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Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Performance Review

Another year, another Hyperdunk…

Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Performance Review 1Traction – While the traction looked very Kobe 9-ish… they sure didn’t play that way unless you were on a really clean court. A little disappointing, but you can’t win them all I suppose. One good thing is that the Hyperdunk 2013 is still available, and at discounted rates,  so if you wanted something a bit more consistent then you can always grab a pair of those for less than retail.





Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Performance Review 2Cushion – Target Lunarlon is located within the Phylon midsole at the heel and forefoot. Same exact setup as last year’s model, and it works very well. Could it have been full length? Sure… but it isn’t and I can’t complain. I’m just glad there isn’t a Nike+ system embedded within the arch. Basically, it’s good enough for a Center but great for a Guard. Low profile impact protection at its finest. If you need maximum protection then go with Air, but if you don’t need ‘maximum’ then this is a great option.





Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Performance Review 3Materials – Much like the cushion, the materials are basically the same as last year’s model. Nothing fancy or extravagant… just Fuse and mesh. It’s durable, flexible and most importantly… it works.





Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Performance Review 4Fit – This is where I was really disappointed. I was able to work with the inconsistent traction but the sloppiness within the forefoot is something I really didn’t enjoy. Fit and traction might be neck and neck, for me, as far as performance is concerned, and these left something to be desired. From the midfoot back, they were everything you’ve come to expect from a Hyperdunk, but the forefoot was a little too wide for me. These do fit true to size length wise, for those wondering, so if you have a narrow foot then you may want to head to the store to try them on before making your final decision.





Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Performance Review 5Ventilation – Solid ventilation, can’t complain at all. Definitely adequate.






Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Performance Review 6Support – The support would have been near perfect had the forefoot not been a little sloppy as much of the overall support starts with the shoe’s fit. Everything else works really well though. Dynamic Flywire helps keep your foot onto the footbed, TPU shank adds torsional support while the heel cup keeps your heel from shifting side to side.





Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Performance Review 7Overall – I liked parts of them, but I wasn’t as enthusiastic about them as I had been the past two years. Most of everything is the same as last year’s model while the traction and fit were downsides… two of my most important attributes. They’re still a solid shoe, and great for every position on the floor… but they definitely aren’t perfect. If you’re one of those guys/ girls that must have the newest model just because its new then go ahead and grab a pair, but if you’re strictly after what performs the best then I’d look for the 2013 version on discount before grabbing these.

If you’ve been playing in the Nike Hyperdunk 2104, be sure to share your thoughts on how they’ve been playing for you down below in the comment section and thanks for watching/ reading/ supporting!

Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Performance Review 8

    1. Definitely picking up the discounted and BETTER Hyperdunk 2013’s. Great reviews as always nightwing.

  1. Great review NW ^_^
    I just want to ask when will the cp3 viii be available? Haha
    And does anyone have some leak photos of the cp3 8? Thanks

  2. Thnx for the review! Im a fan of your site, this is my first comment though. Also much appreciated for all the news and info you are bringing to us.

    I had and loved the hyperdunk 2013, one of the best bball shoes for on the court (indoor). Traction was amazing but the lunarlon/foam damping was gone kinda quickly. Now the traction pattern has changed, my question is: did you also use them inside only without making them dirty? Because imo this shoe is best for indoors, and u wont have any clogging. So is that 7/10 based on both indoors/outdoors?

    I have these and the KD7 and its hard to chose right now whichone to keep!

      1. I’d also point out that the traction pattern shown above is similar to but not exactly like what you actually get. If you go to footlocker.com and check out the city editions(these will just be listed as normal colorways)(Chi-town,NYC, and all low tops) you will see what the pattern actually looks like. It’s a bit more complex and I think probably performs better.

      1. My mind now just went through my list of anticipated shoes seeing if anyone is familiar, Nightwing teasing us all lol. But it’s good that he stays true to his word. respect.

  3. Hey, thanks for doing a review on these! I was on the verge of getting them, but not after watching and reading your review. Thanks for saving me money!

  4. There is just zero excuse for declining traction on a newer model.
    Especially considering the hilariously squeaky traction Jordan 1’s and dunks provide despite being 30 years old.
    The og huraches are still my goat for traction.
    Absolutely no court conditions came close to bothering those shoes.
    The wide spacing of the herring bone along with its flat shape, rubber compound and overall flexibility made them stick like no other.
    I do like the 2k4s traction as well.
    Hyperfuse 2’s had great traction and are underrated imo.

