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Nike Hyperdunk 2014 – Up Close & Personal

We’ll see the Nike Hyperdunk 2014 debut soon and we have an up close & personal look at the next generation HD.

Traction looks amazing. Similar to the thermal mapping pattern found on the Kobe 9 but also reminiscent of the pattern we recently saw featured on the HyperRev 2015. Zoom Air fans will likely have to move onto the aformentioned HyperRev series as their Hyperdunk line is officially a Lunarlon cushioned sneaker.

Take a look below and let us know if you you plan on grabbing a pair of Hyperdunk 2014’s or if you’d rather go with the HyperRev 2015.

Nike Hyperdunk 2014 - Up Close & Personal 1

Nike Hyperdunk 2014 - Up Close & Personal 2

Nike Hyperdunk 2014 - Up Close & Personal 3

Nike Hyperdunk 2014 - Up Close & Personal 4

Nike Hyperdunk 2014 - Up Close & Personal 5

Nike Hyperdunk 2014 - Up Close & Personal 6

Nike Hyperdunk 2014 - Up Close & Personal 7


  1. This is final right? Unlike the first HD2014 pics with the thin outsole? Looks like it would be the same thickness as the HD2013.

  2. No zoom? That’s disappointing, nothing gives the feel of responsiveness quite like zoom. I have yet to wear a lunarlon basketball shoe though so maybe I’ll give it a shot.

    1. HD2013’s Lunar feels nice. Not really responsive as I imagined before trying it out but still gets the job done.
      It feels like it’s wearing out already though since it’s targeted.

  3. This shoe looks just like the Jordan Aero Mania from a few years back. Silhouette looks almost identical.

  4. Is it going to at least be full length Lunarlon this time? If not, I am not interested. I’d prefer to go with another brand that uses full length foam.

  5. when are they gonna move the HD passed fuse? Its getting old. With shoes like hyperrev and kobe 9’s you’d think they’d implement some of its newer tech into its flagship ball shoe. Even if its only targeted. Like a knitted toe box and side vents…

  6. I like the look of the HD2014. I did read the cushion is full length lunarlon, have to confirm. Traction does look crazy good but with UA putting out the Spawn 2 and ClutchFit Drive both full length Micro G also at a lower price point. Nike has to bring some full length cushion. I can see targeted zoom but targetd foam? The cushion situation is the deciding factor!

    1. I loved the spawns and wish more people would give them a chance. UA is doing some good things with there basketball products, can’t wait for the clutchfit drive. I saw pictures of Stephens currys clutch fits and greivis vasquez’s clutchfit lows and that look great.

      1. I would have loved to have gotten a pair of the Spawns, but from what I read the outsole isn’t very durable, and this is with indoors play, so that completely ruled them out for me. Did I get bad info on that?

        I normally play outdoors, so if it can’t even hold up indoors, then I had to pass on them. I really, really wanted to get a pair of them though, but durability issues stopped me. I think I even read sections of the outsole ripped off on some people’s pairs as the outsole is very thin up front.

        NJ, how are your Spawns holding up? Are they showing much wear anywhere? Whether it’s the upper or outsole, are they wearing down anywhere? I assume you only use yours indoors?

        And yes, Nike must have full length Lunarlon this time, otherwise, it’s just not worth it when there are better options around. There’s other brands that don’t skimp on their foams which go full length. And also, at a $140 price point, it should definitely be full length, no reason for it not to be IMO. If they want to keep doing that targeted crap, then drop the price to $109.

          1. So how would you know if you have one of the fixed versions? I wasn’t aware that the released fixed versions of the Spawns?

        1. My son has 4 pair over two different sizes and the only issue he had was with the very first Spawns that came out. The traction started to peel off. After that no issues with any part of the shoe. He even wears his all black pair casually.

          Truth be told they are his second go to shoe after the XX8/XX8 SE. He likes the cushion, fit & support over the HD2012 and any other shoe outside the XX8. He plays a lot of ball with a couple different teams, so I trust his judgement.

          1. That would be the issue I read about in regards to the outsole. Thanks for your input, Nepa. So the traction peeling off was only on one of the early versions that you bought for your son? Has he used his new ones as much as that first pair? Would the Spawn’s traction get shredded outdoors? You think they’d be useable outdoors at all?

            I would love a pair of the XX8 SEs too, but just can’t justify the shipping cost to send them back if there is an issue with the zoom air bags and I’m also weary of the zoom air bags popping on the first day of use.

            They were my two most anticipated shoe releases last year, but both have issues that stopped me from getting either pair. If I was in the US and could return them easily, I would take the chance, no problem, but being in Australia makes it harder for me to take that chance on either shoe.

  7. I feel like these would suit the needs of bigger players and the hyperrevs will be popular with smaller players. The new HDs don’t seem to have a lot of flex or natural motion. Especially, if that midsole is as think as the 2013. I just hope the grip on the 2015 revs is improved as it looks like it is greatly

  8. the only good looking model so far is the KD 7… hyperrev, hyperdunk, and the new lebron all look pretty bad/boring in my opinion. excited to see how that new pod outsole system performs though

    1. by bad i mean aesthetically.. performance wise, like i said im only really interested in that new pod system

      1. wow, what’s your opinion on the cushioning setup if it doesn’t feature full length Lunarlon, Nightwing?

        I think with it being priced at $140, it’s a rip off and Nike are being extremely stingy. I mean, they had full length in the Kobe 8, so why the heck won’t they do it for the Hyperdunk?

        1. I think they charged 140 for last yrs too and it was the same thing so I wouldn’t consider them stingy. I do wish they’d go full length though. Maybe there’s a reason behind it.

          1. You misunderstood me. The Kobe 8s were the same price and had full length Lunarlon. That is definitely stingy IMO that they wouldn’t have full length in their top team model shoe, especially when their competitors have full length foams and offer it cheaper. Also, from what people say, the sectioned Lunarlon seems to bottom out quicker than other foams.

  9. btw, does anyone here have any recommendations for shoe glue? I’ve tried one brand of glue and it doesn’t seem to hold too well.

    I’ve got a pair of Nike Trainers and some sections of the outsole have started to come unglued. There’s nothing wrong with the rest of the shoe apart from those sections on the outsole that are coming unglued. The glue I tried doesn’t seem to hold them for more than a few weeks.

    I wouldn’t mind some recommendations if you guys have any names and brands of glue that I could try. Thanks.

      1. Thanks a lot. I looked it up and found some reviews on Amazon. It seems that some people have said that they have changed the formula to a less toxic version (apparently the original has toxic chemicals in it) and the new version doesn’t stick anywhere near as well.

        Have you used the new version in the last couple of years at all? Would it still be better than most other shoes glues? I wonder what glue Nike uses? Anyone know?

        Also, what would you guys use to clean the old glue residue off?

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  11. NW I got a suggestion regarding the shoe finder. I think you should add an outdoor option to the list of filters to help out those who may be looking for shoes with a thicker outsole that won’t burn down as fast. I realize it will take some work but I think it would be really cool and save you from a lot of questions regarding shoes that won’t wear out fast outdoors. There really isn’t a lot of information out there about outdoor shoes either so would help to expand knowledge for us to help others who may have questions. Thanks a lot for your hard work and keep up the great work man. Wish I stayed closer so we could get a game in. Guess I’ll add it to my bucket list haha.

    1. This sounds like a great idea. It’d be a bit hard to do, because there would be a bit of guess work in it too as some shoes that have softer rubber can still last outdoors.

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