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Nike Hyperdunk 2013 – Detailed Images

The Nike Hyperdunk 2013 has been a hit or miss for most & these new images have made my decision pretty final… these look like a performance beast.

Not only does clear images make a huge difference but the traction… we can finally see the traction… and its everywhere! Just based off of looks, I would expect Lunarlon to be the cushion system. Hopefully its full length this time around instead of targeted but the midsole pretty much gives it away. The Phylon midsole extends up the heel slightly like the KD V, this should act as a heel counter for lockdown and support while remaining lightweight.

Now that you finally have a good look at the latest Hyperdunk… share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Big thanks to Paul for sharing!






  1. Nightwing, would front-to-back movement be hurt since the traction appears to be focused on lateral movements? Looks sick though.

    1. Its possible but usually you dont absolutely need traction until you begin to maneuver laterally. Changing direction, cuts, crosses and so on all are based on everything but front to back movements. Only if you are speeding down court and wish to stop quickly for a pull up jumper or something is when front to back traction is nice.

      1. Great point Nightwing, this is why they shouldn’t bother with this traction since it doesn’t cover every movement like traditional herringbone or a multidirectional line/storytelling pattern. And while that pivot point looks like it might help with front to back movement it is very shallow and will most likely not work to well and wear out quickly.

        1. I actually like that the pivot point doesn’t have much traction because you since it’s under the ball of your foot where you don’t need much traction so this makes cutting and sprinting easier. Still a pivot point is only a good feature if the rest of the shoe has great traction.

  2. lookin good, Although i kinda liked the swoosh at the front of the shoe like a soccer shoe or something, since literally every songle nike shoe has it in that spot.

    Thats a minor gripe though, ill still get em, i just wish they had some crazier designs

  3. IMO as a fast guard, Lunarlon is just not responsive enough for me. It’s great to walk around in, but as an intense player my feet hurt after a while. Great upper on the HD 2013’s…but no zoom. Grrrr. Oh yeah, NightWing, I finally got the KD V’s…Easter version. Lookin forward to tearin up the floor with ’em thanks to your review on them. And big thanks from the baller nation for staying on top of things. Cheers from the Jersey Shore – Slinks

      1. i’m concidering the KD’s as well, but are they a good fit for widefooters? im kinda conserned that they will crush my toes…

        1. Hi Samy, I actually have a slightly narrow foot, usually a size 9.5 in nike. For the KD I had to go down to a size 9 with just less than 1cm of wiggle room. For a wider foot, I would suggest sticking with your usual size since they run big or even go UP half a size. Defin try them on first before you get them. Cheers!

  4. The tongue looks nicely padded! I’ve always had problems with the tongue slipping to the side since the HD2010. I hope that’s over now hahaha

  5. Daaaaamn these are ugly, well just the heel. I wouldn’t rock um if you payed me. I know nba players will have to hahahah

  6. pretty sure the sideways herringbone will work just fine.. im sure these will be a beast on court…

    but i hate the design of the shoe… no swoosh on the toe box, the fly wire is covering the swoosh… the heel looks weird, and the traction pattern looks plain, compared to past HD’s traction.

  7. They look sick, and they look to perform well. Hey Nightwing, I just got the KD Vs, home. They’re taking quite a long time for them to break in, even though I try hard to break them in. Also, on the lateral side of the right shoe, I’m having a hotspot where it feels like I’m being stabbed. Anyway, great review on it. I love everything else about the shoe beside its pesky break in period. Keep it up 🙂

  8. Why can’t they make these look a bit nicer? I’m sure they are performance beasts but really, I would be embarrassed to wear these off court.

  9. The shoe is looking good man! also the traction looks a little bit like the kobe 8’s or cp3 6 or something like that. I think the design looks like a mix between the hyperdunk 2011 and the hyperdunk 2012… Defenetly gonna cop these..

  10. The shoe is looking good man! also the traction looks a little bit like the kobe 8’s or cp3 6 or something like that. I think the design looks like a mix between the hyperdunk 2011 and the hyperdunk 2012… Definitely gonna cop these..

  11. Hey nightwing why didn’t they just stick with the traction from the last model , I thought it was great

  12. I can’t wait for the performance review of these! Straight out, BEASTLY! I would also be happy to here about the release dates on there bad boys!

  13. i think they are trying to do to much with these basketball shoes .. cmon .. give us the good stuff !!!

  14. hey nightwing, do these look like a better performer than the hyperdunk 2012? Just wondering. I just wanted to know because the hyperdunk 2012’s were a beast. At least to me. Thank you!

  15. Hd 2012s worked well for me, and if I’m gonna buy these they should be at least as good or better, but these look horrible compared to the 2011 or 2012 so performance better be good and make up for the looks

  16. They better perform well. I mean the hd 2012 look good and perform like beasts. These look horrible so they better make up for it

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