  5. the two toned colors remind me of bowling shoes. Any one hear anything on the new models of the melo or cp3

    1. I’ve seen a partial pic of the cp3.viii and a catalogue image of the nike zoom hyperfuse 2014 (WHICH FINALY HAVE FULL LETGH ZOOM) and I’ve seen a wear test sample of the kobe X

  6. Ok now I’m really disappointed 🙁 I was really expecting these to be an upgrade or at least similar to last years because i really wanted the pink fire colroway but maybe i might save the 140 this year? Who knows if i see these in an outlet i’ll consider it but damn. This is sad. Thanks for the great review as always NW!

  7. Great review, Chriswing2303, it’s pretty disappointing to see a Hyperdunk model getting a 7/10 traction and 7/10 fit too. Those two are what make me wanna buy a shoe, why HD2014, WHY?

    I’m still getting the lows though.

  8. Nice review..when you will review the UNDER ARMOUR CLUTCHFIT DRIVE??i heard that clutch fit pretty much awesome in cleat and running shoe…

    1. Agreed. That was brutal. I hate it when my curiosity overpowers me. I literally feel sick. I really hate that I watched the clip of him getting hurt. I haven’t seen something that bad in an NBA (well professional players anyway) game since Shaun Livingston’s injury. When you see the entire leg bend in a way that’s impossible you know its bad. Hopefully a fast and full recovery. I’ve always hated hoops that have backstops/walls/photographers/other obstacles so close to the rim.

  9. Great review Nightwing! Pray for Paul George though 🙁
    Poor him. I hope he gets up and better in no time.

  10. Hey NW, I have wide feet compared to others. When i tried the 2013’s on, the bone on my feet is bulging out the side. Since you said that the fit in the forefoot is a bit wider compared to the 2013’s, would the 2014’s be better for people with wide feet? Or does the traction make the shoes not worth it? Is the traction of the 2013 compared to the 2014 that big of a difference?

    1. Just boughted an pair of Hyperdunk 2014 couple of days ago.. They fit perfectly for wide foots cuz I had one, and the traction’s effect is quite similar to me when I try them on compared to the 2013 version, but dust and dirt stick easily when u play on an outdoor court, that’s why Nightwing2303 rated 7/10 on the traction.. The difference between playing indoor and outdoor (the traction) is when u play indoor, it performed well, but not as great as outdoor, but it’ll keep ur shoes free from dirt sticking. While when u play it outdoor, these shoes performed perfectly, but dirt sticks more easily, so both indoor and outdoor have advantages and disadvantages, but I recommend playing it on indoors though.

    2. IMO, this shoe is the best than any other Hyperdunks if u have a wide foot.. But “maybe” if u or some1 has an narrow foot, 2013 ver. is ur best choice.. For wide foots, this shoe performed amazingly, plus the Flywire for additional support for lock down and making ur foot stays where it is. I’ve tried play them indoor, and the results were awesome. The shoe supported me the way I wanna go, it locks perfectly for some1 that has wide foots. The Targeted Lunarlon was amazing, the Heel Cup on the back was quite effective, and when u changing directions, it’s perfect and ur foot doesn’t slips easily.. Try to dribble a basket moving zig-zag (If u boughted a pair).. I just saw Nightwing’s Hyperdunk 2014 review, and I had an mindblown. I don’t agree or disagree about his review (respecting), but it’s quite surprising and true, the Fit is bad when some1 had an narrow foot, and 2013’s traction is quite better than the 2014 version, but it’s ur decision will u buy it or not.

      1. I agree, while there is not the snug, glove-like fit some shoes offer in the forefoot, it will not feel “sloppy” if you have a wide foot. I liked the overall fit of the 2013 better (and they were sufficiently wide for me) but there are some elements I prefer out of the 2014. I feel like the midsole is not as squishy in these, not as prone to bottoming out and have a little more spring despite the tech being essentially identical. I also like the reduction of the Flywire. I didn’t wear my 2013s too often but people I know who did all screwed up the wires.

    3. Thanks for the clearing that up. I’ll go ahead and buy the 2014s. As for the traction, i usually play on an indoor court anyway.

  11. If PG had been wearing Adidas I wonder if people would have blamed the shoes. Hmmm. A non Adidas injury. It can happen people.

    As for the Hyperdunks…. I have wide feet so these might actually work well for me (at least fit-wise). With that said I really only have interest in the lows. And that interest isn’t very substantial. Not with all of the other great shoes out there right now. Thanks for the review though.

  12. Hey NW, do you have narrow, average, or wide feet? I myself have wide feet. So does that mean that the wider HD2014 would actually be better for those like me with wide feet?

    1. Yes, they have a pretty wide toe box. I have an E/2E foot and while they have maybe just a touch of extra room, it’s not pronounced to me. Pretty good fit throughout. Traction is decent but I liked the straightforward herringbone stuff more.

