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Nike Elite Crew Sock Review

Finally, I have completed my review on the Nike Elite Crew Socks.

Hit the jump for Pros & Cons…


– Great cushion for additional comfort
– Compression in areas where it’s needed most: arch, midfoot & shins.


– Price is a little steep for a single pair but if you wait long enough or use coupon codes you can save some cash.
– Dri-Fit fabric wicks away moisture however, unless your shoe is well ventilated there is no place for the moisture to go which may have an adverse effect on their intended purpose.

Overall, I do like the socks and would recommend them. Just give them some time for adjustment (reasons are stated in the video review) and they will eventually become your go-to sock of choice.


  1. i agree with the where will the moisture go part. my 2012’s booties took a long time to dry since it absorbed most of the sweat my socks got.

  2. NO you can’t wear Nike socks with adidas and Under Armour shoes!!!!! Just what my friends would say, so annoying lol, smh.

  3. Oh and you might want to review the Under Armour Zagger Crew Sock and those new adidas basketball socks worn by college teams, but its just a suggestion.

  4. Good review, it must be hard to technically “review” a sock I suppose. Knowing that the Platinum Elites have come out, do you see there being any noticeable and positive differences? Any chance of a review for those sometime?

  5. Can you explain compression to me please? I think its exactly what I need for my shin pain after playing a couple of hours even with great cushioned shoes.

  6. never saw anyone review a sock before, 1st time. when u said u gonna review it in ur 1st impression, i thought u were just saying, u do nt mean it. just wondering, do nike have any ankle brace???or something like that?

  7. I have a few pair of these socks that I’ve worn for the last few years…I agree…the cushy feelings goes away..but they are very durable socks compared to those cheap regular tube socks you pick up in a bag.

    They help my narrow feet give a nice tight fit in some of wider shoes. I’m pretty frugal when it comes to shopping, etc but these seem to last a lot longer then crappy regular Nike or Adidas socks…I’ll probably try the Adidas versions of these socks later on.

  8. Great review I don’t think you missed anything.
    Maybe a good add would be if the socks are gripping on the insole/shoe and not sliding on it cause I have faced issues like this. I know you will think that it may depend on the type of insole and shoe’s materials but from my personal experience the material differences are minor so the problem persists.
    Keep up the good work!!!

      1. Thanks for the clarification, I missunderstood that part and thought that you mainly blamed it on the moisture but after watching again I got your point.

  9. i bought the STARTER brand Socks that could be found at walmart. They offer Compression cushioning and arch support. other pairs offer a combination of different features along with the moisture wicking. best part is they work and its 4 pairs for about 6-8 dollars. I used the nike and the starter brand socks but the issue i had is because i wear the Melo 8 i felt more movement in the shoe because there was nowhere for the moisture to go. I eventually went back to my ankle wrap for Basketball. and found that using these socks with running shoes was best use overall. (Nike Free Run 3.0)

  10. hi there,
    is there any difference from buying the nike elite sock or the nike 3 pack crew socks? I cant decide upon the two

  11. That was a better job then I could do on a review but I have a question do you know about the sequalizer elites if you do do you think their better than the plain elites do they have more cushion do they have better dri-fit or more/better compression if you have an answer for me comment back….PEACE.

    1. Vernel ,
      There is a big different , the 3 pack socks are just regular socks without any real support like the elite socks and also the design in totally different. If you ask me i like better the Nike elite socks

    1. Just normally, but try to avoid washing them too much. I usually wash mine after several wears, not everyday..

  12. Nike Elite socks are great. They are good to wear anywhere. I have many pairs and I wear them on the court and also off the court. Not only are they good for basketball, they are also just very comfortable and most importantly highly highly durable. I have so many pairs for several years which I use a lot and not even a hole in them. It is true that the kind of slightly lose their extra padding, but they are still comfortable and obviously well worth it.

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