from the inner lining and tongue which uses a unique pattern in this particular colorway. Overall the Irving 1 is basic on paper, but the aesthetics are anything but. Im not quite sold on the look of the Irving 1 just yet, but value and performance wise the Irving 1 looks solid.

For a retail price of $115 USD, the Irving 1 looks to jump in your already busy on court rotation this January. What do you guys think about the Irving 1? Let us know in the comments section below.

Nike Irving 1-3

Nike Irving 1-1

Nike Irving 1-2


  1. Traction looks like it means business but the whole outer net of the hyperfuse seems weird to me but the pattern beneath looks dope

    1. Well they still have to unveil the PG sig shoe.. he tweeted a while back that it was dropping in early 2015.. but due to his injury idk how they will go about endorsing it

  2. If its full length zoom (which i pray for), its a robocop for me. They look like they’ll suit my needs on court.

  3. I like it. Not this colorway but I think these could be solid. If the cushioning is ok, then I can see myself playing in these.

    Nike is putting too much tech just in sake of putting in tech in other signatures, and the elite models suffer because of it. I like this design, straight to the point. Good traction, simple upper.

    And I LOVE the old school tongue and collar!

  4. I hope Nike would make an Anthony Davis signature shoes. No disrespect to Irving and to his fans but IMO he’s the only current Nike Basketball athlete who deserves to have one (Besides Lebron, Kobe and KD).

    1. I hope Nike would make an Anthony Davis signature shoes. No disrespect to Irving and to his fans but IMO Anthony Davis is the only current Nike Basketball athlete who deserves to have one (Besides Lebron, Kobe and KD).

      1. i disagree. with all the hype cleveland is getting, it only makes sense to give irving his show, especially since he is elite and will only get better when lebron is on his team

  5. This material with the holes looks like the flyknit on the kobe 9 elite to me. The shoe looks flexible. Looks like a zoom based cushion

  6. Such a weird looking design, but simple silhouette. The upper looks durable and the traction is beast. No where on the shoe tells what type of cushion it has… maybe this is a sample model? They should call it Nike Kyrie or Nike K.I. instead of Nike Irving 1… does this mean Nike has already created or has in its plans for his 2nd shoe?

  7. It looks promising, but nothing really extraordinary.
    Have you ever thought about some kind of shoe-kit (something like Project Ara)? For example, you really like Lunarlon and Lebron XII design. You have an opportunity to combine these in your own shoe. It will feature a lunarlon cushioning with XII’s upper. Or vice versa, you go with new XII”s outsole and get Hyperdunk’s upper. Think about the potential this techonology can have! Everybode can get what they need.
    But these are just some thoughts, don’t hate.

    1. I like the idea. Actually I love it! The pricetag would be 350$ though.
      How about a Name: “Isignature” 😉

      1. The thing is you can actually replace old parts with new ones or just replace them if needed. Some type of system should be created, where “the boot” aka the upper can be connected to the midsole with some type of locking system. Price IS gonna be high, for sure, but you will be able to replace parts. You won’t need to buy different shoes ofr indoor/outdoor use, just swap the soles. You want to get more courtfeel-just swap the soles. And so on.
        And all brands should make these parts, not the particular one.
        I think Apple’s lawyers already have something on their minds LOL ” How about a Name: “Isignature” ;)”

  8. These remind me a lot of the kobe 4, from the shape of the shoe especially. hopefullz the cushion will be a mix of lunarlon and zoom air.

  9. Im not really feeling the colorway, but it looks like it will be a supportive go to shoe. I just hope its more comfortable than it looks

  10. A really ugly version of the zoom kobe 1. Like it looks like the only effort that went into it was the traction. The materials are horrible no flynit or EM. They should have just called theses hyper fuse 2015 and moved on.

    1. Kyrie was too upset he didn’t have a signautre shoe, he said he’d go to Adidas, if LeFlop doesn’t call Nike CEO and convince them to make a signature shoe for his new teammate, Mr. Hyperdunks ain’t good anymore for me.

  11. Hoping that this and the rumored Paul George sigs will be lower/mid tier models, kinda like what Adidas is doing with the J Wall and the Dame sigs. Asking for a sig below $100 is wishful thinking, but $115-ish sounds about right. I mean just look at it. It’s a Hyperfuse with more padding.

  12. if the swoosh was placed further down the mid foot it would have made all the difference in the world – otherwise it looks like a jacked up Blazer model

  13. It sort of reminds me of a mix between the kobe 1’s, 3’s, lebron 6 and hyper dunks! I unno, i’m really these!

  14. Traction looks solid, everything else about it looks straight trash tho. Stealing design cues from the Brandblack J crossovers tho..

  15. This is hideous. I really hope that it’s just the color but I don’t think so. Those holes all over are not a good look. As everyone else has said, that traction is crazy but the design isn’t really. It just seems a little lazily put together from a design perspective. Then again, it’s early so there’s time to get it right. Here’s to hoping…

  16. love the look of the outsole. the fluorescent pink, yellow and green look really good together. not a fan of the overall look of the shoe tho. the colors on the swoosh could have been done better and really dont like the teeth in the forefoot. its been done before and better

  17. Not gonna lie. They look nice and the price is right with either lunar or full length zoom. I like how the inner bootie pattern shows through the fuse. It looks like something that would have come out in the 90s. Hey everyone, don’t hate. Commentate.

  18. Man, don’t know what to make of these.
    I want to like it but it just looks so weird.
    I love kyrie, but this shoe….

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