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More Tech Specs Emerge with Latest Brandblack Rare Metal 2 Tease

Designer and Brandblack founder, David Raysse, includes even more tech specs for the Rare Metal 2 in latest tease.

Social media has been a great way for people to connect with one another. It allows us at WearTesters to connect with our readers and viewers and it allows other small businesses the same ability to reach their audience on a level we’ve never seen in the 90s.

David Raysse’s latest tease of the upcoming Brandblack Rare Metal 2 on Instagram gives us a bit more information — other than a release date.

Supercritical Jetlon foam cushioning is the Rare Metal 2’s main highlighted feature, but the materials are said to be TPU-coated yearn mesh — a popular material as of late due to it being lightweight, breathable and strong without requiring much break-in time from the wearer. A speed lace system is also said to be used and we can see the laces are interesting in and of itself.

Something not mentioned, but we can see a bit of, is the traction. It looks like we could be getting a new rendition of herringbone as the pattern looks to be a bunch of “V’s” that are not connected like herringbone traditionally is.

No other information was given, but we’re hoping we hear word of a release date and retail price soon. Each tease is just getting me more excited to see how they play once I can get a pair on-court.

Sound off with your thoughts on the upcoming Brandblack Rare Metal 2 below and stay tuned for updates when available.

via @draysse

  1. The traction reminds me of the AJ 31 and 32. Kind of a diamond pattern, and I’m really digging what we’ve seen of the rare metal 2 so far.

  2. Check out the latest Skechers Running products if you’re curious about the midsole compound.. pretty sure it is the same thing. Not sure how it’ll do on the hardwood though

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