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Nike Air Pippen 6 On The Way

Scottie Pippen has a 6th signature sneaker in the works. Pippen has teamed up with sneaker designer Marc Dolce, whose most recent works include the Lil’ Penny Posite, to create the Nike Air Pippen 6. Pippen posted on Instagram that there will be a Pippen 6, but the drawings reveal no specifics. For 90’s era sneakerheads, the news of a new Pippen signature model should be as exciting as the continuation of the Penny line. For more recent collectors, this shoe will be yet another modern take on a retro line. We haven’t seen signature a shoe from Pippen in over a decade, so we may see a large gap in technology, however, Marc Dolce, like he did with the Lil’ Penny Posite, is known for bridging that gap by combining the old with the new. What would you like to see on this new Pippen? Is this a shoe that raises excitement amongst collectors? Share your thoughts below, and stay tuned to WearTesters.com for any news on the Nike Air Pippen 6.




  1. I am definitely looking forward to this release. I know Pippen was a big fan of zoom so hopefully we can get the 6 with full length zoom.

    1. maybe I’m being cynical but nike will tell us its full length zoom then it’ll get dissected and it will have a tiny zoom unit in the heel or forefoot only. they have pulled this stunt too many times

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