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Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Low Now Available on NikeID

With multiple colorways of the Nike Hyperdunk 2014 having just been released, we now see the low version of the basketball performance shoe available for customization on NikeID. The shoe comes with a good amount of customization options including glow in the dark detailing as well as a fade upper option. It also seems like more color options are available with these than usual NikeIDs, and for a reasonable price of $165, the Nike Hyperdunk 2014 Low is an affordable option, especially for a NikeID shoe. You can share your designs on Instagram or twitter using #weartesters, and you can tag me (Instagram- @JGeorge_11, Twitter- @JordanGeorge11), I will be happy to share some of my favorite designs. Stay tuned to WearTesters.com for news on future NikeID releases.


hyperdunk low 2



hyperdunk low 3


hyperdunk low 4


Via Nike


  1. I guess I’m old but I don’t think I would ever put “$165” and “affordable” together for a basketball shoe. Especially not for one without any real cutting edge tech or premium materials. With that said I do really like the Teal/Green/White colorway. In fact, I think this years model is easily the best looking Hyperdunk low ever. Not worth $165 but I do like it. I also think Nike needs to step up there game and offer XDR outsoles in a color other than grey for NikeID shoes.

    1. Same, $165 is not affordable in any fashion for a low shoe that’ll will play very similarly to the previous hyperdunks

      1. this wear testers site is more and more commercialized than ever. All these new contributors have an agenda and that is to hype very shoe. i’ve followed NW for 3 years now and his reviews I still rely on, but the other content is just another advertisement for Nike, Jordan Brand, etc.

        1. How so? The HD is now on NIKEiD. If I didn’t get to posting it, then someone else will – and did. If we don’t report on things then we aren’t hyping it up, according to your logic. If there is news then it’ll be reported. If you don’t like it, just leave.

        2. Additionally, these writers are interns and are unpaid. They help when they can. You can’t have an agenda when you arent gaining anything. Yes, I have them link to their social media outlets. Why? So they can get noticed doing something they love by brands and readers. If you’ve followed me for the past 3 yrs then you’d know better than to spew some garbage about hyping things up, I provide new and reviews. News is news, period. And in case you haven’t noticed, everything is an advertisement in some shape or form. If you support me and my site then do so, but to disrespect something that I’ve built from scratch that may end up allowing me to quit my day job to focus solely on what I love… that deserves a big F*#@ You in my book. This site has never, and will never, be the place for anyone’s self entitled drama-filled bullshit. Like I said before, if you don’t like it then you can leave. Im not forcing you to come here.

          1. Sorry for upsetting you as that is not my intention, but since your site and brand has grown so much the past several years, I think you owe it to the kids that follow you to be more responsible and not hype every shoe that comes out. I’m not trying to be negative at all… but it’s actually sad that your interns and contributors are not paid while being spokespeople/pitchmen for these multi-billion dollar companies. Since you say “everything is an advertisement in some shape or form”, then does that mean your reviews are biased and now paid for by companies like Finishline, Nike, etc.? Look, everyone wants a job where you’re paid for doing something you love; there’s no disrespect in being self-sufficient, working hard, and a success. I really hope that you do get to quit your day job and make this a career. All the best to you!

            1. I understand but we report news, we aren’t hyping anything up. If the person writing is excited then they have the right to express that in their write-up. Its not hype, its their thoughts and feelings on the shoe.

              You walk into your gym wearing some brand name shoe, someone sees it and they like them. They then ask you where you got them. Did you get paid for that? Didn’t think so. Everything is an ad whether you admit it or not, whether we see it as an ad or not. My iPhone, your shoes, some guy walking down the street holding his cup from McDonalds… its all advertising yet we are the ones paying to be the billboards. Thats why I started the site, to educate and inform. I cannot do that without reporting news and reviewing products.

              As far as the reviews being an ad, in a way they are but what they really are is a review. Its gaining the product, brand or retailer some publicity which is advertising but its just part of the job. Its something that will happen regardless.

          2. He’s entitled to his own opinion, just as you and anyone else. While I don’t agree with some of his comments, they are his comments. It’s something you have built. Something that you’ve dreamed of and have dedicated time and effort to. As a successfulbusiness owner myself, I get that. In saying that, the “fuck you’s,” and what have you are unneccesary. He’s been on your site for 3 years and has seen the changes. To you, it’s natural growth. To him, it may be commercialization. Explain your pov and keep it moving.

