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Nike.com Release Times Pushed to 10 AM EST Starting in 2015

The new year will allow you to catch more Zs, as Nike.com release times have been pushed to 10 AM EST starting in 2015. This means west coasters will now cop shoes off of NDC at 7 AM.

This includes many U.S. retailers as well:

As someone who lives on the west coast, the previous 5 AM launches were awful, especially on busy weekdays. I can see this being a negative for anybody working mornings on the east coast though.

What do you guys think of the change? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I don’t like this move because now there will be even more traffic along with the bot hoarders. You can’t be that lazy to get up early and click some buttons for the kicks you really want.

  2. Well that’s good I guess. I can sleep in a bit. I still wont be able to buy retro J’s but at least the sun will be out when Jordan Brand ultimately crushes my hope and aggressively buttsecks me.

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