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Nike Free FlyKnit+ Performance Review with Hsuperman_18

The Nike Free FlyKnit+ is an awesome running shoe. It is light, low and stable. It also has the comfort of a compression sock and great ventilation due to its FlyKnit upper (no fuse backing). Watch the video and share your thoughts. The Nike Free FlyKnit+ can be found in outlet stores now. My outlet had 5 colorways in many sizes. Availability will be less now, but I’m sure many outlets still have these for around $40 (retail: $160). See my pickup video here. Thanks for watching!

  1. you shouldn’t be running in these striking on your heel first..these are made to be forefoot striking first. just FYI

  2. yeah landing on the metatarsil on ur foot is the best way eleminated alot of my knee pain when runing

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