            Also, you stated that in order for their to be an agenda, they must gain something. Then, you stated your goal was to get them noticed by “brands and readers.” Now, I’m in no way saying its a hidden agenda but, I can see how one could see it that way.

            It’s your site. It’s obviously doing well and will continue to. That’s great. But, from one business owner to another, people will always have an opinion. Maintaining brand integrity is important. You too are apart of that brand integrity as well.

            1. Didnt think about it that way, but I see your point/ his point and understand. I’ve gotten to where I am by telling it like it is, if that includes a few f*#@ you’s then it will. I dont hold back on the products and brands and I dont hold back on people either so long as its something Im passionate about.

              As for the writers, you or someone else could take it like that but its part of the deal and part of what I offer them along with the experience. Since they don’t get paid, at least I can help them get ahead a little. Organically and naturally, the way I’ve done it. Work hard and get rewarded.

              I appreciate your input, pov and support.

          3. your site has changed… it use to be about PERFORMANCE, but now even this important aspect is on the BOTTOM of your site. It does seem like your site is now a one big ad, but I find it entertaining, nonetheless. Stay strong and much succes!

            1. Performance Reviews are featured at the top and bottom of the site as they are the focal point. The other stuff is news. Something none of you seem to mind when I post new products, performance deals, and first looks at upcoming models. People need to learn respect, bottom line. If you dont do what I do then you have no room to speak on it. I would never tell a boxer how to fight or a fighter how to arm bar so why would people that dont run a site try and tell me how to do what I do? Simply bc they have access to a keyboard? If thats the case then type up some articles and do the work too, then you can share an opinion. Leaving comments that are rude and disrespectful of others putting in work is far different than what we do here. Every dollar spent on keeping things running, keeping new product coming in to review so that all of you can have free info. But yeah… you guys can just go ahead and say/ do whatever you want bc you ‘deserve’ it since you have a keyboard… right? Think about things logically then maybe you’d understand why someone like me would react a certain way to someone that leaves comments like that.

      2. I was saying that they are definitely cheaper than most ID models that can run VERY expensive. A lot of Nike’s high end performance models are $200+, when this ID is only $165.

        1. Understood. The wording just seemed funny to me. As does the statement “Only $165”. I didn’t expect the sh%t storm that followed though. Although once I saw someone attacking your credibility I had a feeling NW would electronically b%tchslap them.

    2. its affordable for a nike id shoe where the most of the shoes are 180+. the non id lows will probably be around $110

  2. Are the non-Id Hd lows out too? I don’t remember there being a 2013 edition, the 2012 lows are prettyuch my favorite kicks to play in over the last few years, with the cp3.vi coming in second, so I think picking these up is almost a necessity for me

    1. 2012 hyperdunk low is the best basketball shoe I’ve ever had. hope the 2014 are just as good if not better

  3. THANK YOU NIKE FOR THESE LOW-CUTS, I WAS WAITING FOR A LOW CUT PAIR OF LAST YEAR’s MODEL! I JUST LOVE THE LOW CUT HYPERDUNK SERIES, I HAVE FOUR PAIRS OF 2011 Lows, and FIVE PAIRS OF 2012 Lows, I usually get one of the high cut models, but. i just love wearing lows so much. I was really disappointed in last year’s model, no low cuts D:, but this, looks BEAUTIFUL.

    1. Dude it sucks that they didn’t do a 2013 low those would’ve been great and for me the 2011 lows were the best

  4. Man nigtwing… Your kinda of mean. I mean no disrespect to you since I don’t want to get screamed at like the other guy but shouldn’t it better to nicely tell him to do whatever your trying to tell instead of “fuck you?” I know comments and stupid people can be annoying but in the long run wouldn’t it be better for your followers and other brands to see that your still a nice guy after all this. I’m not saying your not I’m just saying you seem to take things a little too personal too quickly. Thanks I’m a big fan, I know you take care your staff well.

    1. I wasnt yelling, thats how you read it. I do take care of my staff, dont talk trash about them and I wont tell you off. People at the brands know me personally and they know how I am in real life, not however people make me out to be.

