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Nike Chuck Posite – NIKEiD Release Date

The Nike Chuck Posite, a new silhouette in the Charles Barkley line, has been very polarizing for people in the sneaker community. A lot of people have embraced the new design, but just as many are not a fan. If you like the brand new pair, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own pair on NIKEiD next week.

This new silhouette will hit NIKEiD on November 11th, for the high price of $270. Options will include metallic colors for the Foamposite material, crocodile patterns, paint speckles, and glow-in-the-dark accents. Check out a few samples below, and if you’re interested in these you’ll want to act fast when they release, because pairs will supposedly be very limited. Let us know if you’ll be after a pair!

Nike Chuck Posite - NIKEiD Release Date 1 Nike Chuck Posite - NIKEiD Release Date 2 Nike Chuck Posite - NIKEiD Release Date 3 Nike Chuck Posite - NIKEiD Release Date 4 Nike Chuck Posite - NIKEiD Release Date 5 Nike Chuck Posite - NIKEiD Release Date 6 Nike Chuck Posite - NIKEiD Release Date 7


    1. Lol, are you sure you passed math class? Looks like a cross between a pair of foams and those new lunardome boots if you ask me.

      1. I dont see the hyperdunk or the lebron in this shoe. Reminds a little more of the penny posite and normal foam posites with jagged sides.

  1. I dont get these shoes. Is it performance? Is it lifestyle? Is it hypebeast (yes)? I got to be honest. I think these have the ability to look good. The problem is the tech. Did Nike skimp on the performance pieces like the casting and zoom air (Example: the pathetic Lil Penny Posite). Also the price is absolutely crazy. The only people who will buy these are hypebeasts looking to one up eachother. Its a shoe that doesn’t really have an identity. I have a feeling the retail versions will eventually hit outlets and sales. Like the Lil Penny Posite you will probably be able to find them for around $99. And even for that price when you finally get them on your feet you will most likely think “WTF is this! It feels like I have a brick on my foot.” and regret the purchase.

    1. Most people who spend $270 on a pair of shoes do it for the feeling of status like you said, not because the shoes are 270% better than a $100 pair.

      1. Some could say these look nicer and are more unique giving them a higher price tag (and it being Nike of course).

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