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@MrFoamerSimpson Presents @Jumpman23 XX9 Full Game Highlights! Feat. @Kick_Genius, @Nightwing2303 and @kustoo!

MrFoamerSimpson and his brother Young Buckets not only get down on-court, but they also get down in the editing room. They’ve pieced together one hell of a highlight real from Jordan Brand’s Air Jordan XX9 Wear Test event held in Chicago. Check out the video below and stay tuned for performance reviews to follow soon.

        1. Look up “Why Long 2’s Should be Avoided at all Costs” by Coach Daniel on Youtube. Only use them if you have a really high percentage from that range

          1. They keep the D honest, The 18 footer is going the way of the two-player, which is going the way of the dodo bird. I watched the video, but truth be told it’s practice…. Those that were above the average clearly practice the shot more. I really can’t put too much stock in that video, because it didn’t cover older players who made that their bread and butter. Oldest player on the list was like Dirk. Ray Allen, Allen Houston, Steve Kerr, Kyle Korver, Craig Hodges, Glen Rice, Mitch Richmond but I’ll just stop there, because then I’d actually have to try and give you some names.

  1. All you cats wanting to do slo-mo, learn from whoever was operating the cameras on this I promise you they were shooting 60fps or higher to get it smooth and not choppy. Some of the best camera work posted on this site to date!

    “That being said…” Who won the game(s)?

  2. glad you guys enjoyed playing at MJ’s. not a lot of people are able to do so or atleast people in general. btw, I never knew that the Birdman got traded to your squad.

  3. Love how KG stays taking them shots at everyones basketball ability.
    More class from the masters of hidden infomercials

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