      1. Ok yeah I totally get it but it’s also pretty important to keep an open mind at what people like that other guy are saying. Even if you take it personal listening to what he says makes your arguement stronger. Big supporter keep up the good work. Glad to hear people like you (potentially) make a living on something like this (crazy!!! Jealous!!!) Have a good one man

  5. Has this site become more commercial? Short answer: Yes. As its become more popular and gained the attention of powerful companies it has definitely changed. Will those companies try to use this site to help sell their product? Yes. Have they done this already? Yes. Is this a slippery slope for a site that has unbiased reviews? Yes. With that said I dont think the integrity has been compromised. As an example I just saw NW post a picture of the Jordan Flex Trainer with the fuse coming undone from the shoe. Did Jordan brand want that picture posted? No. It makes the shoe look like it has crap quality. But it was posted anyway giving us information (on instagram at least). Maybe if they start reviewing Payless shoes and giving them 5+ ratings. That’s when we will know things have totally gone to hell. I think we all need to watch a Kevin Hart comedy special and chill.

  6. Nightwing2303 started this site for him to inform people. You can like it or hate it, But honestly, don’t come on the site just to trash him/site/or other people that help him and support them. Yes, people are entitled to their opinions, but opinions are like A**holes, they all stink, deal with it. We’re always going to agree to disagree, that’s the basis of human nature. Let the person do what he loves. It’s a rarity to see someone doing something passionate about what he/she loves to do and hopefully one day, it helps to provide support for his or own hobby/family. People have envy or jealousy, but take it w/ a grain of salt. The dude is doing what he’s doing, instead of coming on the site and bickering and bantering about it, you’ve done nothing but subjugate semi-hatred on the rest of us (some) that actually support the dude. We don’t get paid. We enjoy the”NEWS” and the “REVIEWS”. We are just as passionate as Nightwing2303 is, if not more. But the man created a foundation and a site so other’s like us, Can enjoy, and express socially what some of us are afraid to do, or not as skilled to do. He’s providing his outlook, through his eyes, through what the media brings, and these big companies portray. He’ just extending his POV. He doesn’t get paid for this(yet, hopefully there will be some tricks of the trade that will provide you to be paid).Understand, some of us have that 9-5 or 8-10, we all got families/kids and bills to pay & everyone has their own lifestyle. RESPECT IT. Respect time(b/c it’s so limited). If you respect each other, then you’ll appreciate and value everything else more whether it be major or minuscule. Seeing someone as passionate about what he does, should only motivate and inspire, b/c if you do what you love, it’s not really a job anymore.

    Keep going man, 2-3+ yrs strong, and going, from all the battles w/ other sites, to the new “WEARTESTERS”(I’ve welcomed the new name since day one, GJ btw). Dare to inspire, dare to motivate, and dare yourself to reach levels you didn’t think you could reach(there are no limitations, only the ones you set upon oneself). It only gets better!

    From a supporter and a fan.

  7. i try to read comments in a nuetral tone and read the replies the same way. i cant say anyone is yelling. i dont hear any of them. just read them. i f i put all of these comments on MS speech, it will all be in stephen hawkings voice. so calm.

  8. One critique about the write up you need to put a link somewhere in it to nikeID but otherwise nice designs especially the red one, fresh.

  9. Man I just finished the weartesters PE Away and Home cws on both the the lows and high version I wish I could buy all four of the but my mom said only one pair AAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH

  10. Hi Nightwing, i’ve been a fan of yours and following your site for 2 years now. All i can say is, being an observer and an admirer of your reviews, that its a natural progression and evolution of any venture. Nightwing started this as a review/project (i think) because he loves sneakers and their performance aspect, we as fans of the site tend to live as a sneakerhead through him, I mean i cant afford to buy two kobe 9’s but i can watch his reviews and be informed and entertained at the same time, on knowing the tech aspects of the shoe and the design inspiration. it also helps us be informed what to get and what not to get, because frankly speaking, shoes are not cheap, so I want to get my moneys worth on the things I get, thats why we look for reviews to keep us informed. I am subscribed to Kickgenius and to nightwing/weartesters, (i still love the kicksoncourt name and miss it). Now am also subscribed to jacques slade site as well, I also watch foamer simpsons site, all have their merits and entertainment value. But lets not forget the natural evolution of a venture, which, if it becomes popular will naturally become an income generating idea. Great site Nightwing, keep up the good work and God bless your work man.

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