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Nike Hyperfuse 2014 – First Look

Below are images of this year’s rendition of the Nike Hyperfuse line. The tongue appears to be higher than previous versions, giving the entire shoe a high-top look. While not completely perforated, the upper looks to have this repeating-dot pattern that would better emphasizes the breathability feature that the Hyperfuse line is known for. As for cushioning, it appears that there is Zoom Air in the heel, and maybe the forefoot as well (the toe is imprinted with the words “zoom air.”)

In the comments, let us know how you think the Nike Hyperfuse 2014 will perform compared to last year’s model. Also, leave your thoughts on performance aspects I may have missed.

Nike Hyperfuse 2014 - First Look Nike Hyperfuse 2014 - First Look 2

H/T to AaronKnows and @ATrainKickz

      1. It sorta looks like it, but it clearly isn’t… the material on these are hyper fuse and the upcoming Lebron 12’s are fly-knit (if i spelt that correct lol)

  1. I’m a quick slashing shooting guard, and the 2011 Hyperfuse Gunmetal was my go-to shoe for a long time. I didn’t care much for 2012 or 2013, but these do look promising. I’m really hoping I can feel REAL ZOOM in these. If not…well, there’s always Micro-G insoles. LOL — Great updates, Chris!

      1. Unfortunately not, my friend. Your cheapest/best bet is to hop on eBay and find an older model bball shoe like the UnderArmour Micro G “Blur” or “Fly” etc…and buy the actually shoe. Even if the price is $30 ish…it’s still well worth it. I’ve found these insoles are highly resilient and durable even after 3 years. 🙂

        1. what exactly is in the micro g insole? will any micro g bball shoe work? torch etc? thinking about double stacking my taxi 12s

          1. Yes, most Under Armour bball shoes have Micro G insoles…not sure about this past year’s models though. I have a pair of UA Micro G Highlight cross trainers that have “4D” foam insoles…which are not the same (thinner and plush). — Relative to the standard Nike insoles, Micro-G insoles are a slightly thicker and give you more comfort AND “bounce”, and are orange in color (under the felt lining).

  2. Nike running out of ideas year after year…. for performance wise… a pair of shoes from 2010 can match up with anything pretty evenly if not better. Example: Adidas Crazy Light ONE

    1. The traction will most likely be amazing and won’t clog up with dust because of how wide the space is between each groove except for the groove that runs from the forefoot all the way to the heel

  3. Looks like we might finally have a hyperfuse done RIGHT. Haven’t been pleased with a pair since 2011, in my opinion, those were the best hyperfuse shoes so far. the 2010s were good/solid shoes, but the 2012-2013 versions were Clunky and all round Terrible in my experience. With both Forefoot AND Heel Zooom, dope looking traction, and hyperfuse mesh that has hints of the 2010 model at the toe… I just might have to pull the trigger on this one.

  4. Definitely not as bad as the 2013 Hyperdunk. If you imagine it as a low top it looks like the perfect shoe for James Harden

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