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Nike Air Foamposite Pro ‘Volt’ (More Images)

More images of the Foamposite Pro in the Volt colorway have surfaced, and they definitely look like a shoe that you will need to see in person to get a grasp of what they really look like.

These images at least give us a good look at the texture and material of the shoe. It’s not tennis ball felt, and it clearly has a texture that is a lot more rough than the smooth Foamposite that we are accustomed to. Its most likely a synthetic stretched over actual Foamposite. The color’s brightness and shininess seems to vary in different lighting, but they are BRIGHT. Even for a younger person, I’m not that into volt anymore, but these still are far better than some of the printed foams that we’ve seen.

How do you feel about Nike switching up the materials? I think I like the way it’s going. Who knows, maybe they will make a Lunarlon Foamposite, or, maybe they could switch up the shank plate materials with a thinner weave of carbon or make it titanium for a more premium feel. There are plenty of possibilities, as they have shown us. We’ll have to see how far Nike takes it.

volt foamposite 2

volt foamposite 1

volt foamposite 6

volt foamposite 5

volt foamposite 4

volt foamposite 3

via and Shoefax

  1. First off, why would you like them changing the material over the foamposite? The hard material originally used is what makes foamposite “tank like”, having something like dirt or a small spill of something (over the posite) easily cleanable. Second, why would you ever need lunarlon foam above your foot, it wouldn’t ever effect how your foot is feeling (like having it in a mid/outsole adds comfort), and as far as impact protection goes (for the “tank” like shoe feeling the foam offers, if someone steps on your foot) normal foam is far more than fine. Lastly, why would you ever want a titanium shank plate? Carbon fiber is far more than strong enough, and handles shock better than titanium (being that it’s a metal, you’d feel vibrations, etc). That would take away from the impact protection placed in the sole of the shoe.

    1. you sir, would’ve earned my “like” if there was one. totally agree, titanium and more foam will just increase the price. And of course, the fact that the cw looks ulgy af

      1. I never said I would like specifically for them to put lunarlon, I just said it was a possibility. They have an airmax line, with lunarlon. It literally says airmax in the name yet it has lunarlon too, so the foamposite can be a possibility as well. As for your Titanium statement, have you ever heard about the Air Jordan XX2? Even if it isn’t as flexible as Carbon Fiber it might have a chance in an EXT foamposite. My dad is the percurment manager for a billion dollar componay that deals with matierials including carbon fiber, so I know why it is far supierior to most (not all) materials. Thanks for your opinion though (not sarcastic even though it sounds like it).

  2. Nike needs to do to Foam 1’s and Foam Pro’s what they did to the AJ III’s…PUT THEM BACK IN THE VAULT! This shoe is way over done now.

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