  13. Hey NW, I have some complain about ur review ’bout the Hyperdunk 2014 (No offense, no unrespecting, no nothin’, just an simple complain).. Well, u see, ’bout the review, I was quite disagree. The Hyperdunk 2014 does NOT have the rights to get an 7/10 on Fit, well, except for the Traction, which is quite true as u said, but I would recommend 7.5 or 8/10 though.. I know it is based on ur opinion and u have an normal foot size, and I know it’s not quite suitable for some1 that has normal/narrow foots, but did u noticed that this shoe performed amazingly for some1 that has wide foot ?? I have an proof cuz I bought an pair and I tried them on.

    Do u have a friend with wide foot ?? Try to let him/her use your Hyperdunk 2014 (If he uses the same size as u r) to see his/her comment.. He would likely disagree with the Fit score, but about the traction, he would probably agree, perhaps cuz dirt and dust sticks easily, especially on outdoor courts. IMO, the Fit should be 8/10 and the Support should be 8.5 or 9/10 since the Support is based with the Fit.

    And just what you’ve texted on this review, “If you’re one of those guys/girls that must have the newest model just because its new then go ahead and grab a pair”, is going to hurt new Hyperdunk 2014 buyers’s feeling when seeing this review just AFTER he/she bought it, they would feel downed and dissapointed.. Cuz there’s some ppls that doesn’t have much choices (EX : When he/she goes into an Nike Retail Store, but the only available Hyperdunks is the 2014 ones).. I liked ur review ’bout the Hyperdunk 2014 on the video more than what u’ve just texted.

    Btw, I am NOT unrespecting ’bout ur review. Every, one, of ur review is freakin’ awesome, so informative, and helped me so many times whenever I’ll choose a shoe or not. I owe you my respect, brother, and all of ur fans will, I guarantee !!

    And u feel something bad ’bout this comment of mine, I’m sorry, I didn’t meant to…

  14. Can u do a Lunar Hyperquickness review because I need a bang for your buck shoe and I looks like a combination of the Hyperdunk, Hyperrev, and Hyperfuse shoe

  15. If any of you guys are in the Southern California area the Nike Factory store in Orange has a ton of 2013 Hyperdunks. Various prices. The green ones are $54.77. The yellow, grey, and teal/yellow are all $64.97. They also have the black ones $79.99. And the Red/grey for $119.99. FSR.

  16. Got a question about Lunarlon cushioning bottoming out.

    Do Nike’s newer shoes that feature Lunarlon still bottom out quicker than other/similar foams such as Micro G? Has Nike improved it at all?

    If it does still bottom out rather quickly, what happens to the impact protection? Is it just that plush comfort feeling that you lose and it still provides adequate impact protection, or does it lose it’s ability to provide decent impact protection after it’s bottomed out? I’m assuming once it bottoms out you lose a bit of impact protection?

    1. My hd 2013 bottomed out just a month of playing in them. I am 5 9 at 170 lbs. i played about 3 hrs avg 3-5 times a week. Flyknit lunar one had the same issue. It just happens like the lunarlon is permanently compressed. Its like stepping on a very compressed marshmallow. So not much cushioning left. However, my lunarglide 5s still have plenty of cushioning in them and i wore them daily for about a year! I have no clue why this happens.

    2. Oh and micro g doesnt compress like lunarlon. Its a very soft bouncy foam. I like it a lot except i do experience SOME foot pain after playing in my micro g torch 1s. I bought my pair about a year ago and it still plays like the first day i played in em, minus the tongue ripping apart from the shoe.

    1. Try a 12 and an 11 1/2. My guess is that you will have to get an 11 1/2 ’cause of the wide forefoot. That is if you don’t want the shoe to crease all weird and stuff. If ascetics isn’t that big of a deal to you then you should just get a 12.

  17. Seriously?! Traction 7/10?!! 🙁 BTW can you make a review for Nike Lunar Hyperquickness? Cause i’m planning to buy this two shoes…

    1. My expectations are too high for Nike Lunar Hyperquickness, look at those tractions! Those materials! Those tractions from Nike HyperRev, those are perfect!

      1. Pft nah they won’t. If you actually wore the hd2014s you’d thin different. Dunno what went wrong with NW’s traction but my experience is that it is great. and as far as the forefoot fit goes all you have to do is go down a 1/2 size.

  18. My hd 2013 lunarlon bottomed out just a month playing in them.. Im 5 9 at 170 lbs.
    I just dont understand why my lunarglides have plenty of cushioning after a year, while flyknit lunar one and hyperdunk maxed out in such a short period.. I wonder..

