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Nike Hyperdunk 2016 Performance Review

Sometimes, companies swing and miss. It’s not really a problem, every one does it. Sometimes, an idea is completely out there, off the wall, and so audacious that you just have to go for it. Maybe it works, maybe not. The important thing is, how does the company recover, rebound, bounce back? The Nike Hyperdunk 2016 is just that: the rebound.

The 2015 last year, well, sucked. The 2016 is the opposite of suck – it’s actually pretty good. But let’s not ruin the review so you don’t need to read the next 800 or so words. Let’s get to it…

HyperDunk High - Traction 2
HyperDunk High - Cushion 3 HyperDunk High - Materials HyperDunk 2016 High - Fit HyperdDunk High - Support HyperDunk High - Overall

Hyperdunk High - Scorecard

  1. Good performance review by Duke. I think it will be between these and the Rose 7 for the 2nd spot. Number 1 Adidas Crazy Explosive.

  2. From its conception the Hyperdunk has always been an o.k. to solid performer, but it just seems like when they release during Olympic years, they perform fantastically. The 08’s were great, the 12’s are my favorite (got like 5 pairs in the closet, thank God for Marshalls ans Ross) and the 16’s look and sound like beasts. Great Review Duke!

  3. Solid performance review, good to hear that the Hyperdunk is back to being a versatile performer for all positions. Thanks for doing this!

  4. Good review duke. You gonna be trying out the flyknits? Also, not sure if you saw my comment on your SF5 review, but do you think you’ll be able to reupload your CK reviews? Maybe as a throwback review once a week or something – was looking to read your supernatural creator review.

    1. Working on those CK reviews now – that site may be sold to a “friendly” very soon and I would have access. If not, they remain property of CK.

  5. so if that window pops (in any shoe, for that matter – Hyperrev2014,Crusader, RunTheOne, Peak DH1), it greatly affects the cushion? thanks!

    1. Not greatly, as the Zoom is actually above that window, but it will allow objects into the sole which could then pop the Zoom. It could affect the “trampoline” effect.

  6. Overall a solid versatile shoe. Weartesters, could you do a performance review on the Adidas Dual Threat Bball Mid 2016? That would be really awesome, thanks!

    1. The Dual Threat is already over a year old so we won’t be doing a review, but I have played in them and can tell you traction is good, fit is not – heel slip and forefoot is wide like the Lillard 1. Cushion is adiprene+ – gets the job done but nothing special.

  7. Awesome review, Brian. Does the HD2016 feel light on foot? I’m an aggressive shooting guard, and I have the low top versions, but was wondering of going with the higher version would give me better overall support without sacrificing weight. Thanks in advance, brotha! – Salute from Jersey Shore

    1. Yeah, with the great fit and Zoom being bouncy, they feel light. The midsole being so good completely changes the shoe from last year’s joke.

      1. Big thanks for taking the time to reply, my brotha. I’ll order them tomorrow then. — Keep up the outstanding work!

  8. The Hyperdunks or the nike zoom clear outs? I’m having a hard time which one to buy that keeps my feet as light and agile as possible.

  9. The Hyperdunks or the nike zoom clear outs? I’m having a hard time which one to buy that keeps me light on my feet and as agile as possible.

  10. Great review, but it looks as if durability might be an issue with this shoe. In my experience flywire is very fragile. I owned a few pairs of Nikes with flywire, and although I love how it performs they tend to break before anything else starts to wear on the shoe. I am surprised so few people ever mention this problem, is it just me?

  11. Hey duke i wear a 10.5 with the flyknits should i go with size 11 regular highcut hyperdunks? ur reply would be greatly appreciated.

    1. The flyknit fits a little longer, about a half size. If you wear a 10.5 in them, yeah, an 11 in the regular should work.

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