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Nautica Brought Back Glen Rice’s Nautica Competition Spara

Now that the popularity of Retro sneakers are at an all-time high, it’s no surprise that luxury brands are finding way to capitalize on its own past sneaker releases.

Glen Rice is not known by many, well, possibly any, of the new generation. But those of us that grew up in the 90s remember Rice being one of the NBA’s premier sharp shooters.

Rice was not only one known as an on-court sniper, but he was also one of the few athletes with a sneaker deal that wasn’t from one of the eras big name brands. Instead of signing with Reebok, Nike, adidas or Converse, Rice signed with Nautica Competition. A lifestyle brand known more for its nautical-influenced sportswear than sneakers.

The Nautica Competition Spara was the shoe I remember seeing Rice wear on the regular, and it’s back as a Retro. To Nautica’s credit, the shoe looks very close the original model. Sporting a leather built with plenty of overlays. Colors inspired by the Charlotte Hornets. An EVA midsole and herringbone traction.

I never saw anyone wear these where I’m from, but we all knew about the shoe. My friends and I always thought it was strange that Nautica had a basketball shoe. We thought it was even more strange that it was on the feet of an NBA player.

If you happen to remember Nautica’s short run in the performance basketball market then you may be intrigued to know that they’ve re-released the Nautica Competition Spara as well as the Rebell — a shoe I don’t remember at all.

Both models are available now exclusively at FootAction.com for $80.

  1. They weren’t cool back then – and they’re less cool now.

    Glen Rice was a beast though!

  2. They look pretty good to me I don’t know if I would pay 80 dollars for the just bought some for 20 dollars. Same brand

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