  19. I’ve been rolling with a couple pairs of Hyperdunk 2011s for several years now (which I love), and I’m a little disappointed with the 2014s that I just picked up. Heavier, thicker, less flexible, less court feel. Can’t comment too much on traction yet. The 2011s almost don’t feel like you’re wearing a shoe. These feel clunky. Unfortunately I can’t find 2011s anymore. Thinking about trading them in for a pair of Hyperquickness

  20. I love the shoe nice performance I love the support the most nothing really disappointing about this shoe honestly.

    1. HD 2014 for sure, plus you can find it at $50-$80 now. The KDs I am seeing around $100 in a lot of colorways. D Rose 4.5 at Foot Locker are giveaways now, $30 for most colors, $15 for others. I dont recommend those personally.

  21. I didnt buy these cos I have the hd 2011 supreme and hd 2012 and my 2012’s bottomed out after about 2 months playing. the lunar pods sink and the phylon in the midfoot then sits higher than the pods presssing into my arch cause pain I cant bear. the hd 2011s I still play in now last forever. I wouldnt agree that the 2011s are flexible though…2011 are a pretty clunky shoe with huge stiff 3d carbon fibre midfoot shank, super stiff heel counter and thick high off the ground not the widest base & dont bend easy at the forefoot. but I do still love the hd 2011 and all the stability, ventilation, snug upper, super light, durability & zoom it is still my favourite hd to date (but mine are the supreme version with the toe web). its my go to shoe on really hot days indoor balling

  22. Agree a great shoe overall , although I’m disappointed with the lack of padding on the inside around the lower heel ,
    feels like none at all. My first pair of lunarlon and will be interesting to see how long the cushioning lasts.
    Top review NW!

  23. Thanx for the review NW. Your website is awesome to go to when considering shoes.
    I would also say that I can second NW’s opinion on the forefoot, I wear a ten but had to get 9.5 because the forefoot sucked. I’m now a little anxious about the grip cause I kind of ordered custom ones already… but I mean if they’re good enough for Paul George they aught to work for me right.
    Anyways thanx much NWI will be sure to read your reviews more.

  24. Nightwing alluded to it but think his ranking on fit and lockdown would be higher if he had a wider than narrower foot. I buy hyperdunks every year because they are always dependably good and these fit much better than 2013 because of my wider foot. Also see no difference at all in traction playing in gym, traction was great last year and feels great this year. Wonder if Lows are more or less the same. With all respect, like to see Nightwing add heel -toe transition category because many teams employ running game .Peace.

    1. Thanx for the 2nd opinion now I’m not all that worried about the grip seeing as my my id’s are coming today. How many people are a aware that id’s ship from China?

  25. NW, I’m looking forward to try these out when they arrive from the States (I’m in Sydney). Thanks for the review, it help me make my decision.

    1. Kobe’s i have both, i play guard but the cushioning and fit is better on the kobe’s.

      I personally wear the hyperdunks because I enjoy highs better than lows when it comes to basketball

  26. I have been hooping in the Hyperdunk 2014 as my team shoes for a week and I am slightly disappointed. The traction isn’t consistent at all, but they come through when you need it when making a quick cut. I do enjoy the cushioning though as it breaks in after a couple of wears. My only real down fall is that they are already starting to tear apart after only 3 tournament games. The paint us scuffing and the lining already has a tear. And I went a half size up as I do in most shoes and double sock and feel great so the fit iisn’t as bad as it seems. For a team shoe I expected a little more. Im 6’2 180 & I play the 2, 3 , and 4 in high school play so these are cool hooping shoe, especially if you are forced to wear em like me.

  27. Hi NW ! Thx for your review.
    I’m maybe a lil’ late on this shoe, but I bought them a couple weeks ago, and, after 3 trainings and two games, a flywire broke on the right foot. I’m not a big guy, only 5’11 165, and i don’t know how it happened !Am I the only one having this issue ? Is it common ? How can I fix it ?
    Anyways, Thank you guys and have a nice day !

  28. Hey guys, I think these are a good shoe (for the price it is) for a recreational player like myself. I picked these up 2 days ago and even though the scores from this review weren’t the greatest, I still picked them up and am enjoying them. Nightwing made a very good point about how this shoe’s fit would work better for someone with wide feet, and Im glad I watched a review, but a Nightwing’s review so I went half a size down and fit was great.

    Great review and a good shoe in my opinion, I think the traction could be a bit better, but you really cant complain about the price.

    Keep up the good reviews and videos NW!

  29. I bought the 2013 hyperdunks today and they fit perfect!!!! Size 15. And they were only 40$!!! I had originally bought hyper quickness but I went back to the nike store and tried the hyperdunks

  30. hey I play as a small forward and currently don’t know if I should get the UA anatomix spawn 2 or hyperdunk 2014 can someone let me know which is better? thanks:)

  31. I have the red/yellow color way. The cushion in the heel wore out after 1.5 years or so, along with the traction on indoor courts with moderate dust. I’m switching them to my outdoor pair, could never wear these casually. They were great while they lasted.

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